Fifth Avenue Girl

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Comedy, USA, 1939, 83 min.

Synopsis New York millionaire Alfred Borden, beset with government and union troubles in his business, leaves his office for the day with a reminder from his secretary that it is his birthday. He arrives home to find his wife Martha out with a playboy friend, and his son Tim playing polo. Lonely, he wanders into Central Park, where he meets Mary Grey. Alfred is so impressed with Mary's philosophy of life that when he discovers she is unemployed, he invites her to help celebrate his birthday. Alfred awakens the next morning with a hangover, a black eye, his name in the gossip columns and Mary in the guest room. Discovering that his little spree has rekindled Martha's interest in him, Alfred decides to keep Mary around the house to bring his family together. After he begins to neglect his business, forcing Tim to take over, Martha decides that she better stay at home and pay attention to her husband. His daughter Katherine marries the chauffeur, who then discards his Communist leanings for capitalism. Mary, however, feels that she has brought dissension to the family and leaves the Borden house in tears. When Tim discovers that Mary has been working for his father and not having an affair with him, he realizes that she means too much to him to let her go and he runs after her, picks her up and carries her back into the house.

Directed by Gregory La Cava  

Starring Ginger Rogers, Walter Connolly, Verree Teasdale, James Ellison, Tim Holt, more...

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