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Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2016, 54 min.

Synopsis In a cave an older man's head is intertwined with the branches. Bran Stark lies at the foot in a trance. The two time travel back to watch Ned and Benjen Stark play fighting as youth. Lyanna Stark arrives on horseback. A heavyset boy named Willis is there. It is a young Hodor. The Three-Eyed Raven ends the session abruptly. Bran wakes and sees Hodor, Meera is outside the cave pondering. Leaf tells Meera that Brandon Stark needs her.In Castle Black Ser Alliser tries to get Davos to open the door. A man with an axe starts to chop the door down, but suddenly Wun Wun leads a large throng of Wildings into the Courtyard. The Night's Watch surrender. Eddison Tollert has brought Tormund, they throw Alliser and the other murderers into the dungeon. Eddison and Tormund look at Jon's lifeless body and plan a pyre.In a lively market a man jokes about Cersei to much laughter. As he goes for a piss the Mountain appears and kills the man.Cersei leads the Mountain downstairs but the Kingsguard stops her from attending Myrcella's funeral. King Tommen and Jaime observe the casket in the Sept of Baelor. Tommen says Cersei is not allowed in the Sept. He feels ashamed he wasn't able to protect Margaery and Cersei. The High Sparrow comes in and says Tommen cannot see Margaery until she atones. Jaime and the High Sparrow trade verbal threats, Jaime seems prepared to kill the leader but suddenly a large group of Faith Militants arrive, Jaime relaxes.Cersei overlooks Kings Landing from the Red Keep. Tommen arrives and apologizes. He feels bad he did not punish the High Sparrow earlier. The two hug.Tyrion tries to be friendly with Varys, Grey Worm and Missandei. With the fleet burned and the Slavers re-gaining control, Tyrion suggests unchaining the two dragons. He says the beasts are intelligent and goes alone to the deep underground cell. One lunges at him from the dark, Tyrion is startled but remains calm and tries to soothe the savage beast. Talking gently he unhooks the neck clamp. The second offers his neck also, Tyrion releases it and both dragons go back to the darkness.The Waif beats Arya as they spar with sticks. Jaqen tests her about her name, and lets her follow him as she refuses to answer with 'Arya'.Roose Bolton questions Ramsay on how Sansa escaped. He seems displeased with Ramsay, who wants to attack Castle Black. A maester announces a boy is born to Roose's wife. Ramsay comes forward to hug his father, then stabs and kills him. Harald Karstark watches and supports Ramsay. They will say Roose was poisoned by enemies.Ramsay has the mother Walda Frey and newborn baby come to the kennel. She is puzzled and nervous about the dogs. Ramsay opens the gates and let's the dogs attack and kill the woman and child.Theon gathers wood, Pod starts a fire. Brienne and Sansa talk. They discuss Arya and Winterfell. Theon asks for a horse and says he's leaving them and going home, there is no way he can repay what he did to the Starks.In the Iron Islands the King argues with his daughter Yara. She is exasperated by useless battles to take small mainland castles, and wishes to withdraw. Angry, Balon goes outside, a rickety rope bridge connects two towers. In the middle a hooded figure stops his way, it is Euron Greyjoy, a nephew back after many years away. Euron tosses Balon off the bridge.In the morning Yara and others commit Balon's body to the sea, unsure how he died. The Maester tells Yara she does not automatically become Queen, the group will decide.Davos goes to see Melisandre. He asks if she can bring Jon back. Not too confident, she says she saw it done once. The Red Witch doubts her faith. She washes the body and snips some hair. She chants some ancient verses in another language. Tormund, Eddison and Davos watch silently. She washes his hair. She puts her hands on his torso and speaks the words. Nothing seems to happen and Tormund leaves snorting. Davos looks down in thought then leaves also.The sleeping dire wolf stirs, then Jon awakes gasping.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Nell Williams, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, more...

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