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Adventure/Drama/, USA, 2014, 51 min.

Synopsis "Game of Thrones" - "Mockingbird" - May 18, 2014TyrionWe open in Tyrion's cell where Jaime is giving him hell for flipping out at the trial and screwing up the deal Jaime had made. He says this is not a joke. Tyrion's notes that it is one, just not a very funny one. He says he couldn't listen to Shae standing there telling lies and was stupid enough to think she'd fallen in love with him.He points out that "the deal" was everything Tywin wanted: Jaime back at Casterley Rock and Tyrion shipped off to Castle Black and he says it felt good to take that away from him since Tywin knows he's innocent. When Jaime says that Tywin doesn't care about any of his kids, Tyrion disagrees and notes that Jaime was able to kill a king, lose a hand, and sleep with his own sister and still be a golden son. Jaime tells him to be careful since he's the only ally Tyrion has. Tyrion says he's just glad he got to stick it to Tywin.Jaime says he can't save him because his training has proven he's just not good enough. Tyrion half jokes he should fight anyway because if he died that would really piss their father off. They laugh but the gravity of the situation is sinking in.Tyrion figures Bronn will fight for him again and he will be in his debt for the rest of his life and asks Jaime to find him. He asks who Cersei is picking to fight for her.We cut to the Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane-- brother to Arya's captor Sandor "the Hound" Clegane-- currently in the process of disemboweling several people as some kind of perverse warm-up. Cersei approaches and thanks him for coming so quickly. He asks who he is fighting. She asks if it matters. He shakes his head no.Bronn comes to see Tyrion. He has fancy new clothes.He has sold out to Cersei who has him betrothed to a dim-witted woman who is not an heiress, her sister is. Bronn says sisters die all the time, then his wife will inherit. He came because Tyrion once told him he would double the price of what anyone else was offering. Tyrion says he can't offer him a castle but he can offer him gold, gratitude, the potential to rule with him at Winterfell if Tyrion comes out of this and gets back with Sansa to Winterfell. Bronn notes that's a lot of "if and may and could" and notes it's bloody cold up north and the place Cersei has promised him is close and warm.He also admits the Mountain frightens him because he's big, strong, and freakishly fast and he'd basically have to tire him out and get him off his feet. But with one misstep, he'd be dead. He asks Tyrion why he should risk it. Tyrion says "Because you're my friend." Bronn agrees but wonders exactly when Tyrion ever risked his life for Bronn. "I like you but I like myself more," he says with apologies. Tyrion says he shouldn't apologize for being an evil bastard with no conscience or heart because that's what he liked about Bronn in the first place. They shake hands. Bronn says they had some good days. Tyrion agrees. Bronn asks what he'll do. Tyrion says he'll just have to kill the Mountain himself and says it will make for a great folk song. Bronn says he hopes to hear it sung one day.Oberyn comes to visit Tyrion in his cell. He tells him that many years ago he actually met Tyrion as an infant. He says all the way from Dorne they heard stories of the "monster" that had been born to Tywin Lannister-- a huge head, a claw, a tail, a red eye, both boy and girl parts. He admits he was disappointed when he saw him. He said to Cersei: "That's not a monster, that's a baby." Cersei, he notes, hated him with a white hot passion and pinched his little penis very hard --until Jaime made her stop-- and wished him dead.Tyrion notes that sooner or later Cersei always gets what she wants. Oberyn asks what about what he wants: justice for his sister. Tyrion says he's come to the wrong place for justice. Oberyn disagrees and says he will right both their wrongs-- Tyrion's imprisonment and the rape and murder of his sister by 'the Mountain" ordered the Lannisters. He says he will be Tyrion's champion.The Hound and AryaThe Hound and Arya come upon a structure and approach hoping for food but prepared for soldiers. They find a dying man. The man tells them that marauders burned his hut down. The Hound says the man's wound clearly isn't going to get better and wants to know if he wants out of his misery. The guy agrees and says it has occurred to him to take matters into his own hands. Arya asks why he goes on, sitting there, bleeding out. The man says habit.He asks