Sons of the Harpy

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Action/Adventure/Drama//Romance, 2015, 51 min.

Synopsis "Game of Thrones" "Sons of Harpy" May 3, 2015Ser Jorah and TyrionWe open on water, a man gets out of a small boat and walks to the shore with a basket and is promptly knocked out by Ser Jorah. He takes the still bound and gagged Tyrion and tosses him in the boat and shoves off.Tyrion convinces Jorah to take off his gag, mainly by being irritating. He asks who he is. Jorah only says "your captor." He is disappointed there is no wine and says he can't sleep without it. Jorah tells him to stay awake. Tyrion says he's going the wrong way since Cersei is in Westeros which is west. Jorah says they are going East to Dany, who is the queen he serves. Tyrion laughs at the irony and notes that's where he was going anyway so it was a waste of a kidnapping. He notes all of Jorah's things and that he is a down on his luck man from the West in Essos and surmises exactly who he is. He asks how he was serving Dany in a whorehouse half a world away. He asks why she sent him away and also remembers that he was sent to spy on her and found out and exiled him and now he hopes to win her favor back by giving her Tyrion. He wonders if Jorah thinks Dany will execute Tyrion and pardon him? He says he thinks the reverse is just as likely. Jorah says nothing and smacks him across the face.En route to Dorne: Jaime and BronnOn a much larger vessel, Jaime and Bronn sail past the isle of Tarth on the way to Dorne, and Jaime clearly thinks of Brienne.In the hold Bronn asks why they aren't sailing on a Lannister ship. Jaime explains the covert mission of rescuing his niece Myrcella. Bronn is all smirky like "Your niece?" Jaime says nothing. Bronn wonders why he's doing this since he's so recognizable. Instead of getting into the nitty gritty of it about Cersei he simply says "It has to be me." Bronn wonders if Jaime set Tyrion free. Jaime says Varys set him free. Bronn says if he ever sees the "little fucker" to give him his regards. Jaime notes that Tyrion killed their father and so if he ever sees him he will split him in two, and then give him Bronn's regards.Bronn and Jaime make landfall in Dorne in the morning after a lot of rowing by Bronn. They sleep and enjoy a little breakfast. They discuss the best ways to die, Bronn would choose in his own keep, drinking his own wine, watching his sons grovel for his fortune. Jaime was hoping for something exciting. Bronn says he's had an exciting life and wants a boring death. Jaime wants to die in the arms of his lover. He asks if she wants the same thing. Jaime doesn't answer and says it's time to go. Bronn asks about the captain and whether he'll snitch on Jaime. Jaime says he paid him handsomely not to squeal. Four Dorne-ish riders approach. They try to hide but can't. Bronn approaches and says he's glad they found him. He claims he is named Cooper and that Jaime is Darnell and that their boat capsized in the night and they managed to swim ashore. The men force them to disarm. Bronn pretends to do so and then quickly kills two of them. He slows one down for Jaime so he can fight. He does so triumphantly with his left hand. It ain't easy but he wins, thanks to his fake hand being able to grab the other guy's sword. Bronn praises him and says he had a wonderful teacher.They take two of the Dorne-ish men's horses. Bronn is happy. Jaime says they have to bury the bodies so as not to raise questions. Bronn is annoyed.Elsewhere on the beach at Dorne, Ellaria rides to meet three women she calls her daughters. She explains they have to avenge Oberynn since the King will do nothing. They point out they have no army. Ellaria says they don't need an army when they have Myrcella as a bargaining chip. One of her daughters uncovers a man buried up to his neck in the sand with snakes crawling on his face. He is the ship captain that Jaime bribed, but not well enough. He blabbed Jaime's plan. Ellaria realizes if he gets to Myrcella first they are screwed. She says they need to choose between the king's way of peace or her way of war. All three daughters are with her.King's Landing: Cersei, Loras, Margaery, Tommen, High Sparrow, the SparrowsAt a small council meeting The Queen Mother is getting a very bad financial update from the Master of Coin Tyrell about the Lannister holdings in the Iron Bank and how they've called in a quarter of their debt, which they can only pay half of. And with winter coming things are dire. Tyrell offers to front them a loan. She says he's done enough and they would be better off going to the Iron Bank in person and