For Sale by Owner

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Drama/Horror/Thriller, USA, 2009, 94 min.

Tagline One man's journey to find his past leads him to discover the secret to one of America's most haunting mysteries.

Synopsis A serial killer haunts the otherwise quiet town of Emeryville. His modus operandi includes carving the number “13” on his victim’s chests and burying them in their own back yards. The truth soon appears clear to Sara (Amanda Brown), a young psychotherapist, - she has one of the countries deadliest killers in her house during the storm of the century! Battling the elements and stranded in the eye of a storm, Sara must use every talent she has to out think and out maneuver a man who kills for sport.

Directed by Robert J. Wilson  

Starring Rachel Nichols, Scott Cooper, Mark Adam, Tom Bower, Brad Dison, more...

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