who she is and because he's dying they both tell the truth. That Arya is the Hound's captive whom he is exchanging for ransom. The dying man thinks it's a fair exchange, a concept he believes in. He asks for drink, saying dying is thirsty work. The Hound gives him some. The man wishes it was wine. "So do I," says the Hound who then stabs the guy dead to put him out of his misery. He says to Arya, "That's where the heart is, that's how you kill a man."Suddenly, someone attacks him from behind and bites his neck. The Hound quickly kills him. The guy's cohort explains to them about Joffrey and the poison and how there is a bounty on the Hound's head. She recognizes him as a prisoner who threatened her back in the day when she was posing as a boy. The Hound wonders if this guy is on her vengeance list that she recites. She says he isn't because she doesn't know his name. He gives it and she thanks him and neatly stabs him in the heart. The Hound says she's learning.Later, as they sit by a fire he's frustrated trying to sew up the bite mark on his neck. She says for it to properly heal and avoid infection they need to burn away the rotten part and grabs a stick from the fire. He is understandably skittish about the fire. He's very grumpy about everything that's happened since he took her captive and says no reward is worth this much trouble and wishes he'd never laid eyes on her.He notes that her brother gave her her sword. He points at the half of his face disfigured by burns and says "My brother gave me this." He says the Mountain thought he'd stolen his toy but the Hound was just playing with it. He says the pain was bad but the smell was worse but the truly worst thing was that their father protected the Mountain and told everyone that the Hound's bedding caught fire. Arya offers to wash out his wound and sew it up. He lets her.Jon SnowThe Rangers who successfully attacked Craster's Keep return to Castle Black but although many cheer their work, Thorne is not impressed and continues to mock Jon Snow. He says this is no place for wild beasts and says to lock Jon's direwolf Ghost up or he will have him added to the stew for the night.Later in front of the rest of the Night's Watch and the commanders Jon explains what happened and that Mance's army is on the way and will reach the Wall by the next full moon. He thinks they should seal the tunnel to the North, fill it with rocks and water and let it freeze.Thorne says they have never been cowards and have defended Castle Black for 1000s of years and never sealed the tunnel. Jon says the gate won't stop the giants. Thorne mocks him because he's a steward. He asks the main builder if he agrees with Jon Snow about the tunnel and the gate. The builder hesitates but says no. Thorne tells Jon Snow that he and Sam will take night duty on top of the \Wall until the next full moon.DanyBack in Meereen, Dany meets with Daario, who climbed in through the window. He offers her wildflowers but Dany is annoyed he came into her private quarters. He says he needs a favor. He is only good at war and women and since she's decided to hole up in Meereen, there hasn't been much war for him to partake in. She says but there are thousands of women in Meereen. He smoothly says he only has eyes for one and she does not want me. He reiterates that his sword is sworn to her no matter what, but wants her to "allow him to do what he does best." Send him to kill her enemies, any enemy, anywhere. She relents, "Do what you do best, take off your clothes." He does. Slowly. She checks out what he's working with.Ser Jorah catches Daario on his way out the following morning. Daario mentions the queen is in a good mood. Jorah is upset. He goes to see her. She notes he's early, and he quips that he's later than some. She asks why he doesn't approve of her fling. He wonders how she can trust a sellsword.She says she probably can't, but has sent the second sons to Yunkai to execute every master. Jorah argues that if brutality is all you've ever known, like the masters, Dany must show them something new if she wants things to be different. "Let priests argue good and evil. Slavery is real and I can end it and those behind it," she says. Jorah reminds her that he sold men into slavery once. She reminds him that he is now helping her show them to freedom. He wins the argument by pointing out he never would've been able to if Ned Stark had done to him what she intends to do to the masters in Yunkai. After contemplating this, Dany decides to send the Meereen citizen from earlier (who begged to bury his father) as her ambassador. He will deliver