Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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Action/Adventure/Drama//Romance, 2015, 54 min.

Synopsis "Game of Thrones" - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"- May 17, 2015Braavos: Arya, Jaqen, the mean girl and some corpsesArya is still washing bodies. When she sees the door out of the corpse washing room is open she goes to it but the mean girl shuts it and tells her she's not ready yet. Arya notes she's been here for weeks and wants to know what's next and play the game of faces. The girl says Arya already played and lost. She asks who she is and Arya again says no one. Arya asks who the girl is and the girl tells a story much like Arya's own and then asks if Arya believes her.Later, when she sleeping Jaqen comes to her and asks who she is and instead of saying no one, she tells her actual story. But every time she fibs-- like saying her father died in battle-- or lies he slaps her virtually. This goes on and on. He asks if she truly wants to be no one and when she says yes he slaps her again. She says she no longer wants to play this game, he says you are always playing.Later still, when a man bring his ill daughter to the House of Black nad White, Arya shows her great compassion as Jaqen watches. When she is washing the body of the girl he finally takes her beyond that room to an even huger room which has a sort of face mausoleum in it. From floor to ceiling are these huge stone cylinders which have heads with the faces facing out. She walks around in wonder.Jaqen asks if she is truly ready to become no one. She hesitates. He notes she is ready to become someone else, however.On the road: Tyrion and JorahThe odd couple continue their journey and Tyrion is now grumpy eating eating berries and roots and what an awful travelling companion Jorah is. Jorah wonders if he ever shuts up.. Tyrion finally explains what happened: that he killed his father since he was trying to execute him for a murder he didn't commit and his dad was banging his girlfriend. Jorah did not know this. He also, sadly, did not know that his own father was dead, something Tyrion learned while visiting Castle Black. To add insult to injury he first tells him what a good man he was and then says he was killed by his own men. Ouch.Tyrion feels badly for breaking the news.He asks why Jorah thinks Dany should rule and what difference it will make, especially since her family is famously crazy, including the Mad King who liked to burn men alive for fun. Jorah asks if he believes in anything. Tyrion honestly answers no. Jorah says he was once cynical like Tyrion but once he saw Dany emerge unscathed from the fire, listening to baby dragons cry, he started to believe. He also notes she is the rightful heir to the throne. Tyrion wonders what difference it really makes after all, even a thousand years of peace and prosperity will be followed by war and strife.They are walking and talking and on the move when they are captured by slavers who want to send Jorah to the salt mines or use him as a galley slave and kill Tyrion and sell his penis because apparently "dwarf cocks" have magical powers. They are about to kill him and cut his business off when he convinces them he needs the cock to be verified from a dwarf first. And he also convinces them to spare Jorah from the salt mines since he was once a great fighter who won many battles and he promises he will make it happen in the fighting pits in Meereen since he killed a Dothraki bloodrider in single combat.King's Landing: Cersei, Olenna, Loras, Margaery, LittlefingerLittlefinger arrives and is given a stern warning by Lancel Lannister, the one who turned Faith Militant Sparrow leader. It is creepy.He meets with Cersei and, in his special double-dealing way, tells her the Boltons and Baratheons will duke it out for the North and she should wait-- but not too long-- and pounce while whatever victor is licking their wounds and then take back the north. He says the Knights of the Veil -- now his men via Robin Arryn--could totally get this done for her and it wouldn't cost her a penny or a single soldier. He also outs Sansa, which of course gets her blood boiling since she thinks Sansa helped kill Joffrey. She wonders what's in it for him and he says he would like to made Warden of the North and swears fealty to the crown.She agrees as long as she gets Sansa's head on a spike.Cersei's blood is boiling all over the place tonight and it spills heavily on the rest of the Tyrell family now.Olenna shows up to register her outrage over Loras being locked up and to threaten pulling financial and food support from King's Landing. Cersei points out she didn't lock up Loras, the Faith Militant did. (Of course she set the Faith Militant in motion.) She insists it's just a simple inquest, not a trial and Loras will surely be cleared and the Tyrell/Lannister alliance will continue. Olenna seems to, begrudgingly, accept this.Except when the inquest comes both Loras and Margaery deny he's a buggerer--under oath-- but then the High Sparrow calls Loras' most recent lover to the stand, who not only says he lay with Loras but that Margaery knew about it. So the High Sparrow determines there is sufficient evidence for a trial and not only is Loras guilty but so is Margaery since she just bore false witness before the gods saying that Loras didn't fornicate with boys. So he has them both taken away. Cersei is triumphant. Tommen is confused. Margaery is outraged. Olenna is livid.Dorne: Jamie, Bronn, the Sand SnakesMyrcella and her intended make out in the courtyard. Prince Martell watches them and tells his right hand man they must protect them.Jamie and Bronn continue on their journey, with Bronn singing an old Dornish folk song. They come upon a convoy headed to town and follow them in. They are now clad in Dornish gear to try and blend in.The Sand Snakes prepare to snatch Myrcella.They all converge. Jamie and Bronn try to snatch her but she is confused and doesn't want to go and then Bronn knocks out her boyfriend. Then the Sand Snakes show up and the three of them begin battling Jamie and Bronn. One nicks Bronn. But before it can go further. Then the Prince's bodyguard and a whole bunch of Dornish King's Guard show up and force everyone to drop their weapons. Ellaria is also captured.Winterfell: Sansa, Ramsay, Miranda, and TheonMeanwhile things have gone from bad to worse for Sansa.Miranda shows up to give her a bath for her wedding night. In doing so she washes the dye out of Sansa's hair and scares her with stories about Ramsay and how he easily gets bored with all of his previous women. Sansa is hip to her though and asks how long Miranda has loved Ramsay and realizes that she is mad that Sansa has shown up and usurped her. She notes that she is Sansa Stark, a lady, Winterfell is her rightful home, and she is not afraid of Miranda and dismisses her. Miranda is not happy.Later, all dressed beautifully for the wedding, Theon shows up to escort her to the ceremony. She refuses to take his arm. He says Ramsay will punish him if she doesn't. She thinks he killed her younger brothers so she notes that she doesn't care what Ramay does to him.They head to the ceremony out by the tree with the colorful leaves. It is snowing lightly. It would be beautiful if it wasn't so awful. Theon "gives her away." Ramsay accepts her.They head back to their marital bed and Ramsay's true colors frighteningly emerge. He asks if she's a virgin. She says she is since Tyrion was gentle and kind and didn't force her to consummate their marriage. He then tells her to disrobe and forces Theon to stay in the room. She turns away from him towards the bed and is slowly fumbling with her clothes, terrified. Theon is beside himself with despondence. Ramsay grows impatient and begins ripping off her dress from the back. He tells Theon that since he knew her as a girl he can now watch as she becomes a woman. He bends her over the bed and rapes her. We cut away from the distraught Sansa and hear her screams as Theon watches, shaking and in tears.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Gianpiero Cognoli, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Aidan Gillen, more...

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