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Directed by
Gene Stupnitsky

Lee Eisenberg
Gene Stupnitsky

Produced by
Dan Clarke
Lee Eisenberg
Josh Fagen
Evan Goldberg
Nathan Kahane
Seth Rogen
James Weaver

Original Music by
Lyle Workman

Jonathan Furmanski

Jacob Tremblay Max
Josh Barclay Caras Benji
Will Forte Max's Dad
Retta Lucas' Mom
Molly Gordon Hannah
Lil Rell Lucas's Dad
Millie Davis Brixlee
Enid-Raye Adams Thor's Mom
Brady Noon Thor
Chance Hurstfield Atticus
Keith L. Williams Lucas
Vanessa Przada Kissing Party Girl
Jaiven Natt Kissing Party Boy
Benita Ha Soren's Mom
Matt Ellis Mr. K
Ian Hawes Parent
Maja Stace-Smith Driving Woman
Vicky Lambert Shopping Woman
Cody Davis Bullied Scab Kid
Craig Haas Clerk
Sean Quan Choir Child #1
James Hibbard Old Man
Aaron Paul Stewart
Kane Nelson Condiment Man

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