GOD Tech: Mark of the Beast

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Action/Adventure/Drama/Family/Sci-Fi, UK, 2014, 90 min.

Tagline No crime, no hunger, no freedom!

Synopsis The G.O.D.TECH setting is in a near-future fictional universe which is a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2029. All nations are ruled by the World Parliament which promotes the idea of a united world of peace and prosperity. However everything is not as idealistic as it appears as this society is controlled and monitored by micro-chipped implants created by the Free American Technological Human Extension Research Institution (or FATHER Institute). These cybernetic implants provide a means for identification, all trade and communication between all people and races on the planet. Although these chip implants are mandatory by law, there are those who have refused to accept them and those who do refuse are automatically branded as 'anti-peace terrorists' and are hunted down and forced to either accept chip implantation or they will be removed from society in whatever way is decided at the time. These so called terrorists have a worthy fear of being implanted as many of them are aware that beneath the wholesome and trustworthy public face of the FATHER Institute is a dark and unholy core with the ultimate aim of controlling all the peoples of the world and turning them away from the one true God with false promises of power, wealth and prosperity. The terrorists, often being followers of God, live on the fringe of society surviving on their wit and faith. God has granted his army of righteousness spiritual gifts to aid in their continual fight against persecution and corruption of the FATHER Institute.

Directed by David John Jeffery, Sean Holden  

Starring Tom Swacha, Frazer Hines, Montanna Thompson, Emma Fletcher, Matt Butcher, more...

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