Brave New World

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis Previously on...: Alex told Izzie to "get over" his little meltdown; Lexie tried to tell George she thought they were more than friends; Hahn told Callie she was the first woman she'd ever kissed; Derek moved in with Meredith and she was "happy."'Brave New World': Alex was still not speaking to Izzie and Hahn asked Callie out on an official date as Callie and Cristina moved into their new apartment. Callie was a little unnerved by the date suggestion.Meredith came home to find Derek reading her mother's diary. She didn't like that he was going through her mother's things. The whole thing bothered Meredith and thought Derek was digging up her mother's ghost. She didn't read the diary.The chief reiterated his previous stance that junior residents should not specialize, so they should stop making requests to take cases within their specialties. George didn't have a result from his exam, but Lexie promised to buy him a beer regardless of how it went. Bailey assigned Cristina to clinic duty and handed a heart case to Meredith.Derek told Sloan about the diary and about how Meredith freaks out every time he does anything in the house. Sloan asked what Derek was doing with his trailer. Derek laughed and said there was a good chance Meredith would kick him out in a week, so he'd better hang onto it.Alex handed off a suturing job to Izzie. She had to stitch up an older guy with a gash on his head, where his wife had thrown a remote at him because "all he can do is sit and watch TV and fall asleep like a dead person." The woman lambasted her husband for sleeping through their six-month trip to Europe. She said she was divorcing him as soon as his head stopped bleeding. The wife left the room and Izzie noticed the guy's mouth twitch. She suspected he had some kind of neurological problem. She told the nurse to set up a CT scan and Alex dropped in and stole the case.George and Meredith found themselves chasing a kid who didn't want to have surgery. He asked Meredith to promise him no surgery, but she said she couldn't, so he pulled the fire alarm, setting off evacuation warnings. The chief worried that the hospital looked ridiculous enough already. Hahn told Meredith to keep the kid under control. Meredith worried that Hahn thought she was a moron. Cristina gave Meredith some advice on what to do in surgery to not look stupid.Alex went over the CT scan results from Izzie's patient and he told Derek that Izzie passed the case to him. That's a lie! Izzie later found her brain patient later and he told her about his "new doctor" Karev. She was not happy.George helped the freaked out kid through getting an IV put in by having Meredith stick one in him so he could explain to the kid how it worked. The kid's dad told George "you're good at this." The kid apologized for pulling the fire alarm.Callie was still nervous about her date with Hahn and poured her heart out to Bailey about it. Bailey looked stunned by the news and said nothing.Cristina had a patient in the clinic who had a flesh-eating bacteria that required CeraVe cream. This sent her into the undiscovered world of the Dermatology ward, where she was offered water with raspberries by a first-year resident who was getting a hand massage from their masseuse while talking to Cristina. This Dermatology ward is nothing like the Seattle Grace Hospital we know. (I smell spin-off!)Derek and Sloan talked about how they'd get Izzie/Alex's brain tumor patient's tumor out when Izzie came in and told Derek she wanted back on the case and that Alex stole it from her. Derek went off on her, saying, "In this hospital I am not your roommate. I don't give a crap about your personal problems. I have a resident, I don't need another one." She had some not-so-kind words for Alex, who said, "go cry to someone who cares." She told Sloan it wasn't fair, but he said surgery is like the Wild West. "Karev's a cowboy," Sloan told her. "You're not."Hahn and Meredith prepared for the heart surgery and Meredith repeated all the complicated stuff Cristina told her about. She also sorta lied to Hahn about knowing how to do some part of the surgery that she didn't really know, but Hahn was impressed enough to tell her she'd let Meredith do part of the procedure. Bailey watched Hahn and Callie interact later, and again looked shocked and again said nothing.Cristina paged Meredith "911" so she could see the magical world of dermatology, where all the residents get facials and massages. Cristina said there's only "light and warmth" in dermatology. She told Meredith she'd show her how to do the complicated heart thing using a bunch of grapes.George talked to the mom of Meredith's kid heart patient. She was scared that she didn't know what to do about her son and his heart failure.Derek told the old man brain patient about his tumor and got upset with his wife for mocking him about sleeping all the time. "How I was supposed to know?" she asked. He said, in one of the better lines in recent memory, "You were supposed to give me the benefit of the doubt. Not throw electronics at me."Izzie asked Derek again to let her back on the brain tumor case, but he didn't want any part of it. She yelled at Alex, keeping the "Wild West" theme going, by saying, "Give me back my surgery or I'll shoot your ass off!"Meredith practiced stitching a bunch of grapes while Cristina sat next to her in the Dermatology ward, still in awe at what life was like there.Bailey told Callie "I don't talk about sex," but she launched into a philosophical speech about "the vajayjay" being "undiscovered country." She related it to a trip to Africa, and went into immunizations and wanting to know how to get to the embassy -- which was where she lost Callie. Bailey