Battle of the Bastards

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2016, 60 min.

Synopsis Mereen is assaulted by flaming catapults, Daenerys watches impassively. Tyrion attempts to explain what happened, the Queen says she is prepared to fight. Tyrion mentions that her father Aerys Targaryeon had planned to burn King's Landing with wildfire hidden under major capital buildings, which was why Jaime had killed him. In a cease fire three Slave Masters arrive and state their terms for surrender. Daenerys turns the tables and demands their surrender. Drogon appears, Daenerys climbs on and flies away. The other two dragons break out of their confinement in the dungeon. The three flying beasts gather over the attacking ships. Daenerys gives Drogon the order ("dracarys") to burn the ships -- Rhaegal and Viserion follow suit, breathing fire on a few of the fleet's number. The battle over, Tyrion then proceeds to reprimand the three Slavers and Grey Worm kills two of them. One is left alive to tell other potential usurpers how Daenerys deals with them.Ramsay Bolton and his retinue arrive for a parley with Sansa and Jon at centre field. He mocks them, reminds them he has Rickon, and refuses Jon's offer to settle things one-on-one. They break away with the formal battle set for the next morning.Jon and his War Council strategize, with a smaller force they will try to dig trenches, absorb a charge, and prevent any flanking attacks. Sansa seems pessimistic and warns Jon that Ramsay is setting a trap, she is upset her advice wasn't considered. Sansa is also fatalistic and says they can't save Rickon. The two argue, Jon expresses his confidence against the odds.Davos and Tormund chat, the Wilding offers a drink of fermented goat's milk but Davos wants to walk alone until he shits his guts out. Jon goes to talk to the Red Witch, she seems depressed and has no advice. Jon tells her not to "bring him back" if he dies, she says it is out of her control, the Lord of Light decides, and there is a reason Jon was recovered.Outside of camp, in the darkness, Davos comes across an old fire. Kicking the burnt wood he finds the small carved stag he had given young Shireen Baratheon long ago. He then realizes what happened there.Tyrion and Daenerys meet Theon and Yara Greyjoy. Unaware of all Theon has gone through he mildly insults the man, they are surprised when Theon says he is unfit to lead the Ironborne. In return for the Iron Islands the Greyjoys offer their ships and support Daeyneris' claim to the Throne. The women shake on it with the Westeros arm lock.Outside Winterfell the two armies face each other quietly a few hundred metres apart. The imposing and more numerous Bolton ranks stand firm. Ramsay rides a horse leading Rickon Stark by a rope. He holds a short sword high, then plunges down and cuts Rickon's bonds. He tells the frightened teen to run towards Jon. Rickon takes off across the no-man's land, Jon mounts his horse and races toward him. Ramsay playfully shoots arrows at Rickon getting closer each time. Near halfway an arrow kills Rickon before Jon can reach him. Enraged, Jon Snow continues on toward the Bolton army. Davos and Tormund are dismayed but rally and lead their troops forward.Ramsay commands his longbows to fire, Jon's horse is hit and he falls to the ground. The Bolton Cavalry charges at him. Taking up Longclaw he prepares to meet the charge, suddenly his own Cavalry are there and the armies clash. Ramsey's archers continue to fire into the melee which is brutal hand-to-hand combat. Davos then leads the Reserve forward and Smalljon Umber leads more Boltons into the fray. The bodies pile up. The Bolton troops completely surround the Snow forces and link their shields tightly with long pikes. Slowly the circle tightens as the Wildings try to break through in vain. The giant Wun Wun even has trouble and is riddled with arrows. At one side a large mound of bodies give some hope to escape. Jon is trapped under the mob of men and struggles to get up. Tormund engages Umber. Now all are pushed in tight. A horn sounds in the distance, Ramsay looks to his right and sees a large cavalry force join the battle, Sansa and Littlefinger leading. The blue and white horsemen of the Vale smash through the Bolton army. Ramsay retreats to Winterfell followed by Jon and Wun Wun .Wun Wun smashes the main doors to break into the castle but pays the ultimate price. He gazes at Jon as he dies, Ramsay firing the last arrow into the giant's eye. Ramsay now fires arrows at Snow, but Jon grabs a shield and protects himself. He gets to Bolton, seemingly intent on beating him to death. However, he stops when he sees Sansa, knowing he should leave Ramsay's fate to her.The Bolton banners are dropped and the Stark wolf banners are draped from the walls. Jon tells Tormund to bury Rickon in the Crypt. Sansa goes to the dog kennel where Ramsay is alive and tied up in a cage. Knowing his end is near he still tries to insult her, she tells him all trace of him will disappear, then releases his hungry hounds. Having been starved for a week by their master, they attack and chew his face, Ramsay Bolton dies screaming.

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Liam Cunningham, Sophie Turner, more...

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