negotiating better terms. She sends him off to Braavos with his own Kingsguard security which clearly tickles him. Grand Maester Pycelle notes that the small council has grown even smaller. She notes "not small enough." Qyburn smirks at all of this.Cersei hosts the High Sparrow and offers him wine but he demurs, not enjoying the taste. He asks how he may serve. She notes that all over Westeros septs are being burned and "silent sisters" raped and priests being murdered. The High Sparrow says war teaches people to obey the sword not the gods. She says perhaps the gods need a sword of their own and recommends resurrecting the ancient army of Faith Militant who dispensed "the justice of the Seven." He notes the Faith Militant was disarmed two centuries ago but she says if she explains their holy purpose to King Tommen she believes he would resurrect it and the High Sparrow would be its leader and could arm the congregants he felt worthy of defending the bodies and souls of the common people and serve the gods. He says it is an honor he never expected or wished for. She says this is why he was chosen and notes that the most wicked are often the most wealthy and beyond the punishment of the king. He notes all sinners are equal in the eyes of the gods. She notes she knows of one sinner in King's Landing, shielded by gold and privilege. He says "may the father judge him justly."We cut to the Sparrows, now armed as the Faith Militant, attacking a market. Spilling wine and destroying artifacts. They then attack Littlefinger's brothel, striking down patrons and prostitutes. They reserve their worst punishment for a gay nobleman they find.Meanwhile, the one Sparrow we have come to know is getting the order's symbol carved into his head. They all have it. He, with a group of other robed Sparrows, goes and seizes Loras Tyrell and "arrests" him for breaking the laws of gods and men with his homosexuality. He asks the men who they think they are. The Sparrow: "Justice." (Well, now we know why Cersei sent Lord Tyrell away.)An outraged Margaery goes to Tommen and demands to know why this has happened. He says he knows nothing about it. She says arresting Loras is Cersei's revenge against Margaery for taking Tommen away from her. She asks if he has any affection for her. He says he does. She says she can't bear to think of her brother locked away in a grimy cell.Tommen goes to Cersei and demands Loras be freed. She notes she didn't arrest him. He says no but she demanded the arming of the Faith Militant who are now an army. She says yes, they can't allow the Queen's brother to be arrested no matter his perversions. Tommen asks if he can tell Margaery she will release Loras. She notes again she is not holding him and says since he is the King he should ask the High Sparrow to release him.Tommen goes to see him but a group of Sparrows blocks his way. His Kingsguard offers to kill them all, and send them to the gods they love. Suddenly the people around the High Sparrow's church start calling him a bastard and an abomination. He is intimidated. He says he will find another way. He goes to Margaery and says he could not free Loras without violence. She notes he is the king and supreme ruler and can't allow fanatics to imprison her brother. He says he is going to speak to the High Sparrow, she wonders when. He says soon. She goes to send word to her grandmother. Tommen wonders if she will return. She says she needs to be with her family.The Wall: Jon Snow, Sam, Stannis, Selys, and Melisandre..Jon Snow trains men in the courtyard at Castle Black and Selyse and Stannis watch and she notes he thinks highly of this boy, a bastard by some tavern slut. Stannis says he does and maybe he is but that wasnt Ned Stark's way. She wishes she could've given him a a son. He says it's not her fault. She says she gave him nothing but deformity in Shirleen. Melisandre arrives and says that Shirleen's scars mean nothing to the lord of the light since she has the king's blood in her. She dismisses Selyse and then makes Stannis assure her that he is taking her with him when he marches on Winterfell. He says he will since he needs her. He asks what she needs and she says "To serve my lord."Jon Snow is signing letters Sam is putting in front of him, they are letters asking prominent noblemen to send men to help protect the Wall during the winter. He balks when he sees a letter asking Roose Bolton for help since he murdered Jon's brothers. Sam says they swore to be watchers on the wall and they can't do that with 50 men and can't do that without help from warden of the north. Jon signs.Melisandre swans in and he asks how he can