Book of the Stranger

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2016, 59 min.

Synopsis Eddison asks Jon Snow what now? and reminds him of what is coming, Jon replies he has already given his life for the Night's Watch. A horn sounds, visitors arrive at the gates to Castle Black. Sansa, Brienne and Pod. Sansa and Jon hug each other warmly. Later they share a soup, and reminisce. Jon is tired of fighting and killing but Sansa wants help to take back the North. They decide to go and take back their home, Winterfell.Davos and Melisandre talk, she says Jon is the 'Prince That Was Promised" . Davos asks what happened to Shireen Baratheon. Brienne joins them and states bluntly she executed Stannis.Robin Arryn, the Young Lord of the Vale, House Arryn, feebly tries archery. Littlefinger arrives and presents the teen with a gift of a gyrfalcon. Yohn Royce wonders why he had returned, the two men bicker. Baelish gets agreement for the Knights of the Vale to help Sansa.In Mereen the four Ruling Council, Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, Missandei; discuss upcoming negotiations with the Slave Masters. The slavers want Daenerys and the rest gone. Tyrion offers them seven years to end the practice, there will be some compensation, and if they cut off the Sons of the Harpy. The men are given female escorts and told to consider the offer. Then Tyrion meets a delegation of upset former slaves from Mereen. They don't trust Tyrion but Grey Worm and Missandei support the Lannister. Alone later, Grey Worm urges Tyrion not to trust the Slavers.Jorah and Daario walk through the hills, Jorah is tiring. Daario brags about being the one chosen by Daenerys. They overlook Vaes Dothrak and plan their entry. Jorah says they need to remove their weapons, as they unload, Daario notices the greyscale on Jorah's forearm. At night they sneak into the Dothraki City. They need to kill two locals to keep quiet, Jorah is beaten up.In the tent with other widows the Dothraki women talk, there is a meeting of the Khals the next day when Daenerys' fate will be decided. Walking outside with another woman, Daario and Jorah appear and urge escape, Dany refuses, for now.In the Sept, Margaery Tyrell is brought to the High Sparrow. He questions her and feels she is not ready for atonement. He recalls his past as a cobbler who worked hard for money and fine goods until he realized it was all pointless. He takes Margaery to see her brother Loras in a dark cell. Loras is completely broken, his sister tries to boost him up.Cersei tells Grand Maester Pycelle to leave King Tommen alone. Tommen is worried for Margaery and seems to be willing to appease the High Sparrow. Tommen then trusts his mother and tells her about a private conversation he had with the High Septon.Cersei and Jaime meet with Olenna and Kevan. The four plan a combined Tyrell/Lannister action against the High Sparrow during Margaey's upcoming Walk of Atonement.In the foggy north Theon arrives at the Iron Islands. Yara is not happy to see him. She is still upset he betrayed her earlier when they tried to save him from Bolton. Theon weeps and says he has no wish to be King, only to help her rule.In Winterfell, Osha is brought to see Ramsay Bolton. Osha attempts to downplay her role with the Starks, she tries to seduce Ramsay. But he knows all from torturing Theon and slits her throat, then wipes the knife and continues eating an apple.A Bolton messenger arrives at Castle Black under a white flag. The letter is brought to Jon who is dining with the others. Ramsay has written a letter challenging Jon and noting he has Rickon prisoner. Ramsay signs the letter Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. Sansa says Ramsay has 5000 men, Tormund only has 2000, but they have to go and take back Winterfell.The Dothraki Khals bring Daenerys to them in a large hut. She tells them her plans. They hear her out but then laugh, insult her and threaten to take turns raping her. Calmly, she tips the burning braziers and the hut erupts in flames. The Dothraki Khals scream and burn. As the other Dothraki citizens come to see, Daenerys steps out of the raging inferno, completely nude and unharmed. Everyone bows to her in awe, Jorah and Daario come forward and bend their knees.

Directed by Daniel Sackheim  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, more...

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