All by Myself

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Drama/Romance, 2008, 60 min.

Synopsis The residents were on the edge of their collective seat for word on which of them would get the first solo surgery. While they waited, Bailey told them about how she won the first solo surgery in her class because she was "young, gifted and black, and everybody knew it."The chief finally came in and announced the first solo surgery would happen that night, a below-the-knee amputation as a result of bone cancer. He said the decision was the highest form of trust and the committee was unanimous in picking Cristina for the surgery, but she was banned from doing it because her interns got out of control and were caught operating on each other. Instead, Cristina was given the right to choose who would get the surgery and that person could pick one more resident to scrub in.Cristina said, "This is torture for me." The chief said he wasn't done and assigned Cristina to watch over Dr. Dixon, the heart surgeon who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, and he wanted Cristina to impress Dr. Dixon so much she would want to become the new head of cardiothoracic surgery.The residents all vied for Cristina's attention, which she found annoying. Meanwhile, Denny had been following Izzie around the entire time. Alex pulled Izzie aside and said they should pick each other to scrub in if the other got the surgery, and then he planted an intense kiss on her with Denny standing by and finally saying, "Enough!"Lexie was worried she'd become a pariah. She asked Sloan to teach her. Sloan was preparing to perform a cutting-edge surgery on a woman that would give her the chance to speak again. Bailey asked if she could assist and Sloan let her. The woman didn't seem very excited about the operation. Sadie, Meredith's friend from way back, wanted to know "everything" about Alex.Two sisters came in to the emergency room after a car accident that happened when the older sister, Holly, was texting while driving. The sisters yelled at each other, with the younger one, Emma, telling the older one, "You are so dead when mom and dad show up." The older sister didn't want to give the doctors her name for fear she'd get in trouble, but her little sister gave their names and dialed their dad on her cell phone so the doctors could alert their parents.George made his case to Cristina, talking about how much he'd learned. Callie told Emma, the younger sister in the car accident, she would have to stay off her leg for a while. This upset Emma because it would mean she'd miss her Future Leaders of America conference in Washington, D.C. Sadie was giving Holly, the older sister, a little "pep talk" when Alex noticed something wrong with Holly's eyes and quickly wheeled her away to an O.R. Emma, the younger sister, shouted, "Good, take her away. I hope you die!" No chance this would end well.Cristina found Dr. Dixon and explained the blank spot on the surgery board was for the operation Cristina would have to choose a resident to perform. While looking at X-rays, Callie and Sadie had what seemed like a moment that made Callie uncomfortable and she left. Meredith walked in while Derek and Alex looked at a CT scan of Holly's brain. Meredith told Derek she wasn't upset he didn't vote for her to get the solo surgery, but he said Cristina would give it to her because she deserved it. Derek then realized Holly was crashing. Emma, the little sister, screamed, "What did you do to my sister?" as she figured out something was seriously wrong.Meredith went to Cristina and said, "You know I deserve this," talking about the solo surgery. But Meredith said she didn't want it to be "a big awkward thing," and said Meredith should just do what she has to do.Emma worried about Holly and said the doctors had to do something to save her. She didn't want to feel like she'd actually wished her sister's death upon her. In Holly's surgery, Derek told Cristina to take into account the residents' achievements and accomplishments when making her decision. Dr. Dixon piped in, saying Cristina had to devise a system and rank the doctors. "That's all," she said. Derek let Alex jump in to do a part of the surgery, but it went awry, prompting Derek to move Alex out of the way and leaving Alex to wonder, "What did I do?"Callie told Sloan about her encounter with Sadie, calling her "crazy hot." She wondered whether she just made it all up because there was no real touching, playing with hair or licking of lips. Sloan told her, "No hot interns." Sloan, Bailey and Lexie then looked at computer images of how they'd do the non-speaking woman's surgery when Lexie leaned in to get a closer look at the screen. Sloan freaked out and told Lexie to "get the hell out" of his space.Derek told Alex there was nothing he could have done to save Holly from becoming brain dead. Dr. Dixon said the fact Holly was "only 16" was good news, because she'd be an excellent candidate for organ donation.Alex went to Cristina and said she was robbed, but he couldn't bring himself to suck up to her. He detailed the process of the leg amputation and said he'd done four of them -- one on a cadaver and three on Stan.Callie and Sadie had another moment when Sadie said Callie's necklace was beautiful. George told Alex something was wrong with Izzie, who was off getting it on with dead Denny. She told Denny she'd lost her shot at the solo surgery when the chief made it