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Comedy/Drama/Musical/Musical, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Open with a few of the Glee kids gloating that Vocal Adrenaline has lost a step, in part because it is without Jesse. Rachel drags them to the auditorium, where Jesse tells them he has transferred back. They then decide to show how strong they are by having Jesse lead them in a performance of "Another One Bites the Dust."The Glee kid are stunned by the psyche-out, or funkification, even more so once they see the choir room has been TP'd. Sue walks in and tells them it was she who let VA into the auditorium. She tells Will that with nationals coming up this weekend she plans to return with more hardware and take over the choir room as a trophy annex. Will breaks the smaller trophy she's carrying and sends her away.Will and Teri get officially divorced. She tells him he will always be "that 16-year old boy to me."Will talks to the kids about regrets. He thinks they will regret letting VA get in their heads and suggests they maybe try and get back at them. They discuss several options as Puck thinks to himself that this will be his and Finn's job. Cut to them slashing tires on some SUVs.Finn and Puck sit in front of Figgins along with Will, Shelby and Sue. They have damaged the brand new Range Rovers given to all 26 members of VA and Shelby wants something done. In the end she agrees to let Puck and Finn work to repay the damage over the next month.Former Glee coach Sandy tells Will that "Vocal Adrenaline has a weakness." It is funk.Will tells the kids funk is their assignment this week. VA is soulless, he says, and has never done funk. Mercedes says "I've got this one covered," then makes fun of Quinn when she expresses a desire to get funky. Will says Quinn will be first up for funk week.Rachel tells Will VA's plan all along was to destroy the heart of Glee right before regionals. This gives Will an idea for how to deal with Sue.Will compliments how Sue looks, then asks her to watch a new song he's working on and make sure it isn't too racy. He sings "Tell Me Something Good," gyrating and flirting with her the entire time.Puck and Finn arrive at their job at a furniture store. Their supervisor is Teri. Following demands by customer Sandy, Puck and Finn performer Beck's "Loser." Afterwards Teri seems to see a young Will in Finn.Sue writes in her journal that she's stunningly falling for Will. Will walks in and brings her flowers and carbo gels. He tells her that it's obvious they are connecting and asks her for a date on Wednesday night.Finn tells Teri that Glee is on his mind. She complains about the club ruining her life, then admits her problem has been "crushing other people's dreams." She says she's going to change and help him with his Glee assignment. She suggests typing the word 'funk' into iTunes and promotes him.Quinn and several other unwed pregnant teens (Unwed Mothership Connection) perform "This is a Man's World." The idea is that they face oppression while pregnant.Will does not show up for his date with Sue. She goes directly to his apartment, where Will tells her this was a little taste of her own medicine.Will learns that Sue hasn't been in for days. The Cheerios have no idea what to do. Kurt tells him that missing Nationals could cost a few of them college scholarships. Will seems bothered by the result of his plan.Finn and Puck perform "Good Vibrations" with Mercedes singing the chorus. Afterwards Will tells them it wasn't funk, but rather rap. ? says the kids are so down they're performing the wrong songs.Quinn goes to Mercedes and tells her she doesn't understand how she isn't mad all of the time, given the way people have been treating her recently. Mercedes says she just needs to find an outlet for her rage and invites Quinn to live at her place to get away from Puck's judgmental mother.Will goes to visit Sue. He said he thought mistreating her would pull him out of his funk but instead it made things worse. He reminds her that she loves her kids and they need her.Jesse asks Rachel to meet him in the parking lot. Once she gets there members of Vocal Adrenaline toss eggs at her. After some prodding, Jesse gets into the act. He says "I loved you" and crushes one on her forehead.When members of Glee want to go get revenge on VA, Will talks them out trying to exact revenge. Instead he calls Jesse on Rachel's phone and tells him Glee wants to meet VA that Friday at their auditorium.Will watches TV coverage of Sue winning her sixth national title. At this point Sue walks into Will's apartment with her giant new trophy. She tells him if he doesn't open-mouth kiss her she'll install the trophy in the choir room behind bullet proof glass to remind him of Glee's failure. He seems to agree but at the last minute Sue changes her mind. We see the national championship trophy installed in the choir room.Rachel stands on stage and addresses members of VA. She tells them Glee is going to respond is by showing them the "one thing we know you can't do." Glee then performs "Give Up the Funk" by Parliament. Puck tells the stunned VA members: "see you at regionals."

Directed by Elodie Keene  

Starring Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, more...

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