Crash Into Me: Part 1

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2007, 60 min.

Synopsis GREY'S ANATOMY - "Crash Into Me -- Part One" -Its starts at lull, with Yang trying to ingratiate herself to Hahn, O'Malley and Stevens are acting like teenagers, Doctor Shepherd and Meredith (independently) deciding that dating other people is not what they wish for and they want each other, Karev and Lexie argue over her dad's drinking problem, Bailey struggles with home and and work and all position themselves once again in the hierarchy. Sloan has strangely garrulous and cheerful patient (whose girlfriend has left him) who has had a tumor removed from his neck and is now susceptible to bleeding from the nearly exposed arteries given the thinned neck wall. Sloan gathers all the ward staff an tells them of the danger. "Stop the bleeding and call me in that order." Meanwhile, Hahn has heart and thoracic patient who is lugubrious and fatalistic - but brings a family for support .The operating rooms are are prepared and set; Sloan scrubs in with Hahn to help on some cosmetic surgery and Miranda reads the riot act to the interns about their behavior and attitude as she does not like their whining. They are informed there has been an accident and that ambulances are inbound.The staff prepare and receive the first ambulance. Meredith and the rest of the interns take charge. All of sudden a second ambulance appears heading too quickly for the ambulance bay. Meredith spots the this and takes avoidance action. The second crashes into the first and turns the first over and traps the operators and passengers in tangle of metal and sharpened debris lodging in the lugubrious patient awaiting an operation (he now needs this piece of debris removed).Meanwhile upstairs:- Lexi (having been kissed sensuously by Karev) has bonded with the cheerful garrulous patient.- Ava (Jane Doe) has arrived and cheerful Karev fixes her up with scrubs, as she want to watch Karev in operating action.- Bailey's husband has arrived for lunch but she is deep in the action.Downstairs at the ambulance bay it's mayhem.- The driver of the second ambulance has had some kind of blackout.- Her co-paramedic is acting mysterious, saying he wants a male doctor.- The first ambulance has two dangerously trapped paramedics. One really in a bad way and need the fire brigade to get them out. However, there's fuel everywhere. Eventually it becomes clear that one of the paramedics in the first ambulance will not make it; he can not be moved as he will bleed out. This gives them time to evaluate the second paramedic who has a piece of oxygen cylinder in his back. Meredith fetches the first paramedics wife who works in the hospital so they can say goodbye,which they do in a tearful scene as he fades away.Meanwhile, at the second ambulance, Webber provides the alternative male consult. It's then that Bailey and Webber realize the issue is race. Bailey allocates Yang. The paramedic asks for white doctor to oversea his treatment so Bailey adds O'Malley to the mix. The paramedic begins his treaments and we see his large swastika on his chest as Bailey bisects it her scalpelIt looks likes like they can save the second guy from the first ambulance. Meanwhile, the woman in the second ambulance has some kind of complex aneurysm.Amongst those watching from the gallery are Ava and Lexi, who pass polite conversation and wave simultaneously. Lexi realizes what Karev is up to, so she moves out and goes upstairs to cheerful guy.Cheerful guy asks Lexi what is up as her face is flushed. She starts to respond and just then his neck bursts and Lexi takes action. The episode ends.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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