The Broken Man

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2016, 51 min.

Synopsis In a sunny countryside a group of men build a tall tower. The leader Brother Ray (Ian McShane) smiles and jokes. One large man carries a log by himself, the Hound, Sandor Cleghane.The Hound chops wood, Brother Ray comes by to chat. The meal bell clangs and everyone gathers, the Hound sits alone. Ray recalls how he found Clegane close to death, he thinks the Gods aren't done with him yet. Ray has heard of his past.The High Sparrow comes to talk with Margaery, he is impressed as she recites passages from memory. He wonders why she hasn't resumed conjugal relations with King Tommen. They need an heir to continue the cause. He also asks that she talk to her Grandmother.Margaery meets Dame Olenna Tyrell with a watcher present. They discuss Loras and his need to renounce his title. Margaery urges Olenna to return to Highgarden and secretly slips her a note. Alone, Olenna Tyrell sees a hand drawn rose and smiles.In the north, a group of Wilding leaders discuss continuing with Jon Snow. Jon tells them they need to fight with him for their families' sake. Tormund Giantsbane also tries to convince the others, Wun Wun the Giant supports Snow and the rest Finally agree.Back in King's Landing Cersei visits Olenna, surprised the older woman is leaving. Olenna blames it all on Cersei and tells her she is the worst person she's ever met, but suggests Cersei should leave too.Jaime leads a large army towards Riverrun. Bronn rides alongside and the two joke around. Outside the castle Jaime meets the Frey boys who are threatening to hang Edmure Tully. Blackfish looks down on them impassively and refuses to yield the castle. Jaime approaches Frey and ridicules their seige methods. He slaps the oaf then demands Tully be fed and cleaned up. Jaime announces he is taking over, then tells Bronn to set up a parley with Blackfish.Jon, Sansa and Davos meet Lyanna Mormont at Bear Island, a young child with a commanding presence. They ask for House Mormont's allegiance. The girl quizzes them and hesitates until Davos explains the real War is coming with the Dead and the North must be unified. Lyanna agrees to provide her 62 fighting men.Jaime rides on a white charger to the Riverrun drawbridge, he meets Blackfish and requests a surrender. Blackfish says they have two years' provisions and refuses. Jaime is finally upset at the failure to yield, Blackfish manages an insult on parting.At House Glover the Lord refuses to join Jon Snow despite being sworn to support the Starks. Glover is bitter over the results of Robb Stark's war.The Ironborne ships are moored at a covered bridge, inside the men and Yara drink and play with topless prostitutes. Theon is uncomfortable, Yara urges him to drink up and tries to build up his self esteem, and commit to be with her to join the Dragon Queen and take back the Iron Islands.Davos explains their snowy, Rocky encampment is the same place as Stannis stayed. They have less than 3000 men, Sansa says they need more men and distrusts Davos. She eyes a carrier raven, then pens and seals a note.Brother Ray preaches to his flock, he is a reformed thug and talks now only of peace and bringing goodness to the world. Three men on horseback arrive. Sandor is wary as the horsemen menace the peaceful gathering. Later he chops wood again, he warns Ray the men are from the Red Guard. Ray refuses to prepare for a fight.Arya walks up to two men at a cafe, she asks for ship's passage and provides a bag of coins, to leave at dawn. On a footbridge she is attacked and stabbed in the stomach by the Waif, disguised as an old woman. Arya manages to jump in the canal and swim to safety. Bleeding she stumbles through a marketplace,Sandor grabs a drink after heavy brush cutting. He hears a cry in the distance but when he arrives at the tower site everyone is dead, Brother Ray hanging in a noose from the rafters. Sandor grabs his axe.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, Natalie Dormer, more...

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