Pizza Box

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Action/Crime/Drama, USA, 2013

Synopsis Paige makes a drug buy and busts the pot dealer. It's amazing weed and so she knows that there are bigger fish swimming around.Charlie tells a story about her great, great grandmother saving a fugitive in Naples and they fell in love and kept their famous Ragu recipe in the family. She is making it for the house for "sauce night" and says it will be ready in three days.Mike is texting with Abby and is busted by Johnny and Charlie. He claims she's not his girlfriend and knows he can't date. Charlie says they can date they just can't get too close.Briggs and Mike set up a new meeting with Bello, SoCal's primary heroin supplier.Paige shows Charlie and DJ the weed and they think that some of the legally allowed pot farms grow more than necessary and then flood the market with the extra for a little cash on the side. Paige wants to set up a meeting with the dispensary dealer, who once had a big crush on DJ. But he can't set up a meet with her as an undercover dealer since his cover with her was someone with ties to Latino gangbangers so they decide to send Johnny instead since he's Mexican. Charlie covers him with convincing (airbrushed) gang tattoos.Briggs and Mike go to meet with Bello, who did a number on his right hand man in the last episode when he thought he betrayed him. Bello only wants to talk to Mike, who sits down with him a restaurant. His cover remains that he's a Marine. After his impressive marksmanship the last time they met, Bello wants Mike to teach his men how to shoot. When Mike doesn't recognize the phrase "WQB" at first they get suspicious of him but then he remembers the nickname for the phrase was "pizza box." This gets Bello off his back, and the gun out of his gut. Mike says he's in.Charlie is still at work on her sauce. (It takes three days.) Briggs enters and informs her that Mike is now sitting down with Bello, a guy Paul has been chasing for years. He's both jealous and worried. Charlie says he has "quarterback syndrome," that he thinks his team mates can't win without him. She tells him to focus on getting the championship as opposed to the credit.DJ and Johnny go to meet the weed dispensary lady, who may have had a crush on him, but also was a hardcore criminal and murderer. DJ wants to get the job done quick and easy. She gives him a big hug and asks Johnny his story. He pulls a bunch of character-appropriate attitude and walks away almost blowing the whole deal. DJ asks her to give him another shot and promises Johnny will behave. She invites them out to the farm the next day to see if they can make a deal.Mike is going through the Bello files and he tells Briggs he wants to get him back on the case. Briggs pumps him up. Mike says he was told to "pretend" to train Bello's men. Given that Bello burned out his associate's eyeball, Mike doesn't think "pretend" training is going to work. Briggs promises to call HQ and assure them that they're in control and Mike needs to be serious.The next day he heads out to train the men while the Graceland gang and other back-up listens in nearby. His men are former gangbangers and drug runners who competed with Bello. He essentially forced them to join him or face the alternative.Mike begins the training with assembly and shows off his own skills. Bello tells him men to follow Mike's instructions.Meanwhile, Johnny and DJ head to the pot farm with Paige and a back-up team following behind. The weed lady shows her the farm, it's not all weed, some of it is vegetables. She grows the weed in the barn. She continues to hit on DJ and they reminisce about old days. They talk about fireflies. DJ is anxious to see the harvest. She says she can't show them until the morning. She says she made them come to see if Johnny would grow on her. Johnny starts to flirt with her and she responds, seemingly. Paige is listening in and doesn't think weed lady is going to make the deal and wants to call it off. DJ says he has somewhere to be. Johnny says he can stay. Johnny thinks he's not only going to get laid but is going to make the deal happen. DJ says she's dangerous, Johnny counters that he's dangerous.Mike calls Abby and apologizes for not calling lately. She's out with friends. He asks her out to dinner for the next night. But then he remembers Charlie's Ragu sauce and offers to take her to drinks instead. He is then jumped by Eddie, Bello's right hand man who is missing an eye. He's suspicious of Mike and he wants to know who he is. Mike disarms him, rather easily, and dismantles the gun to boot and tells him to never bother him again.Mike made a heat run back to the house and Charlie and Briggs want to bring him in, since Eddie's a liability. It will make it look like Eddie is in fact betraying Bello. They have Paige pretend to be Bobby Moy's girlfriend again and Charlie tells Eddie that the rumor is he gave up the bullets. They leak word to Bello that Eddie is selling him out. Charlie offers him a bus ticket to Flagstaff. Eddie knows he's being set up but he takes the ticket because he knows his death warrant has been punched. Mike is upset about this but Briggs points out that Eddie punched his own ticket when he signed on two work with a criminal mastermind who pours hot lead in people's eyes.Johnny wakes up and shakes the weed lady off of him. Unfortunately, when they ere sexing it up the night before he also smudged off a bunch of his fake tattoos on her sheets. He goes to the barn and starts taking pictures right around the time she wakes up and notices the black ink on her sheets. She confronts him with two men in the barn, all three with guns drawn on Johnny. Paige and DJ arrive and when he goes to check out the house he is dragged into the barn by one of the gunmen. The weed lady is very angry, assuming DJ has flipped. But when she finds his walkie talkie she realizes he's a cop. But before anything can happen, Paige barrels into the barn with the truck and hops out, quickly dispatching one of the men. The weed lady grabs DJ as a human shield and tells Paige to drop her weapon or she'll kill him. Paige drops her gun but as the weed lady is distracted, Johnny whacks her in the head with a nearby bucket, saving the day.Back at the house, everyone enjoys Charlie's Ragu. Briggs gives Mike his blessing for going on the date with Abby. But then, of course, that's when Bello texts Mike and says he wants to see him and keep training. Bello wants to speed things up and use a human target. They drag out a bloodied and bowed Eddie. Eddie claims Mike is working with the Feds who made up the story about Bobby Moy and that even though he was going to flee he didn't tell the Feds anything. Bello asks Mike if he's working with the FBI. Mike says no. BEllo asks for Mike's gun. Eddie tells Mike he's going to take his eye. Bello says this is going to end one of two ways. He hands Mike's gun to Eddie and whispers in his ear. Eddie cries, trains the gun on Mike and then reverses and puts the gun in his own mouth and pulls the trigger. At first Briggs and the back up team think it's Mike and starts to move out, but then he says something to alert them he is still alive. Mike is, justifiably, freaked out.He then goes to meet Abby at the bar. He is dazed and out of sorts. He says he saw an accident in which someone died. She sweetly tells him to go home saying he won't be good company. He heads home and all the sauce is gone and it's his turn to do the dishes. He is shaken. Briggs enters and offers to give him a hand with the dishes. He also notes Charlie left him a plate. Mike says he wants to be alone and tells Briggs to eat it since he missed "sauce night" too. Briggs tells him '"it's just sauce."

Directed by Sanford Bookstaver  

Starring Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Ben Clerveaux, Vanessa Ferlit, Brandon Jay McLaren, more...

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