I'll Be Homeless for Christmas

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Comedy/, USA, 2005

Synopsis After an early Christmas party in Freddie's flat, nasty jealous neighbor Jay, a whorer, invokes the Rivers Lake Towers bylaws. Despite her personal sympathy for Freddie, tenants association representative Reyerson has no alternative but demand that his relatives move out, unless a majority signs a petition. Allison, who lives in Freddie's closet, moves temporarily to Chris's flat, making him realize they do the same thing, so he must be depressed too... Meanwhile Freddie finds nobody wants to sign their petition because the Moreno females are all generally hated for their countless faults after only six months. Their last hope is a suck-up dinner where even grandma apologizes (well, in Freddie's 'cleaned-up' translation), which still doesn't swing it, till triumphing Jay makes a bad choice of words...

Directed by Bob Koherr  

Starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Jacqueline Obradors, Brian Austin Green, Jenny Gag, Chloe Bridges, more...

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