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Drama/Romance, Mexico, 1997

Synopsis SPOILER: The PeĂ?areal family is on vacation in La Casa Grande and Blanca is pregnant. The husband, Rodolfo PeĂ?areal is obsessed with having a male child and after many miscarriages everyone is worried. Blanca begins to feel the pain of childbirth and at the same time, nearby in the village, a poor woman is also giving birth, with the help of a midwife, Dominga Herrera. The women have a boy but die during labor leaving the baby orphan. The nanny of Blanca, Crisanta is sent to get a midwife to help Blanca and Dominga is the one she found. In La Casa Grande, Blanca gives birth to a baby girl and faints. The baby doesn't move and both Crisanta and Dominga thought she was dead. Crisanta, knowing about the baby boy without parents suggests to exchange the babies so the PeĂ?areal family could be happy, Rodolfo could have a boy and the baby could have parents. Once the exchange is done, the midwife Dominga discovers that the girl is not dead, but now it is too late to right the wrong.

Directed by Karina Duprez, Marta Luna, Beatriz Sheridan  

Starring Leticia Calderón, Fernando Colunga, Enrique Lizalde, Laura Zapata, Salvador Pineda, more...

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