the message to Yunkai, live in her new world or die in their old one. She then sends Jorah after Daario to tell him she has changed her mind about executing all the masters. She ends with "No, tell him you changed my mind."StannisThe queen comes in on Melisandre while she's bathing. Melisandre mentions that she uses both lies and the truth to do the lord of light's work. She uses lies-- potions, powders, magic tricks, her body-- to make men believe until they discover the truth for themselves. The queen regards her naked body. The queen thanks god for bringing Melisandre to them and Stannis to her. Stannis wants to bring their daughter with them when they leave Dragonstone, but the queen thinks she should stay behind because she has heretical tendencies. Melisandre says she understands how she feels, but that's not possible. She then points the queen towards the prophecy fire and tells her to see the truth for herself. When they set sail the Lord of the Light will need their daughter.Brienne and PodBrienne and Pod stop for a hot meal and a bed for the night.Hot Pie, the boy that once traveled with Arya & Gendry is their waiter and asks if they need anything else. Brienne compliments his pie, which proves to be a mistake as he sits down with them and won't shut up. He talks about his kidney pie, then about gravy, then asks if she's a knight, then asks what they're doing.Brienne says they're looking for Sansa Stark. He stops at the name, which Brienne catches and she speaks about her pledge to Catelyn to bring the girls home. He denies any knowledge and walks away from them quickly.They saddle up the next morning and Pod thinks they shouldn't be telling people they're searching for Sansa because the Lannisters want to kill them.Hot Pie comes out and tells them about Arya and how she posed as a boy and was headed to the Night's Watch and how she was captured by the Hound. He then asks them to give Arya a gift when they find her, he has baked her another direwolf cookie. Brienne smirks at Pod. "You were saying?"Pod says the Hound will take Arya to Lysa at the Eyrie for money. And Brienne surmises if she is their only relative Sansa might head there too. When the road forks and it's time for them to make a decision, Brienne asks if he's sure. He says no, and they continue on their way.Sansa and PetyrSansa walks out into the snow at the Eyrie. She seems pleased by it. She builds a castle in the snow that looks how she remembers Winterfell.Robin comes out to see her. Robin babbles about being the Lord of the Vail. He asks when she'll go back to Winterfell. She says probably never since her family is dead and it's been burned. Robin babbles about how much of a brat he is and how Winterfell doesn't even have a moon door. He messes up her castle trying to add one and when she says he ruined it, he throws a tantrum and stomps her castle. She slaps him and he runs off. Littlefinger arrives. She says she shouldn't have done that, to which he agrees, but because his mother should've done it a long time ago. He tells her to let him worry about Lysa.She's sad about never seeing Winterfell again. Petyr says never say never. Sansa again seriously inquires about why he killed Joffrey. "I loved your mother more than you will ever know. Given the opportunity, what do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?" He then creepily explains that in a world where love trumps honor, she might have been his child. He touches her face and says she's more beautiful than her mother ever was, then kisses her. Sansa is all weirded out. Lysa has witnessed all of this.Sansa goes to see Lysa who brings her to the edge of the moon door and explains what happens to bodies when they fall through and hit the rocks. Lysa says she knows what she did, and Sansa apologizes for hitting Robin. Lysa calls her a whore for kissing Littlefinger. Sansa points out that he kissed her. Lysa calls her a liar and holds her over the moon door. Petyr arrives just in time and tells her to let her go. Lysa screams, "I lied for you, I killed for you, why did you bring her here?" Petyr swears he will send her away. Lysa lets her go and cries. He calls Lysa his sweet silly wife and consoles her. He looks into her eyes and lovingly says he has only loved one woman his entire life. She smiles at this. He then gets serious and tells Lysa it was her sister, and pushes her out the moon door.

Directed by Alik Sakharov  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kristian Nairn, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, more...

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