The Wars to Come

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, 2015, 53 min.

Synopsis "Game of Thrones" - "The Wars to Come" - April 12, 2015And we're back! Winter is coming!So the fifth season premiere was a jam-packed affair with appearances from almost all of the major characters, letting us know what's been happening since the season finale.FlashbackWe see Cersei's youthful visit to the witch who revealed her future.[b]Tyrion and VarysWe get to see Tyrion's vantage point from inside his travelling crate from the boat through a city to his final destination: the palace of a friend of Varys. Tyrion grumbles about having to take the whole journey that way-- including pushing out his own poop through the breathing holes--but Varys points out, he had to throw that poop overboard, and that he is a very wanted and recognizable man. Once they arrive Tyrion begins drinking almost immediately but Varys wants to have a serious talk about the future. He waits a couple of minutes as Tyrion throws up onto the concrete and takes another swig of wine. He clearly believes that Daenerys is the next person who should sit on the Iron Throne and thinks Tyrion can help put her there.They have a series of very funny exchanges in which Varys tries to remind Tyrion that he has both a warrior's spirit and compassion in his soul and he needs to find those things again for the good of the future of Westeros.Tyrion reminds Varys that he very recently killed the love of his life with his bare hands and shot his own father with a crossbow. "I never said you were perfect," says Varys, who thinks it's time for Tyrion to stop pickling his liver and start thinking about the future.DaenerysThe Khaleesi has problems of her own over in Mereen, including the fact that her dragons, at least the two she still has locked up, are very grumpy indeed, and have gotten considerably larger, and not necessarily interested in listening to mom.Even though she has done some good there,there is unrest in Mereen and a member of the Unsullied is murdered in a brothel by a political uprising group. Her advisors tell her that she should bring back the fighting pits-- where slaves used to fight to the death. Dany does not want to hear this, she has freed the people and doesn't want them fighting for sport. But when Daario Naharis gets her ear-- post-coital-- he explains that they could fight as free men. He also shares his story, of how his mother was a prostitute who sold him into slavery, and he ended up in those pits. By fighting all the different men there, he became the fearsome warrior he is today.Cersei and JaimeThe intimately involved siblings are again grieving over a corpse. But instead of getting randy about it, Cersei is raging mad. Mostly at Jaime for letting Tyrion escape and, by proxy, helping kill Tywin who lies in front of them with those creepy eye stones over his lids. She rails that he was always Tywin's favorite and again gripes about him going into the Kings Guard.At the funeral she barely contains her rage as people try to share condolences. And she flashes back to a time when she was a teenager -- still as haughty as ever -- and she and friend went to see a witch in the woods to get Cerseis future read. The witch makes Cersei cut her finger so she can drink her blood. (Um, ew.) The witch predicted how many kids she would have and got several other things right on the nose as well. It does not look like thing bode well for Cersei.Meanwhile, her husband to be Loras Tyrell has basically given up the pretense of disguising his sexuality, taking a male lover and letting him leave his room all naked as Margaery enters and scolds him. Loras wonders what the big deal is since everybody knows anyway. He figures he probably won't have to marry Cersei now since it was Tywin's idea but that she is still stuck in King's Landing. But she is clearly doing some scheming because she says she might not be.Brienne and PodAfter losing Arya Stark at the end of last season-- Brienne was busy kicking the Hound's ass-- the travel companions are at a loss as to what to do. He figures that he'll just keep traveling with her and that maybe they can find Sansa. But Brienne is beyond dispirited and the idea of spending more time with her "squire" is not cheering her up since she's not actually a knight. She grouses that all she ever wanted was a Lord she could believe in and that she herself is no leader. As the scene turns to Sansa and Littlefinger headed west, another near miss from Brienne and Sansa.Sansa and Littlefinger And speaking of Sansa, after she and Littlefinger have wisely dropped off Robyn Arryn at a training school for boys-- where it looks like he'll have a lot of catching up to do with the regular boys-- he says it's time for them to take a trip. But she can tell in their carriage that he is not going the way that he told others they were going. Of course, Littlefinger has a new plan up his sleeve and he says they will going to a place where they will be safe.Jon Snow, Mance Rayder, and Stannis Baratheon Over at the Wall, the Night's Watch is regrouping and Jon Snow is actually busy training the young boy who killed Ygritte to fight. Stannis Baratheon wants Jon to break from the Night's Watch and help him fight to take back Winterfell and beyond. Jon isn't so sure about all of that. But when Stannis asks him to try and persuade Mance Rayder to bend the knee to Stannis-- hopefully throwing the fighting forces of the free folk behind Stannis who says he will give them land and freedom south of the wall if they fight for him-- Jon sees the wisdom of this since it means death for Mance otherwise.But Mance won't budge, even though this means he will be burned alive. Jon pleads with him not to let his pride get in the way of his life and maybe the betterment of the lives of his people. He points out that Mance was able to unite incredibly disparate groups and that power could mean something in the future. He thinks Mance is making a mistake. Mance points out that he is making that mistake as a free man.When Stannis is told of his decision you can see that even though it isn't what he wanted that he admires Mance's commitment. Melisandre gets up and mumbo jumbos about fire and god and good and evil and the choices we all have to make, and then lights Mance on fire. Everyone watches, flinching as the flames lick at his body. The Wildlings cringe, Gilly buries her head in Sam's chest. Jon stalks away. As he's about to feel the worst of it, out of nowhere he gets an arrow to the heart. Jon Snow has spared him from the worst of the suffering.(So, that means we did not check in tonight with Arya Stark or Bran Stark.)

Directed by Michael Slovis  

Starring Jake Abraham, Peter Dinklage, Roger Allam, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, more...

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