Mr. Purr-fect

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2008, 41 min.

Synopsis The ZBZ girls throw a CRU frat competition. Each frat competes in sports, swimwear, and talent competitions to gain the ZBZs Big Cat on Campus title. Casey, Frannie, and Rebecca are each coaching one of the fraternities, and have set up there own wager. An eternity of bathroom duty to who ever cant get their frat to claim the prizeCasey takes a change from previous years, coaching only Omega Chi, and takes on the Lambda Sigs. Casey doesnt have to worry about much, as the Lambda Sigs are the most athletic frat on campus. Casey soon develops a crush on one of the Lambda guys, Shane, and by the way he looks at her, he seems to have a crush on her too. Evan notices the attention she is getting from Shane and doesnt like it. Frannie, the Omega coach, gives Evan some advice telling him he shouldnt quit yet.Rebecca has her hands more than full over at Kappa Tau. With her bossy nature, she is trying to whip the boys into shape. Although, things are not going well for her, Rusty is also miserable after being appointed by Cappie, as Rebeccas personal assistant. Rusty desperately want to tell Cappie how he feels about Rebecca, but his brothers tell him it goes against the guy code, and cant tell Cappie how he really feels about is control freak girlfriend.Meanwhile, Ashley has set up Calvin with her French TA. Calvin and Michael hit it off great. But when flowers arrive at Calvins frat house he starts to feel uneasy, and starts thinking he would be more into Michael if only he was a little less gay.Before the close of the Mr. Purr-fect Pageant, Rusty decides he cant take Rebeccas crap any longer. He chooses to break the guys code and tell Cappie his true feelings about Rebecca. Cappie was surprisingly relieved, and thought he was the only one that noticed Rebeccas crazy behavior.Shane in the end, ended up with the Big Cat on Campus prize. Casey was elated, Evan was worried, and Rebecca was pissed. Cappie talks to Rebecca and tells her, she has been going crazy over the pageant, and that he intentionally blew it, so that she would calm down. Shane asks Casey out for celebratory drinks. Casey says yes, but tells him to wait a minute so that she could gloat a while. While Caseys gone Evan gives Shane a proposition to stay away from Casey for $500. Shane blows him off until Evan doubles the offer. Shane took the offer and blew off Casey when she got back. Evan visits her the next day to see if she wants some coffee and she accepts.

Directed by Michael Lange  

Starring Clark Duke, Tiffany Dupont, Scott M. Foster, Spencer Grammer, Paul James, more...

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