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Drama/Musical/Musical/Romance, USA, 1982, 60 min.

Synopsis The Art School was always their dream.They want to dance, they want to sing, to play music, to act but above all they want to live their lives while they are still young and full of energy. Leroy, Danny, Jesse, Chris, Coco and all the others try hard because they know that they've got a long way to go till they reach fame and riches. Fame costs and here (the Art School) is where they start paying for it.

Directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, Lawrence Dobkin, Kevin Hooks, David W. Hahn, Victor French, Yossi Zemach, Terry Sanders, Georg Stanford Brown, Gwen Arner, John Patterson, Alan J. Levi, Ken Ehrlich, Valerie Landsburg, Luis Soto, Jaime Rogers, Michael Vejar, Leo Penn, Alan Myerson, Bill Duke, Robert Caplain, Reza Badiyi, Lorraine Senna, Arthur Allan Seidelman, Stan Lathan, Bob Kelljan, Michael Peters, Harry Harris, Marc Daniels, Richard Kinon, Nicholas Sgarro, Donald Reiker, Michael A. Hoey, Win Phelps, Allan Arkush, William F. Claxton, Debbie Allen, Mel Swope, Thomas Carter, Robert Douglas, Michael Ray Rhodes, Harry Longstreet, Peter Levin, Jack Bender, Oz Scott, Michael Switzer, Ray Danton, Walter C. Miller, Robert C. Thompson, Robert Scheerer  

Starring Debbie Allen, Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray, Albert Hague, Ann Nelson, more...

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