The Emergency

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Comedy/, USA, 1982

Synopsis Opening SceneNell and Julie are in the living room of the Kanisky home. Julie is standing on the living room table as Nell is fitting Julie's dress. The Chief enters and Nell asks why he is home in the middle of the afternoon. The Chief responds that he had some trouble showing the rookies how to ink the fingerprint pad as he turns to reveal a large ink stain on the right-hand side of his jacket. He asks Nell if she can remove the stain; she replies that she will need a pair of scissors. The Chief takes off his jacket to reveal another large ink stain, this one on his shirt. Julie comments that he had better change his shirt too.The Chief ask them what they are doing. Julie tells the Chief that Nell is fitting her dress. The Chief comments disapprovingly on the length of the dress and mentions that it is revealing. Nell asks whether it is because one can see Julie's head and feet. The Chief motions toward the top and then the bottom of the dress. Nell responds that Nancy Reagan flashes more in church. Julie accuses the Chief of being old-fashioned, which he quickly denies. He says that he is a pretty with-it guy who does not like to see his daughter look like a hussy. Nell says that using "with it" and "hussy" in the same sentence is like putting a purple wig on Walter Cronkite.Sam bounds down the stairs, greets the Chief, and comments on his shirt. She continues on to the television and turns on a soap opera. Nell mentions that she missed the last episode and Julie gives her a quick summary of the missed episode. Nell, Julie, and Sam sit together on the sofa and watch the show. A woman's voice from the television mentions a doctor's appointment and being "six weeks late." Sam naively asks whether the woman was six weeks late for her doctor's appointment.The Chief comes down the stairs and is ready to return to work. He looks at the television and asks what trash they are watching. He reminisces about whatever happened to Kermit and Miss Porkie. Nell quips, "Frankly chief, I don't give an oink." Katie arrives home and asks what the chief is doing home. She asks if they have anything for an upset stomach and the Chief responds that they are probably having it for dinner. As the Chief leaves, he tells Nell that he would like to have dinner ready at 6 o'clock. She makes a witty response about how the meal items will be undone. The Chief leaves and Katie returns to the living room and says that she is not feeling well. Katie doubles over in pain and Nell takes her to the emergency room.Hospital SceneA man with his arm in sling is speaking with a nurse. Nell, Katie, and Sam arrive at the hospital and take a seat. Nell walks to the nurse's station and tells the nurse to call her a doctor; the nurse retorts "OK you're a doctor." Nell becomes impatient as the nurse delays getting a doctor.The nurse gives Nell forms to complete. Nell angrily shows a fist to the nurse and demands to see a doctor. A doctor walks out of a room and Nell asks for his help and he comes over to check Katie. He calls an orderly who takes Katie to an exam room by wheelchair.Nell is upset and Sam asks her whether Katie will be all right. Nell comforts Sam and then returns to the nurse's station. She politely asks the nurse for the forms and a pen. Nell has Sam help her complete the forms. The man with his arm in a sling talks to the nurse about his wait. Nell returns the paperwork to the nurse who looks it over and says that everything seems to be in order. Sam asks Nell what they do next and Nell tells her to pray. Sam comments that she feels terrible that Katie is sick and that Sam had done a crummy thing to her. Nell inquires and Sam tells her that she took Katie's bra and stretched it out of shape while using it as a slingshot. Nell assures Sam that Katie will be all right.They try to purchase a soda from a vending machine, but nothing comes out of the machine. Nell hits the machine and the soda flows without a cup. Nell tells Sam to go get some water instead of a soda, but Sam responds that she hates water because fish "do bad things in it" because they have no bathrooms. Sam departs and the doctor returns and Nell asks about Katie's condition. He wants Katie to stay overnight and continues that Katie took too many unnecessary risks at her age using an IUD for birth control. Nell is surprised by the news that Katie was using an IUD.Nell wants to use the hospital pay phone to call home but a woman is on the phone and insists that Nell wait until she is done with her call. Nell tells the woman that she might have to have the phone surgically