War Stories

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Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 2002, 43 min.

Synopsis Wash begins to feel threatened by the bond between Mal and Zoe. In order to see for himself how the two work together, Wash demands that he goes on a mission with Mal to sell the stolen Ariel medical supplies instead of Zoe. Unfortunately, the ruthless and sadistic gangster Niska has found out where the Serenity is and captures Mal and Wash and tortures them as revenge for their failure in the train robbery mission (from The Train Job episode). Meanwhile, Inara has another client whom is a wealthy counsel person on the planet they're on and to the crew's surprise, the client is a woman. When Zoe learns about Niska's abduction of Wash and Mal, she tries to strike a bargain for their release, but Niska steals all their money and stolen cargo, while releasing only Wash. Wash realizes that Mal was willing to sacrifice himself for Wash, he persuades Zoe, Jayne and Book and the rest of the crew to help him launch a rescue mission in a full-scale attack on Niska's fortified space station to save Mal. Also, River begins showing more developing powers when she displays some accurate 'blind-shooting' during the rescue when Kaylee is pinned down during the climatic gun battle.

Directed by James A. Contner  

Starring Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, more...

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