told Callie to talk about the rules and expectations with Hahn, and "how to gracefully demur if you find that you don't like the local cuisine. In Ethiopia, they eat stew off of spongy, sour bread. That's not for everyone."George found Cristina, Meredith and Izzie in Dermatology, which Izzie called "this magical world where doctors are happy and patients are pleasant and no one is screaming or stealing surgeries. Everyone just rubs each other all day long." Cristina marveled at how the dermatologists "don't want to cut anyone open -- they just love lotion." George snapped them all out of it and got them to head back to surgery -- even Cristina, who, by this time, was lying on a couch with her shoes off.George told Izzie to get back in the game, telling her to use her assets in her favor and go all "Wild West" on Alex. She went to the patient and asked how he was doing. She suggested to him that Alex had been "a little off his game, but he's bouncing back, you'll be fine." He said he didn't want someone who's "off his game" and he asked if he could have Izzie back. She told him to ask Derek.Cristina went back to the clinic to find her patient having serious trouble breathing. Lexie said she'd been paging Cristina and asked, "Where the hell have you been?" They rushed to the O.R.Alex stormed into the O.R. and told Izzie to give him back his surgery, but she set him straight. "Using me as a doormat is one thing," she told him. "Screwing with my career is another. I have been wiping your snot and covering your ass for weeks now, and all you've done is abuse me." She said, "It ends now." He asked Derek to let him back on the surgery. "The patient made a request, Karev," Derek told him. "Nothing I can do." Alex walked out. Sloan, Derek and Izzie started the surgery, peeling the guy's face back from the top of his forehead in one of the more graphic surgery scenes you'd need to see shortly after finishing dinner.In an effort to make his 8-year-old heart patient less nervous about surgery, George talked the chief into letting him bring the kid into an operating room to see how it works. He prepped the kid to go in and watch a simple surgery, telling the scared kid that the O.R. is "the safest place in the world." When they walked in, they both froze and their eyes grew huge. Cut to what they saw: the brain tumor patient, whose face had been completely peeled back. "Does that guy have no face?" the kid asked. They were in the wrong room, of course, and George scooped up the kid and took him out of the room as the kid screamed, "I want to see the guy with no face!" When they went into the right room, the kid said it was boring and wanted to go back to the other room.George prepped the kid for his own surgery and he was super-excited and wanted to see everything. In surgery, Meredith did the complicated stitch that Cristina taught her and Hahn told her to tell Cristina she's a better teacher than she would have thought. She knew Meredith had lied about knowing how to do it. Hahn told Meredith it was good to milk her colleagues for everything they know, but that if she lied to Hahn again, "the next heart you see will be your own after I cut it out of your chest with a steak knife."Izzie told the brain tumor guy's wife that her husband was OK and she cried, thinking he would never forgive her for the way she treated him. Izzie told her that people are sometimes mean to people they love -- a parallel to her love for Alex, maybe?At the end of the night, Cristina, Meredith and Izzie sat in the Dermatology ward and realized they are not "happy, glowy people." And they decided to get out of there.George and Lexie sat on a bench waiting for his exam results. The chief handed him the letter and walked away with a smile. Lexie opened the letter and told George he passed. She wanted to celebrate with him, but he immediately said he had to tell Izzie and Meredith. The group toasted George and Lexie walked in. She decided to sit somewhere else. Izzie saw Alex at the bar and told him that George passed his exam. Alex said nothing.Derek walked into the bar, saw Izzie and Alex near each other and bought them each a drink. "Just to be clear," he told them, "if you two ever pull that crap on one of my cases again, I will have you kicked out of the program." He saw Meredith at the table, but left the bar.Alex poured his heart out to Izzie, saying he was sorry for "being an ass." He said he was just pissed off all the time, "but you can't be pissed at a crazy chick for losing her mind, so there's nobody else to be pissed at except you. Nobody else." She didn't say anything, but didn't leave.At their dinner, Callie told Hahn they needed to set some rules. She told Hahn about the "undiscovered country." She said "it's mysterious and dark, and there should be rules. And an embassy. And a safe word." Hahn was confused. Callie said she wasn't sure if she was ready to go "below the Mason-Dixon Line of your pants." They agreed they'd take it slow. Maybe first base. Then Callie said, "Maybe second base, too."When Meredith got home, Derek said he could move back into the trailer. She said she wanted him there and let him use her mom's den as his office. "It's your mom's den," he told her. "But she isn't here," Meredith replied. "You are."He told Meredith she needed a place where she could get away. She said she could go to Cristina's, but he said he had a better idea. We next saw Meredith and Cristina opening Meredith's mom's diary and starting to read it. As the camera panned out, we saw that they were in Derek's trailer, and had slapped a "Dermatology" sign on the outside. Their own place of "light and warmth."

Directed by Eric Stoltz  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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