Kill the Boy

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, 2015, 57 min.

Synopsis "Game of Thrones" - "Kill the Boy" - May 10, 2015Meereen: Dany, Daario, Grey Worm, Missandei,Hizdahr zo Loraq, DragonsDany and Missandei look over Barristan's body and Dany talks about what a loyal friend and advisor he was. Daario wants to "clean out" the city neighborhood by neighborhood. Dany instead asks for the leaders ofthe great families rounded up and brought to her.She brings them to the dragon pits and forces them towards them in the darkness. She wonders who among them is innocent and who is guilty, she says they wil let the dragons decide. She pushes one man forward and he is enflamed and ripped apart by the dragons and it's awful. She says she doesn't want to overfeed them and sends them back to the dungeons to stew.Missandei goes to see Grey Worm who has been out for three days. She breaks the news of Barristan. Grey Worm feels like a failure. She reassures him he didn't and says he will fight again. He admits when he was stabbed he felt fear, not that he would die, but that he would never see her again. She joins him in bed and kisses him tenderly.With her most trusted advisors dead, Dany asks Missandei for her advice. Missandei claims she is in no position to have an opinion. Dany disagrees. Missandei speaks freely and says she has watched Dany take the counsel of her advisors and also ignore them but she has been most impressed when she has trusted her gut and come up with a choice of her own.Dany makes a choice: She goes to the dungeons and tells Hizdahr zo Loraq that she was wrong and he was right and her new plan is to reopen the fighting pits, but only among free men, and that there will never again be slavery. And as a sign of her good faith and forge a lasting bond with Meereen she will marry one of their highest noblemen, Hizdahr zo Loraq himself.Castle Black: Jon Snow, the Grand Maester, Tormund Giantsbane, Stannis BaratheonJon meets with the Grand Maester for advice on something he has to do but will bitterly divide the Night's Watch and half the men will hate him. The Grand Maester notes they already do and tells him to do it. He tells Jon he will find little joy in his command but with luck will find the strength to do what needs to be done. He tells him to kill the boy Jon Snow-- winter is almost upon us-- and let the man be bornJon meets with Tormund Giantsbane and tells him they are not enemies and asks him to lead the free folk back south of the wall. He says he doesn't want them to kneel before him as a king he wants them to fight with him against the army of the undead that is coming with the onset of winter, who will kill the free folk first if they don't move. He says he will talk to Stannis about lending a fleet of ships to collect up the people. Tormund says he will do it only if agrees to come with him and convinces the free folk that the ships that they are boarding won't be torched.The Night's Watch men are predictably not happy about this. Sam tries to explain to them about the abandoned villages where they could settle. The men point out the villages are abandoned because free folk torched and killed the people, like they did Ollie's family. Jon says they have all been fighting for hundreds of years but they can either abandon them free folk or they can learn to live with them or they can deal with the army of the dead alone.Back in his office Jon tries to explain to Ollie while he is doing this but, while respectful, Ollie isn't having it.Sam and Gilly while away some time in the library where she wonders if these are all the books in the world. He tells her about the Citadel where there are many books. She feels ashamed that she doesn't know things like he does. But he points out that she has so many other skills he doesn't have. He explains the Citadel is where the maesters go to learn and says it was his dream to become one but instead became a man of the Night's Watch.Stannis enters and Gilly scurries. Stannis notes that Sam's father was a great soldier who was the only one who ever defeated his brother Robert. Stannis knows that Sam killed a White Walker and wonders how. Sam explains about the dagger of dragon glass. He doesn't know why this worked and is reading up on that, Stannis tells him to keep reading because he needs to now how to fight them.He goes to see Davos and tells him it's time to move out and that the queen and princess will be coming with them. Davos wants to wait for Jon Snow to return with the wildlings but Stannis says they have to act now and ahead of weather. They mount up and move out and Jon and Melisandre share a stare as they move out.Winterfell: Brienne and Pod, Roose and RamsayStaying at a tavern, Pod wonders if Sansa is better off now that she's home. Brienne knows she is not better off with the Boltons. She asks a tavern who knew Ned Stark to get a message to Sansa in Winterfell.Over in Winterfell Roose beds his old girlfriend Miranda who is jealous of Sansa. He says jealousy bores him and she knows what happens to those who bore him. She bites his lip drawing blood and says she won't be boring and they make out.A maid comes to Sansa with the message that if she ever gets in trouble to light a candle in the highest window of the broken tower and that she still has a friend and is not alone. She is confused but goes to look at the tower. There Miranda approaches her and compliments her dress, which Sansa made herself. She tells Sansa she has a surprise for him and brings her to the kennels where Theon Greyoy is. She says his name and he shakes his head and says "You shouldn't be here." She storms out.Later, Theon is dressing and tending to Ramsay who is typically evil to him and asks if he has something to tell him. He confesses Sansa saw him at the kennel and begs forgiveness. Ramsay forces him to his knees and forgives him.Roose, Ramsay, Sansa and his "mother" have dinner and Ramsay makes a toast to their wedding and future. happiness. He says it must be hard for her to be in strange place. She notes it is not strange it is her home aonly the people are strange. Ramsay agrees that they are. Theon arrives and Ramsay forces him to apologize for "killing" Bran and Rickon and notes since Theon is the closest she has to kin he will give away the bride. Then Ramsay's stepmother announces she is pregnant and Roose says it's a boy.Later Roose and Ramsay discuss the impending birth and Roose knows Ramsay is worried the new child threatens his position but he points out that he knows now what he knew when he first laid eyes on him, that Ramsay is his son. (Origin story: Roose raped a peasant woman under the body of her dead husband. No wonder Ramsay is so evil.) He tells Ramsay he needs his help to defeat Stannis and Ramsay says he will be by his side in the fight.Valyria: Tyrion and JorahTyrion tries again to make some small talk with Jorah after he got punched in the face. He also asks for wine. Jorah says no to this.Tyrion figures out that they are going through Valyria to get toAs they glide through the ruined city they are gobsmacked when they see one of Dany's dragons flies overhead. This is a very dangerous distraction, however, as they don't notice when one of the famed Stone Men jumps into the water by their boat. These are the men, riddled with greyscale, who have been banished to these parts like a sort of Westerosi leper colony.The men attack the boat. Jorah warns Tyrion to not allow them to touch him and be infected. Jorah fights them off but more come. Tyrion begs to be untied so he can defend himself. But Jorah is busy. When one man advance to close, Tyrion jumps overboard to escape. He furiously tries to untie his bonds but as he does he is grabbed from underneath by a Stone Man who drags him further down.He comes to some time later. Jorah saved them and they are on a shore somewhere. He says they'll need to rustle up another boat or else they have a very long walk ahead of them. Jorah asks if Tyrion was touched and he says no.Jorah says he's off to get wood and as he turns, he pulls back his sleeve to reveal he's infected with greyscale.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Mishael Lopes Cardozo, Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Stephen Dillane, more...

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