Waiting on a Friend

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Comedy/Crime, USA, 2012, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with Damien seeming nervous that Richard, a senior partner at the New York office and "HR hatchet man" is visiting. If he's there it means somebody is getting fired.Damien wakes up Infeld on vacation and tells him about Richard. Infeld rushes home.Richard and his associate Emily meet with Franklin and Bash. They tell the guys they're being accused of misconduct, something beyond their usual courtroom antics. Someone they defended named Tammy is alleging the guys paid her to flee a bench warrant.Flashback to the guys meeting during childhood.They think Tammy is scared because she's looking at a third strike. Franklin has to admit they did give her $1,000, but it was to remove a tattoo that wouldn't have hurt her in court. Richard and Emily seem satisfied and think the contempt hearing should be "painless."The guys try to figure out why Tammy might be coming after them. They need to see "Dr. Doug."Dr. Doug is the tattoo artist who was supposed to remove Tammy's tattoo. He said he gave her a new one, instead. Unfortunately since he is now a dermatologist, he won't testify to seeing her unless she consents.Infeld meets with Richard and tells him he'll do whatever necessary to protect Franklin and Bash.Richard tells the guys he's asked Damien to handle their defense and doesn't want them to have any contact with Tammy. They aren't thrilled. Richard asks about their background and the guys aren't sure if they should trust him.Pindar is practicing with a polygraph in preparation for an interview with Richard.The guys meet with Jo Jo a forger they know who is in jail. The goal is to pretend to meet with Jo Jo while actually talking to Tammy who at another table meeting with her council. Tammy, who is facing 25 years, feels like the guys forgot about her when they got to the big firm and gave her money to make her go away.Franklin asks Emily what Richard is up to. The two hit it off well discussing movies. He asks her "Is this why you went to law school, to bring down fellow lawyers? We didn't do this."Pindar tries unsuccessfully to avoid Richard's questions by asks questions in response. Richard asks about when he first met the guys and we see a meeting at a party Pindar was hosting in law school.The guys' first court appearance is a disaster. The judge rules that Tammy has an expectation of privacy and doesn't have to show the new tattoo, which would be violating her right not to testify against herself.Afterwards the guys fire Damien. They decide to go after Tammy's claim that she has an expectation of privacy for a tattoo above her left breast.Infeld tells the guys to beware of the questions Richard doesn't ask. They point out he hasn't asked them if they paid off Tammy and he says with a smile "I don't have to."Richard also asks Carmen how she hooked up with the guys. We see they got her off back in 2007 when she was a con. When she can't pay them, they ask her to go straight for a few weeks and help on an upcoming case. Carmen assures Richard she's out of the con game and then reminds him she's more than capable of investigating him as well.Pindar and Bash think Franklin is making a mistake getting so close with Emily.Carmen brings the guys to see Tammy's former roller derby coach. She says she has nothing to say about Tammy. The guys go backstage and meet a woman who knew Tammy for a few months. She doesn't remember Tammy having any tattoos above her breasts. Franklin grabs a poster that shows up low-cut the roller derby uniforms are.In their interview Emily asks Franklin about his father Leonard. He tells her about the guys' first trial when they were held in contempt after Bash entered the courtroom in a costume. While in a holding cell they learned the opponents wanted to settle, which was the origin of their outside-the-box way of practicing. Franklin connects himself to Pindar's lie detector. He passes with flying colors and they begin to fool around.Tammy takes the stand. The guys bring in one of the roller derby girls wearing the tube top that Tammy wore in public. The judge changes his decision and rules her tattoo is admissible. Franklin starts going through all of her tattoos, which are all connected to run-ins she's had with the law. Bash points out that the new tattoo follows the same pattern and Tammy's lawyer realizes they are in trouble.In the hall the guys tell Damien their case was dismissed. He makes a point to tell them he would never tank a case, even one involving them.Infeld shows Richard the door. Richard tells him Emily has decided to use a week's vacation by remaining in L.A. We learn that Richard was probably going after Franklin and Bash as a way to get to Infeld.The guys toast Pindar and Carmen and thank for their work.

Directed by Colin Bucksey  

Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Breckin Meyer, Reed Diamond, Dana Davis, Garcelle Beauvais, more...

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