Good Mourning

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Note: This synopsis covers the first half of a two-hour season premiere. Part 2 can be found here: [url][/url].Our favorite Seattle doctors were back and watching over George and Izzie as they struggled to hang on to life in separate operating rooms. Izzie made it. George did not. The doctors wanted to figure out whether George was a donor. Alex didn't want Izzie to find out about George in her weak state.Day 1: Izzie told Alex about seeing George in his Army uniform. She said he was going to die in the Army if they didn't stop him from going to war. Amanda approached Mark and Lexie and said that everyone was saying that John Doe is George and asked who George is. Lexie looked at John Doe and said that it couldn't be George because John Doe is taller.Meredith tried to explain that George wrote "007" in her hand with his finger. The chief decided to try to call George. No one could reach him. Callie said that George had a freckle on his right hand in the shape of Texas that she used to tease him about. She went to check and cried when she looked at his hand. The rest of the doctors ignored their pagers and the chief had to give the stunned doctors a motivational speech about continuing to do their work in honor of George, who jumped in front of a bus to save a woman's life.Arizona treated a teenager who was having odd muscle pains. George's mom showed up at the hospital and told Callie to decide about George's organs.A woman who got into a speedboat accident was rushed into the E.R. Her arms and one leg were severed by a propellor. A couple of her friends found her arms and brought them in. Callie struggled with the decision about George and when Arizona told Callie that she was once the most important person in George's life, Callie realized that wasn't true. The mother of Andy, the teenage boy, worried that the doctors were too distracted to treat her son. Callie wanted Alex to tell Izzie about George because she was the one who should decide. Callie also told Alex that Izzie would never forgive him if he let George get unplugged before Izzie had a chance to goodbye.The speedboat accident victim was being treated when it became clear that her friends didn't know her very well. But her name was Clara.Some hospital bigwig offered Derek the chief of surgery job.Alex walked in on Izzie leaving George a message about how she almost died and asking him to call her back. Alex told Izzie that George got in an accident and was brain dead.Izzie, while deciding which of George's organs should be donated, said, "George would give everything."Arizona asked Bailey for advice about her patient, and Bailey said she couldn't work in light of the news about George. Arizona convinced Bailey she should help her figure out what was wrong with her patient, who was living.Izzie went into George's room to see him and Amanda, the woman whose life he saved, was crying next to his bed she she was sorry. Izzie touched George's hand and cried.Derek told the chief that the hospital board was planning a coup to oust him and that they wanted him to step up and take the chief's job. "I told them I'd think about it," Derek said. "I bought you some time to make a plan."Clara the speed boat victim's "friends" left and Cristina told Lexie she had to be Clara's support system.A row of doctors were lined up waiting to take George's organs and Bailey asked each of them to tell her about the each of the patients who were receiving them.Day 7: Cristina and Hunt were getting frisky before they got up and got ready to go to George's funeral. Hunt said that his therapist told him that he shouldn't have sex with Christina until he was healthier. Lexie read Clara a postcard from her "friends" who left and went to Burning Man. Clara cried and said she hated them. Clara didn't want to call her mom before her next and possibly final surgery. Instead, she dictated an e-mail in which she told her mom that "Burning Man was amazing."At George's funeral, Izzie broke down and walked away. She was laughing. Cristina, Alex and Meredith came over and they all laughed about the absurdity of what had happened -- that Meredith and Derek got married on Post-Its, that Izzie got cancer, that George got hit by a bus. They were also laughing about Amanda, the red-head who'd never met George, who was crying more than George's mother. They laughed a lot. Then they stopped.The chief asked Derek to "back off" while he figured out what to do about his job as he grieved over George.Lexie felt bad about being a bad friend to George after he didn't love her back. She told Sloan this, and he asked what George had. "Was he hung?" Sloan asked. Lexie laughed a bit, then put her head in Sloan's arms.Day 10: Bailey did a checkup on Izzie and told her she was going home. Izzie thanked Bailey.Andy, the teenager with the muscle pains, was back after Arizona's diagnosis of a mild case of multiple sclerosis was apparently wrong.Clara was still avoiding sending her mom the news of her accident, recalling how her mom would always tell her to be careful with herself because she'd made her "from scratch."Callie went to the chief to asked about her pending promotion to attending. The chief said she couldn't have the job. She said Dr. Chang, the attending she worked under, was "a dinosaur," and the chief snapped back, "Well so am I." Callie freaked out and told the chief he would rue the day he overlooked her for the job. She took her tirade out to the hallway, where the bigwig from the board was telling Derek he couldn't give him much more time to decide about whether he wanted the chief's job. The bigwig mocked the chief about the "tight ship" he was running.Day 11: Amanda came to the hospital and told Meredith she couldn't sleep. She said she was seeing George everywhere and couldn't sleep.The chief walked in on Arizona doing a 3-D MRI on Andy, her patient, as a way to get around the insurance system. He was angry that the hospital would've had to pay for the procedure and told her to end it and refer the kid back to his own doctor.Day 13: Sloan went to see Callie and found her sobbing over George and the fact that she was going to have to get a new job. Meanwhile, Alex and Izzie walked into the house and found Derek and Meredith having sex on the stairs. Derek tossed Alex the keys to his trailer and told them to use it as their place.George's mom went to Dr. Hunt and told him she was "trying to understand" why George was on his way to join the Army -- something her "Georgie" would never had done. She said the chief told her to talk to Hunt about it. Hunt explained that George had "tremendous potential as a trauma surgeon" and that he wanted to save more lives.Lexie went to say goodbye to Clara and said it was "huge" when Clara waved a couple of fingers. Lexie explained it was a miracle that George died and Clara could have had it so much worse. Clara called Lexie a "stupid little bitch" and said she and the doctors had not right to try to keep her alive. She said she'd have been better off dead, then started shouting, "Just let me die!" She went into shock and started bleeding from her arm.

Directed by Edward Ornelas  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, more...

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