removed and then pleads with the woman who still will not give up the phone. The woman returns to her phone call and refers to Nell as some pushy woman to the woman on the other end of the call. Nell takes takes the woman's purse and puts it on a hook on a gurney which is being wheeled through the hospital and then draws the woman's attention to the missing purse. The woman chases purse and leaves the phone dangling. Nell talks to woman on phone that she never wants to talk to her again and then hangs up.Nell calls Julie and tells her that Katie is all right. She asks if Julie got a hold of the Chief just as he arrives at the hospital and asks about Katie. Nell tries to get the Chief to relax, but he wants to know what is wrong with Katie. Nell convinces the chief to sit down for the news. She informs the Chief thatKatie is not sick afterall. The Chief presses Nell for more information. Nell asks about his feelings about birth control and then tells him that Katie is having a problem with an IUD. She explains that an IUD is an intra-uterine device and that Katie is having a problem with it. The Chief is incredulous and angrily leaves the hospital without seeing Katie.Katie's Hospital Room SceneNell walks into Katie's hospital room after having taken Sam home. She brought Katie something to read. Nell tries to convince Katie to eat some of the food on the tray in front of her, but Katie says that she is not hungry.Nell comments on the appearance of the food and they discuss the contents of the plate. Katie says that it is some kind of meat., but not sure what kind. Nell lifts the entire scoop of mashed potates with a spoon and puts it back on the plate. Nell tells Katie to cheer up because she can go home tomorrow. Katie seems down and Nell asks her what is wrong. Katie asks about the Chief and Nell tells him that he was at the hospital but that he walked out. Katie says that she is glad that he is not there because she would not know what to tell him. Nell tells her that she has to tell him the truth and that she needs to be a woman, rather than just play a woman.There is a knock at Katie's hospital room door. It is the Chief who arrives right before visiting hours are over. Nell exits after commenting on Julie and Sam's cooking. Nell attempts to offer the Chief advice then leaves. The Chief walks to the window and comments on the view. Katie asks what he can see and he says that he can see the Whole parking lot. He comments on an accident. He asks Katie if she is ok. He tells her that the doctor says that she can come home tomorrow and that the hospital visit is covered by his department medical plan. He then asks Katie how she could do what she did noting that she is just a kid. Katie says that in some cultures she could already have kids and that she did not want to get pregnant. The Chief comments that there are better ways such as never having sex on a first date and never going out with anyone twice.Katie tells the Chief not to be be upset, and he responds that he is bordering on berzerk. They discuss her use of the IUD. The Chief wonders aloud What Katie's mother would say if she knew? Katie tells him that she did know and that they had talked about it before she died. The Chief cannot believe that she would approve of such a thing. Katie says that her mother was not crazy about the idea, but knew that she was not going to be around. The Chief wonders where he was for that conversation, and Katie tells him that they knew how he would react. He comments that she is 17 and that maybe he is old-fashioned. They discuss growing up, and the Chief says that sex was something special between two people.The Chief moves next to Katie's hopsital bed. She tells him that she is not cheap and that it is not how he is making it sound. He comments on her youth, and she responds that there are some things that he cannot protect her from. She apologizes and says that she cannot stay a little girl forever. The Chief says that he does not want her to stay a little girl forever, only the next 30 or 40 years.The nurse comes into the room and informs them that visiting hours are over.The Chief tells the nurse to "go to a blood bank and suck on somebody's neck."The nurse leaves and Katie tells the Chief that he loves her and the Chief returns the sentiment. The Chief tells Katie that he had better leave before the nurse, whom he refers to as "the battle-axe," returns. The Chief and Katie embrace and the episode ends.End credits and end theme music.

Directed by Linda Day  

Starring Nell Carter, Dolph Sweet, Kari Michaelson, Lauri Hendler, Lara Jill Miller, more...

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