Cristina's decision.Sadie and Lexie talked in the gallery while watching Sloan perform his complicated surgery. Sadie said the hospital's system was broken and said the doctors only bother with the interns when they're trying to have sex with them. Lexie said Sloan took time to teach her and that wasn't about sex. But Sadie laughed about how Lexie hadn't noticed Sloan checking her out. Lexie smiled as she watched Sloan continue the operation.In Holly's room, Emma and her parents stood around Holly's bed and Dr. Dixon matter-of-factly explained Holly was brain dead and her organs should be harvested as soon as possible. Emma yelled at Dr. Dixon, who realized she had offended the family, but again repeated the organs would have to be harvested soon. Meredith told Dr. Dixon, "I think they understand" and asked her to leave the room.Izzie came up to Cristina and instead of saying about the solo surgery, just talked about the "really, really, really good sex" she was having. But she didn't say with whom.Sloan, Bailey and Lexie stood around their throat surgery patient and asked her to try to talk, but she refused. This caused her husband to break down, shouting, "Talk to me, dammit!" The woman cried, but couldn't bring herself to speak. Lexie suggested the husband take a walk or a drive and give his wife some space. "I've been giving her space for five years," he said.Sadie went to the chief and said the appendix surgery was totally her fault. She told him to take it out on her and not Cristina. "You know who your father is and you know he's why you're still here," the chief said. He told her to start figuring out what she was going to do to make up for what she did.Dr. Dixon talked about how people were dying while she was waiting to harvest Holly's organs. Cristina was trying to make her decision on the surgery and Dr. Dixon continued to talking, saying, "Leave feelings out of it ... leave them out of the decision-making." Cristina then walked to the board and wrote the name of the doctor who would get the solo surgery: "Karev, A""Congratulations," Meredith told Alex."Whatever," he said.The chief called it an interesting choice and Cristina said, "He made the best case."Meredith looked at the name on the board and looked pretty unpleased before walking away. Izzie lay in bed with Denny in an on-call room when Alex walked and found her alone. He told her Cristina picked him for the surgery. He told Izzie, "I love you." He told her she makes him want to be better and be good. He said he understood she panicked when the recent heart patient reminded her of Denny. He asked her to scrub in on his first solo surgery. After he made his passionate speech, he left and Denny told Izzie, "I'm really starting to not like that guy."Emma was worried Holly wouldn't forgive her for what she said, but Meredith told her to imagine she was in Holly's position and believe that she'd forgive Holly for anything she said.Meredith told Derek he was right, she and Cristina were fighting. He told Meredith to go talk to Cristina. He made a little speech about how they don't tell doctors it would "be like this" and that they would save fewer patients than they lose. He said he was sick to death about losing the 16-year-old.Lexie went to the non-speaking woman's room and urged her to try to speak because there was no one around and she was "just an intern." The woman coerced the word, "Hi," out of her mouth and her husband walked in. She told him, "Hi," and he teared up as he responded, "Hi!"The chief asked Dr. Dixon if she thought she'd want to stay at Seattle Grace. She told him to get the board to improve its offer to her.Meredith found Cristina and talked about how they were fighting and she didn't want to be, but she knew Cristina made the decision about the solo surgery personal. "You made it personal," Cristina said. She explained Alex was the most prepared. Cristina continued, "Unlike you, I can separate my personal life from my job. You made it personal."Cristina stood up as they all watched Alex prepare for the surgery and said, "None of you said anything. Those were all our interns." She continued to say, "If I don't deserve this solo surgery, then none of us do."George told Meredith he thought was something wrong with Izzie. Meredith's pager went off. It was Alex. He asked Meredith to scrub in because Izzie wasn't there. He said he was freaking out because he told Izzie he loved her right before solo surgery. The chief walked in and asked Alex if he was ready. "He's ready," Izzie said as she walked into the room.Cristina was crying and Dr. Hunt took her to a secret part of the hospital he's discovered, a dark room with a vent in the floor. She found its swoosh of air exhilarating and they kissed.Lexie went to Sloan's apartment and told him she respected him as a surgeon and as a man. "So, teach me," she kept repeating as she took her clothes off. He just looked at her and Lexie said, "Am I that bad?" Sloan said, "No, I am," and went in for a kiss.Callie and Sadie's eyes met while they watched Alex prepare for surgery, and everyone else was making out -- Lexie and Sloan at his place, Cristina and Hunt in the room with the vent. Alex took a deep breath and asked for a 10 blade. He began to make his first cut and the screen went black.

Directed by Arlene Sanford  

Starring Ellen Pompe, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, more...

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