Season's Greetings

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 1987

Synopsis Frank sells $30,000 worth of his antiques to an antique dealer for $10,000 in order to pay back Hannah for the money she loaned him to help him pay back her mother. It is a cold, wet day near Christmas. Frank asks Bubba to invite him to his mothers house for Shabbat. After the ceremony, "well all sit around talkin about why Im not married," Bubba says. Tiger introduces Frank to his Uncle Ray, who only visits once a year near Christmas, and doesnt yet know that his older brother, Franks father, has died. He tells Frank he travels the world without ever stopping anywhere for more than a few months. He also tells Frank how hard he tried to impress his older brother without ever succeeding. At the end of the program, Uncle Ray returns home to his wife and children and his job as a postman in McComb, Mississippi (the world travels were made-up). Bubbas mother tells him he killed his father by not marrying and having children, so Bubba announces that he and Frank are gay lovers; later in the show, it turns out that Bubbas mother, who never found any girls he brought home good enough for him, is now crazy about the last girl he brought home. With Louis Armstrong singing When its Christmas-time in New Orleans on the track, the staff of the restaurant is seen playing Santa Claus for the neighborhood children. Frank drinks a toast to all of the staff, to his first Christmas in the Big Easy, and to his Uncle Ray. (UCLA Archives)

Directed by Helaine Head  

Starring Tim Reid, Robert Harper, Daphne Reid, Francesca Roberts, Frances E. Williams, more...

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