The Bear and the Maiden Fair

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Adventure/Drama/, USA, 2013, 58 min.

Synopsis Everybody is on the move tonight.The Wildlings have scaled the wall and are now on their way to Castle Black.Robb Stark is going to be a daddy! This is headline from the front lines as rain delays their march to marry Edmure off to one of Walder Frey's daughters, he and Talisa make like bunnies. When they are done she begins writing a letter to her mum in Valyrian. Robb promises one day he will go with her to meet her mother, who will likely be surprised she's a queen. Talisa says there are many surprises in store and drops the bomb that she's pregnant. Robb is thrilled and professes his love for her and they get it on again.Although Orell is skeptical of Jon Snow's allegiances and perhaps even lineage, it seems he also carries a torch for Ygritte. When he professes his love for her and points out that Jon Snow's beauty won't matter when she knows what he is, she doesn't budge.Sansa complains to Margaery about having to marry Tyrion. Margarey notes that he's not the worst Lannister, reminding Sansa that she herself have to marry Joffrey. Touché. She points out all the possible political advantages to Sansa as well, bearing a Lannister child. Which makes Sansa finally realize she's going to have to mate with Tyrion. Margaery says not to worry about it, especially since she's heard that Tyrion is quite experienced. Sansa is confused by how Margaery learned all about how it can be difficult to please women in bed and how some men are better than others. She asks if her mother taught her. Margaery suppresses a laugh at her innocent friend and agrees that yes, her mother taught her.Tyrion drinks with Bronn and worries about how angry Shae is going to be about his marriage to Sansa. Bronn suggests Tyrion weds Sansa and keep Shae as well. Bronn gives him a hard time saying he wants Sansa he just doesn't want to admit it.Tywin is summoned to the throne room by Joffrey. Apparently, the king is mad that no one has been counseling him on what's happening in the small council meetings... which he hasn't attended. He's worried about Dany's dragons. Tywin points out that he could attend these meetings if he wanted to and that Dany's dragons are curiosities on the far side of the world that need not be worried about according to their experts. He promise to keep Joffrey in the loop and departs with a smirk.Khaleesi and the gang reach Yunkai, a large, prosperous city. Jorah notes there is a no need to engage them in battle. When Dany asks how many slaves are in the city and he replies 200,000, she retorts that there are 200,000 reasons to defeat Yunkai then. She summons one of the slave masters. He offers her gold and ships to leave them alone. She offers him his life. He is confused. She says if the masters of Yunkai don't release every man, woman, and child slave and give them enough clothing and property, she, the Unsullied, and her dragons will make sure they regret it, just like the people of Astapor did. He calls her mad and says they have powerful friends and when they defeat her they will just re-enslave the people and maybe make her a slave too. At this the dragons squawk menacingly. The man departs with Khaleesi's message and without his gold. Jorah says they won't bend, and she says they will break then and asks Jorah to find out who these powerful friends are.Tyrion attempts to bribe Shae with a large gold necklace to distract her from his wedding to Sansa. When Shae shows her anger, He promises her a house, money, and guards and professes his love. But she says she is just his whore and when Tyrion tires of her he will discard her.Melisandre and Gendry sail towards King's Landing through the wreckage of Stannis' ships in Blackwater Bay. She asks Gendry if he didn't wonder where he came from? She confesses she was a slave, branded and bound but saved by The Lord of Light. She finally tells him Robert was his father. He gulps.Arya stews with the Brotherhood Without Banners whom she calls traitors. When they hear a Lannister party is a day's ride away they decide to "lion-hunting." When Arya realizes this will take them off the path of delivering her to Robb she is incensed and takes off running through the woods...only to be intercepted by the Hound.Brienne stews in her cell. Jaime arrives to inform her that he is leaving the next day to continue the push to King's Landing.. He also knows that Bolton is riding the next day as well, to go the Edmure/Frey wedding. He tells her, sadly, that she will stay there with Locke, the sadistic handslayer. He says he owes her a debt and the Lannister's always pay their debts. She tells him to keep his word to Catelyn Stark and get Sansa and Arya free and he can consider the debt paid. He swears he will return the Stark girls to Catelyn. She says goodbye. He turns, choked up, and leaves. As they mount up to ride in their different directions, Bolton reminds Jaime to smooth things over with Tywin. Jaime sends regards to Edmure's wedding. Locke taunts him and says they'll take good care of Brienne.Theon is taunted by two comely young women, who pretend to salve his wounds and offer him sexual release only for the sadistic boy to return and cut off his penis.Jon Snow and Ygritte are flirting and playing around until Ygritte mentions taking back their rightful land from Winterfell. Jon melts down pointing out that every time the Wildlings have attacked through the centuries they have failed, she doesn't care saying this time will be different because Mance Rayder is different. He says that the better equipped and trained armies of the cities will kill "all of you." She corrects him saying "all of us," now that they have pledged themselves to each other. She says they may all die, but for now they need to get busy living. He agrees and they make out.Osha, Bran and the gang continue to bicker with one another as Osha doesn't like it that she and Hodor do all the work whiel JoJen fills Bran's head with visionary talk. She especially doesn't care for it when JoJen informs her they are no longer going to Castle Black but north towards the wall. She says she swore to Bran's maester that she'd get him to Castle Black and Robb and no further and that they really shouldn't change course. She admits that when she was younger she had a man. He left her and returned as a White Walker and she was forced to kill him. Bran thinks maybe he was pushed off the tower for a reason and that the gods have plans for him and that if JoJen and his raven visions say he should reunite with Jon Snow, maybe that's what they should do.A little ways into their ride on a break the maester looks at Jaime's stump, salves and bandages it. Jaime learns that he was stripped of his maester chain because he's a curious doctor. He said that the only way to figure out illnesses is to look at them and Jaime deduces correctly that he performed experiments on living men, dying paupers. The maester points out that Jaime has killed a countless number of people and wonders how many he's saved. Jaime says half a million: the population of King's Landing.The maester tells him that Bolton turned down an offer of gold from Brienne's father. Because of Jaime's lie that Brienne's father presided over untold sapphire mines, Locke thought that he was cheaping out and will likely not value her enough to leave her unspoiled. Alarmed by what this means Jaime insists that they go back.When they return Brienne is in a pit, fighting off a bear with a wooden sword for the amusement of Locke and the rest of Bolton's men. Jaime jumps in the pit with her knowing it wlll force them to save her since they swore to Bolton they would get him back to Tywin Lannister. They are both pulled up and out of the pit in the nick of time and Jaime informs Locke he will be taking Brienne with him.

Directed by Michelle Maxwell MacLaren  

Starring Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, more...

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