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Comedy/Drama/Musical/Musical, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Open with the Glee kids continuing to get no respect in school despite their sectional win.Figgins tells Will that because of budget issues Glee will have to place at regionals or the program will be cancelled. Will also learns that Sue has been reinstated as Cheerios coach.Finn is playing basketball during the winter but is having trouble concentrating. He's feeling overwhelmed by the new relationship with Rachel and still misses Quinn.We see via flashback that Sue drugged Figgins and took a picture of them in a compromising situation to blackmail him into letting her come back. Sue tells Will she is still intent on destroying Glee.Will gives Glee an assignment: Come up with a fresh number that has 'Hello' in the title.Will and Emma want to start their relationship properly and agree to have a date at his place.Sue assigns Santana and Brittany to go after Finn in order to humiliate Rachel and get her to quit Glee.Will thinks Finn needs to embrace a new, rock star side of himself. This leads into Finn performing The Door's version of "Hello, I Love You." Tina and Brittany ask Finn if he will go on a date with both of them.After Rachel asks him to be honest in their relationship, Finn tells her he doesn't think they should date anymore. Later at practice Rachel spies Finn flirting with Brittany and Santana. Rachel then performs "Gives You Hell" by the All American Rejects. After pointing out this song didn't qualify for his assignment, Will details just how strong the best team at regionals, Vocal Adrenaline, has been the past few years.At a music store Rachel runs into Vocal Adrenaline's uber-confident senior star Jesse St. James. He almost instantly sweeps her off her feet and the two perform a duet of Lionel Ritchie's "Hello." He asks her out on a date.During their date with Finn, Brittany and Santana basically treat him like dirt.Will and Emma have a romantic night at his place. They dance to Neil Diamond's "Hello Again" and things start to get hot and heavy. Emma confesses she is a virgin and cuts off the physical stuff. She's worried about finding someone who won't reject her based on her problems.Finn tries to get back with Rachel but she tells him about Jesse. Finn thinks the timing of Jesse's interest is a little suspect and eventually goes to Will with the newsSue is furious with Santana and Brittany not being able to hold Finn's interest. They tell her about Rachel's relationship with Jesse.We see Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline rehearsing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." Will walks in to speak with the group's coach, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), about Jesse and Rachel. She doesn't seem concerned with the relationship or Will's students. This quickly leads to the two making out over at his place. Shelby admits to knowing of Will and they compare stories of working with glee clubs. Will tells her about his separation and new relationship with Emma. Shelby suggests he call her when he's figured his life out a little bit.The kids in Glee give Rachel an ultimatum: Dump Jesse or be replaced. They are convinced he is using her and they don't' want to risk their chances at regionals.Sue brings Rachel to a room filled with single women: "The McKinley High Old Maids Club," as she calls them. Basically the women tell stories about the dangers of giving up on a possible catch like Jesse.While Emma prepares a surprise dinner for Will, Terri stops by to pick up a few of her things. The conversation turns nasty and Terri tells Emma that "Hello Again" was their prom song.Rachel goes to Jesse's school in order to find out whether his feelings are legitimate. He assures Rachel he would never hurt her. She is happy and says their relationship must be a secret. The two start making out. While kissing Rachel, Jesse looks over her shoulder and makes eye contact with Shelby, who is watching.Emma tells Will about Terri and the song. She takes this to mean subconsciously he still isn't over Terri and should spend some time alone. Emma hints that she will be waiting for him once he gets his life together.Finn tells Rachel he thinks they should be together. Rachel says no, using the excuse that it would be distracting for the team so close to regionals. He says he won't give up easily.Glee rehearses The Beatles' "Hello Goodbye," with Emma watching from the side. After the song an emotional Rachel leaves the stage.

Directed by Brad Falchuk  

Starring Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, more...

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