help her. She notes he can ride south with them as a guide since he knows the north well and Winterfell best and wonders if he doesn't want to chase rats out of Winterfell. Jon reiterates Castle Black is home now and the Night's Watch doesn't get involved in politics or war. She says there is only one war and asks him to come and see something. He says if it's visions he's not interested because he doesn't believe in them. She instead offers the vision of her naked form which he does seem to find transfixing. She babbles on about making life and how he ignores his own power and he should embrace it and if they joined together there would be even more power. But he's not really listening because she placed his hand to her breast. Jon does snap out of it however and does not break his vows again because he still loves Ygritte. She leaves and says "You know nothing Jon Snow."Shireen goes to see her dad. Stannis does not seem happy to see her. He asks if she is lonely. She says bored. He says his father said boredom showed a lack of inner resources. She tells him she's glad she came since her mother told her she didn't want to bring her. Stannis says she shouldn't have said that. Shireen asks if Stannis is ashamed of her. He tells her a story about her infancy and how he got a doll from her from a Dorne-ish man and how happy she was when she got it in her cradle. He says by the time they burned the doll it was too late. He was told she would die or worse, the greyscale would take her slowly. He was advised to send her away and he told them to go to hell and he called in every Maester and they saved her and he didn't want to send her away because she was a princess in House Baratheon and his daughter and he loves her. She hugs him.Winterfell: Sansa, Littlefinger, the BoltonsSansa lights a candle in the catacombs for her family. Littlefinger comes and notes that she is lighting a candle for her aunt Leanna, whom her father said was quite beautiful. Littlefinger says he met her once at Haarenhall, she was already promised to Robert. He was a boy from nowhere and he watched a great tournament between Barristan Selmy and Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar won, rode past his wife and made a crown of winter roses and laid it in Leanna's lap. He wonders how many thousands had to die because Rhaegar chose Sansa's aunt. Sansa says he chose her and then he kidnapped her and raped her. Littlefinger leads her away from "somewhere the dead can't hear us." She asks where he is going. He says Cersei sent for him and he has to go to King's Landing to keep her off the scent. She doesn't want to be left alone here. But he assures that Stannis is on the way to the rescue and will eventually take the iron throne. He says a betting man would bet on Sannis and he is a betting man. He thinks Stannis will name her Wardeness of the North, and says he needs her as the last surviving Stark. She wonders what happens if Stannis loses to the Boltons. He says she will have to make Ramsay her own which should be easy since he's already fallen for her. She says Roose frightens him. Littlefinger says he should, he's a dangerous man but even those can be outmaneuvered and she has learned to maneuver from the best and when he returns she will be strong. He kisses her and asks if she believes him. She says she expects she'll be a married woman by the time he returns.Mereen: Dany and SelmyDany surveys the city while Selmy reminisces about how her brother Rhaegar would sing to the people in the Red Keep. He actually busked and Selmy kept the money for him and Rhaegar gave it to orphanages and other charitable things and sometimes he got drunk. She is amused by this. Daario arrives and announces that Hizdahr Zo Loraq is there to see her. He's there to recommend reopening the fighting pits and it's a tradition, while distasteful to her, that she needs to embrace to ensure some kind of piece between former masters and slaves.Meanwhile the Sons of Harpy indiscriminate murder a man in a market. The Unsullied go after them when a woman points the way. She seems to be up to something though. And she was. The way she points leads the small group of Unsullied into an ambush. Selmy hears a ruckus and people start running past him. He draws his sword and heads toward the fight. Grey Worm is stabbed but keeps fighting. Selmy join the battle and fells more than half a dozen Sons before being killed. Grey Worm collapses beside him.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Liam Cunningham, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, more...

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