Elevator Love Letter

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Alex started the night off by doing the voiceover, talking about how surgeons are "messed-up, knife-happy butchers." He paced outside Izzie's hospital room. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona danced at Callie's place while Hunt and Cristina faded off to sleep.In the middle of the night, though, Hunt had a scary, PTSD-related nightmare that resulted in him violently choking Cristina in his sleep. Meredith came over in a panic and Cristina convinced everyone -- including Hunt -- that she was fine. He cried and apologized. She said she was fine and she hugged him.Back at Meredith's place in the morning, Derek walked in and gave her the ring. She said, "No, not like this." She told him about Izzie's surgery that day.At the hospital, Alex was worried about whether Derek was OK to operate on Izzie. George was upset that he was the last to learn about Izzie's illness. He just wanted to work.Izzie laid in her bed as the doctors surrounded her and explained her status and what operations she would be having. The chief told Izzie they had an OB-GYN scheduled to harvest her eggs. It included a bearded Derek giving a report on her brain and noting that he was surprised they didn't catch her condition sooner because "it's the kind of thing that can cause headaches, seizures and intense hallucinations." A blunt oncologist told Izzie she was going to have to get used to the idea of several surgeries and intense chemotherapy over the next few weeks. She also said she'd be overseeing Izzie's treatment, so every surgeon would answer to her.Izzie knitted in her room while Derek and Alex talked outside. Alex told Derek, "just try to keep her frontal lobe inside her skull this time."Sloan and Alex were at the bed of an old woman who was dying, and her adult niece and nephews were getting impatient about how long it would take her to die because they had to get out of town for business meetings.The chief told Alex that Izzie's eggs were being harvested and he said they had a better chance at survival if they're fertilized. Alex paused for a moment, then said, "Give me the cup."Hunt walked toward Cristina in the hospital and Meredith stepped in his way. Derek and Hunt went on the roof waiting for a patient to arrive and as Hunt looked at the propeller of the helicopter, he had another brief PTSD episode, but without the violent reaction.Alex sat in a room with the cup and got paged. Meredith told Cristina that Hunt's situation was not fine. Alex shocked the old woman to get her heart started again while her niece and nephews thought she might finally die. Alex yelled at them, saying they were vultures and the hospital was filled with people hoping their loved ones would leave. They said they'd been expecting her to die for three years and they were ready.Derek talked to Hunt about PTSD and said it was real. He offered to help. Hunt yelled at Derek, saying he had his own problems after the way he cut out half his patient's brain and had the whole hospital talking about him.Alex was struggling with the Izzie situation. He beat himself up after recalling that Izzie told him she was seeing a ghost and he didn't catch that something was wrong. "This isn't how it's supposed to happen," Alex said. He said this wasn't how he and Izzie were supposed to make a baby.Cristina found Hunt in the vent room. Hunt said they had to stop seeing each other. Cristina said she knew her limits and that he should let her decide what she can handle.Derek familiarized himself with the surgical tools again.Alex handed the chief the filled cup, while the chief was eating lunch. The chief asked if Alex had talked to Izzie and he hadn't. While eating lunch, everyone realized they hadn't been to see Izzie.Bailey checked on Izzie and heard that no one had come to visit. Bailey told Izzie about a patient she was treating.Callie lamented the fact that she once wished Izzie would die, and now she was praying for Izzie to live.Joyce, the old lady, crashed again and Alex sent her niece and nephews out of the room before saving her again. When she came to, she told Alex that her niece and nephews had been patient and they were keeping her alive. As much as they complained, they wouldn't stop being by her side. "People are better than no people," she said.Derek worried to Meredith that he wasn't ready and asked Meredith if she'd be with him no matter what happened. She refused to give him an answer, saying it wouldn't make a difference. She said she believed in him.Derek went in and talked to Izzie before her surgery and said, "It's a beautiful day to save lives."Callie found George pounding the hell out used casts, complaining about how Izzie didn't tell him what was wrong and told Cristina first. Callie said he was upset because she's his friend and might die. She told him to be with her.Alex, Meredith and Cristina stood outside the operating rooms when some interns came by. Meredith shooed them away, but Alex said they could stay. "People are better than no people," he said.Lexie was the only doctor in the room when Joyce coded again. She tried to shock her back to life, but it didn't work. Then a heart beat started again and her family became frustrated. Lexie thought it was just Joyce's pacemaker, but she wasn't allowed to call time of death. She got Sloan, who turned off the pacemaker and sent Joyce to her death. Her niece and nephews cried and, instead of running off to their important lives, asked if they could stay a while longer.In Izzie's surgery, the oncologist questioned Derek's choice of instruments. He snapped back, explaining himself. Bailey came out and said Derek was able to get all of the tumor out."She's fine," Bailey said. "Your friend is fine, no thanks to any of you. Do better tomorrow."Derek told the chief that Meredith turned him down twice. He said she forgave him for what happened in the woods. The chief told Derek it was no big deal that he showed Meredith his dark side. He told Derek it was Meredith's idea to ask Izzie if she wanted to harvest her eggs. He said it was proof that Meredith believed in Derek.Alex went to Izzie's bed side that night while Izzie slept after surgery. Cristina went to Hunt and they hugged and kissed and more.Meredith was leaving and the chief blocked her way into the elevator. He said she couldn't take that one. He stayed in her way until the doors closed, then she hit the call button again. When the other elevator opened, Derek was inside, with CT scans and memorabilia from all the surgeries he and Meredith had done together, from their first one to Izzie's.He said he needed her because she doesn't freeze when things get difficult. He siad she was a survivor and the fact that she's "all dark and twisty" is a strength, not a flaw.He told her, "I'm not going to get down on one knee. And I'm not going to ask a question. I love you, Meredith Grey, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."She replied, "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you."Cristina laid in Hunt's arms and told him she was sorry, but she didn't think she could handle it, after all. She said she was laying in his arms and she was afraid to fall asleep.In the next scene, Hunt apologized to Derek and thanked him "for doing this." Derek put Hunt into an MRI machine.Alex told Izzie he "snooched into a cup" for her. Groggy, she thanked him.Then voiceover Alex said trauma messes everybody up. "Maybe we have to get a little messed up," he said, "before we can step up."

Directed by Edward Ornelas  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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