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Directed by
Patrick R. Norris

Patrick Sean Smith
Matt Whitney

Produced by
Michael Berns
Michael Lange
Nellie Nugiel
Lloyd Segan

Jules Labarthe

Clark Duke Dale Kettlewell
Tiffany Dupont Frannie Morgan
Scott M. Foster Cappie
Spencer Grammer Casey Cartwright
Paul James Calvin Owens
Jake McDorman Evan Chambers
Amber Stevens Ashleigh Howard
Dilshad Vadsaria Rebecca Logan
Jacob Zachar Rusty Cartwright
Damien Leake Professor Sommerfield
Italia Ricci Delia
Seema Lazar Michele
Melanie MacQueen Librarian
Walter Williamson Tiny
Johanna E. Braddy Jordan Reed
Charlie Capen Bartender
Stephanie Edmonds Zeta Beta Active
Kristopher Hatfield Jeremy
Greg Hoyt The Ref
Michael Sabulsky Kappa Tau

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