Garden of Bones

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Action/Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2012, 51 min.

Synopsis Two guards gossip and joke about Renly Baratheon having sex with Loras. They notice their horses are spooked by something in the woods. A direwolf attacks. Robb Stark and his men are upon them.After the battle, Robb refuses to torture their prisoners. He doesn't want to give the Lannisters a reason to abuse his sisters.Women in the field tend the wounded, one taking the leg off a man with rot in his foot. Robb helps, even though it's not his man. He's taken with the field nurse. Robb tries to talk to her, but she's indifferent, explaining the men in the field don't even want to be fighting for Joffrey. She asks what happens if they win, but Robb doesn't know. He asserts that doesn't want to sit on the iron throne.Back at King's Landing, Joffrey terrorizes Sansa for Robb's latest victory. She pleads as he aims a crossbow at her. Joffrey says his mother won't let him kill her, so he has his men beat her and strip her clothes.Tyrion interrupts, lecturing Joffrey in front of his knights and telling him to respect Sansa's honor. He gets her covered up and helps her to her feet, apologizing for Joffrey.Privately, Tyrion asks her if she wants an end to her engagement. "I am loyal to King Joffrey, my one true love," she says flatly and unconvincingly.Bronn suggests what Joffrey really needs is to get laid, to "get some of the poison out."Joffrey comes back to his chambers later to find two hookers waiting for him, including Ros. He orders her to beat the other. He makes her use a belt, causing her to cry out in pain. Then he hands Ros a wooden scepter and he arms his crossbow. He wants Tyrion to see what he's done.Petyr Baelish pays a visit to Renly Baratheon, who is no fan of his. Brienne stands guard. Petyr suggests he could help make King's Landing more welcoming when they attack.Later, Petyr walks the camp with Margaery, generally being nosy about her marriage to the king. She gives away nothing.In the Red Waste, one of the riders returns on a new horse. It was given to him by the Elders of Qarth, three days ride away. Jorah explains the desert around their gates is called the Garden of Bones and every time they shut their gates on a traveler, the garden grows.Arya and Gendry and the other prisoners are taken to Harrenhal. The stone towers were melted by dragon fire long ago. It smells of dead people. They watch as someone is stretched and killed on the rack. A woman says it was her son, her daughter was killed three days ago.In her cell, Arya over and over recites her Prayer (the names of people she would punish)... Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne and the Hound.Petyr visits Catelyn Stark, who accuses him of betraying Ned. He tries to proclaim his love, but she pulls a knife. He speaks of Sansa and Arya, saying both are safe, for now, in the capitol. He says they'll trade Jaime for the two girls. Catelyn knows Robb would never go for it. He brings her a token of Tyrion's good will -- a big box.She opens it and finds Ned's body inside. She still throws Petyr out.Back at Harrenhal a guard comes to select someone for the bounty. The unlucky man gets strapped to a chair and interrogated. Arya and Gendry watch as they put a rat in a bucket and put it on his chest. They want to know about "the brotherhood." They light the bucket and the trapped rat has nowhere to go but into the man's chest. He gives out the name of the butcher but they don't stop. Later that night, two more names are added to Arya's Prayer... Polliver and The Mountain.In the Stormlands Renly Baratheon meets with his brother Stannis, along with Melisandre. Stannis reminds Catelyn, who is with Renly, that her husband was allied to him.Renly taunts Stannis, who gives him a night to change his mind, offering to make him his heir until one is born to him. The ride off in their separate directions, no deal struck.Outside the walls of Qarth, Daenerys and the khalasar are greeted outside by troops and a merchant. The Thirteen who govern Qarth are there. They want to see her dragons. When she refuses, they prepare to walk away.She threatens to burn their city first when her dragons are grown. The merchant points out they can just let her die outside right now. Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Nonso Anozie), one of Thirteen, says they should let them in, then vouches for them. They open the gates to Qarth, "the greatest city that ever was or will be."At Harrenhal Gendry is selected to be tortured next. They want to know if there's gold or silver in the village and where the Brotherhood is. They take out the rat as he's strapped to the chair.Tywin Lannister rides in to camp. Arya notices that "Needle" is in Polliver's belt. Twyin suggests they use the prisoners for labor instead of killing them. He sees Arya and immediately knows she's a girl. He calls for her to be his new cup bearer.In the middle of the night in King's Landing, Tyrion is presented with a warrant from Queen Cersei to release Grand Master Pycelle. He invites his cousin Lancel in for a drink. Tyrion questions him, determining he brought warrant right over. Tyrion says she must trust him to invite him into her bed chamber in the "hour of the wolf." The squire is busted, and ends up protesting that he only slept with Cersei because she ordered him to.Tyrion threatens to tell Joffrey, then explains that instead he should stay close to Cersei, but report back to him.Tyrion tells him to tell Cersei that he begs her forgiveness and won't do anything without checking with her in the future. And he'll release Pycelle, but he won't have him serving on the council. He says that he could swear that he hadn't harmed a hair on his head but "that would not, strictly speaking, be true".Stannis asks Davos to revert to his old smuggler's ways and smuggle Melisandre ashore. Davos suggests there must be other ways, but "cleaner ways don't win wars," Stannis tells him.Davos rows ashore with Melisandre who asks if he's slept with women other than his wife and suggests he wants to see what's beneath her robe. She promises him he will.They head into a secret cove but find bars blocking their path.Melisandre takes off her robe and shows her fully pregnant belly. The light flickers and she sits down on her robe and bears down. A black smoke starts pouring out from between her legs. A black, spiny, creepy, skeletal something issues forth and rises to stand before them, full man-sized.

Directed by David Petrarca  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillen, Iain Glen, more...

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