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Comedy/Drama/Musical/Musical, 2011, 44 min.

Synopsis The episode opens with Sue talking to Mercedes and Kurt about the emergence of Unique with Vocal Adrenaline. She thinks the only chance they have is to fight fire with fire. She wants Kurt to wear a dress at Nationals under the name "Porcelina". Kurt declines, saying that just because he's gay doesn't mean he cross-dresses, but Sue thinks it's the only way New Directions wins at Nationals.Rachel sings "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz, and leaves Tibideaux a fourteenth message asking her come see her perform at Nationals. She's convinced she'll win the judges' MVP award this year and thinks if Tibideaux sees this she'll reconsider letting her into NYADA.For Nationals, Will plans to have Rachel sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". Sue is going to help organize a prop-heavy Troubletones performance of "What a Feeling" featuring Kurt. Will is letting Sue help because he wants to win. Tina leaves, because she's upset Rachel is getting a solo.In the hallway, Mike tells Tina, that as a junior, she's being selfish. Rachel explains the importance of Nationals to Tina, but she doesn't seem to care. Tina says she wants one moment to feel like Rachel.Blaine supports Kurt not wanting to sing in drag at Nationals. While reading a text from Mike, Tina falls into a pool at the mall and bumps her head. She looks at herself and discovers that she is Rachel Berry.The next day at school, Tina is seeing everybody mixed up: Finn as Kurt and vice versa, Puck interchanged with Blaine, Mr. Schu with Coach Sylvester, Sam with Rory, Santana with Artie, Mercedes with Brittany, Mike with Joe, Quinn with Sugar, and, of course, Rachel with Tina. Tina sings Céline Dion's "Because You Loved Me" and gets her standing ovation. Afterwards, she gives Rachel (who is Tina) a pep talk. Tina finally snaps back to reality.Sue is upset with how practice is going. Kurt says he has an idea.Some of the girls confront Beiste about still being with Cooter. Beiste tells them she's giving them a second chance but the girls aren't sure. They want her to get away and come to Nationals. She declines.Kurt shows the gang a secret taping of Vocal Adrenaline's practice. They have perfected their choreography and Unique looks terrific. Sue still thinks they must have a guy in drag to win.Tina tells Rachel about her dream, including the recommendation that she see Tibideaux in person as Tibideaux is doing a master acting class in.Puck has volunteered to be the drag performer. Will has gotten fed up and wants them to learn choreography.Hockey player Rick "The Stick" torments Puck for wearing a dress and not graduating. Puck challenges him to a fight outside by the dumpster.On the ride to see Tibideaux, Rachel tells Tina she thinks they're going to win Nationals.Rick ends up getting the better of Puck during the fight. Puck pulls out a knife, but Beiste shows up to break things up. Inside Puck tells her the knife was just a rubber prop. Puck snaps, saying he's worthless. He thinks he's garbage and starts to break down. Beiste comforts him.Tibideaux tells Rachel she's tired of her taking time away from other students. Tina steps in and tells Tibideaux that Rachel is the "real deal." Nationals are going to be in Chicago, where Tibideaux will be performing. Tibideaux tells her to leave and Rachel says she'll never give up.Cooter apologizes again to Beiste and says it will never happen again. She tells him she's been sleeping with a knife under her pillow and says "I'm out." She leaves her ring on the table, and he gets pissed.Puck sings Taylor Swift's "Mean" in the auditorium and Beiste joins in. Beiste talked Puck's teacher into giving him another chance at the test the next week. She's going to help him.Tina tells Sugar, Rory, and Joe that they need to put in the work if they want to be the next Rachel. Mike hears this and smiles.Beiste asks Will and Sue if she can chaperone the trip to Nationals. She says she's left Cooter and Sue hugs her.Rachel and Tina sing Irene Cara's "Flashdance...What a Feeling" together as the buses for Nationals are loaded up.

Directed by Ian Brennan  

Starring Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, more...

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