Sweet Dreams

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Comedy/Drama/Musical/Musical/Romance, 2013, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with Finn talking about his experience at the University of Lima, where he is studying to be a teacher. He seems to be enjoying the party scene and Puck shows up to be his new non-student roommate.Rachel is preparing for her Funny Girl audition. Playing the role has been her dream for virtually her entire life, ever since she first saw the movie at age 5.A particularly braggadocios Roz (NeNe Leakes) has taken over the Cheerios. Beiste recommends that Will make the effort to talk to Finn.Marley wants to bring her original songs to the masses. Sam is pretending to be Evan, a fake genius twin brother. Unique is thinking about taking birth control pills, even though he's really not a girl.Will tells the kids this year's regional theme is Dreams. His plan is to take the theme literally and mentions three specific songs with Dream in the title. Marley wants them to discuss the set list but Will isn't interested.Blaine conducts a secret Glee club meeting. He's convinced the set list will lose them regionals. They think Will has lost touch and they should perform more recent songs. Marley brings up her songs and is quickly shot down, especially by Kitty, who does not want to sing about "loving your fat mother."Will shows up at Finn's dorm in the middle of yet another party. Will apologizes and asks him to come back to Glee. Will turns him down.Blaine tells Will about the alternative songs they've looked at. Will snaps at them and demands they rehearse his songs.Shelby (Idina Menzel), Rachel's birth mother and Beth's adopted mother, shows up at NYADA to see Rachel before the audition. She thinks that Rachel should try and avoid Barbara songs at the audition, as the producers will likely be looking for a fresh interpretation of the role. Shelby and Rachel sing "Next To Me."Finn and Puck hang out at a huge fraternity party, singing "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)" Afterwards the president asks them to be members, without any hazing. They agree.Marley shows Blaine, Sam and Unique one of her songs. They sing it with her. Will walks by and hears them. The kids love her song and ask if she has more. Blaine thinks they should tell Will about her songs, but Marley reminds him that he wasn't interested.Rachel calls Finn and asks him about college. She asks him about the audition and wants to know what song he thinks she should sing. He suggests she go with something that takes her back to her roots, something that will make the producers fall in love with her.Rachel takes the stage for her audition. She sings Journey's "Don't Stop Believin', remembering singing it with her friends back in high school." Afterwards one of the producers asks her about what she was thinking during the song. She says she had her friends on her mind.Puck is demanding Finn take his classes seriously. Puck wants to work on his screenplay and make sure Finn becomes a great teacher.Roz meets with Blaine and Becky, her Cheerios co-captains. She thinks Blaine put a hex on Sue and has them take a loyalty pledge that they won't do the same thing to her. Afterwards Blaine asks Becky about what happened with Sue, having noticed she was acting strange. Becky yells that she doesn't know anything and storms away.Finn tells Will he's willing to come back, so long as he's treated as an equal. The Dean has told Finn he can get college credit for working with the Glee Club. They hug and Will says he wants them to move past.A happier Will apologizes to the Glee club for making them feel as if they don't have a voice. He introduces Finn to them as his partner. Will wants Marley to teach them one of her original songs.Kurt bakes cookies while Rachel waits by her phone. Her phone rings with word that she's gotten a call-back.The episode ends with the kids performing one of Marley's songs.

Directed by Elodie Keene  

Starring Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, more...

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