Ghost Whisperer

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Drama/, USA, 2005, 60 min.

Tagline The dead are talking...and she is listening.

Synopsis Melinda Gordon inherited her gift -- the ability to see and talk with the spirits of dead people -- from, and was coached it its use by her grandmother. Running an antique store in a small town, newly married to a paramedic, Melinda helps the ghosts wandering around who are trapped between worlds by helping them to resolve unfulfilled aspects of their former life.

Directed by Ian Sander, Eric Laneuville, John Gray, Peter Werner, Gloria Muzio, Peter O'Fallon, Fred Toye, Kim Moses, James Frawley, James Chressanthis, Steven Robman, Jennifer Love Hewittová, Joanna Kernsová, Mark Rosman, John Behring, Jefery Levy, Kevin Hooks, Ron Lagomarsino, Bill L. Norton, Victoria Hochberg, David Hugh Jones, John Showalter, Karen Gaviola, Kenny Leon, Jan Eliasberg, Ralph Hemecker  

Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy, more...

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