Queen of Martyrs

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Drama/Mystery, USA, 2016, 46 min.

Synopsis Jerry and Sgt Mankiewicz watch Veronica Allen on a interrogation monitor while a newsclip details the Sylmar Shopping Plaza shooting. Carl Nash is shown on an APB. Harry Bosch comes into the room to interview her. She denies knowing Carl Nash anymore than just a guy at the front gate. Bosch asks her where she thinks Leila is with the money, he shows video of the girlfriend withdrawing the safety deposit box the day after Anthony Allen was killed. Later, Bosch tells Lt. Billets her joint bank accounts are frozen as illegal proceeds but Allen herself is free to go. Outside the station lawyer Martin Weiss is waiting for Veronica he'd like to make a proposal.Irving is bitter Nash has escaped, he wants Bosch and Edgar on the RHD investigation. The two meet with Dets Conniff and Espinosa. Espinosa explains the van was ditched north of the City in the countryside. Bosch and Edgar are to look into the weapons, and sit in on the DA dealing wth O'Grady.Nash is hurt badly but still tries to reload bullets. He puts a clean dressing on a bullet hole in his upper thigh, groaning in pain.Edgar suggests getting a GPS warrant to put on Veronica's cars, Harry agrees.Weiss and Veronica have drinks by her pool. Weiss has offered 50% of the funds if recovered, she reluctantly agrees.Bosch and Maddie have the best milkshakes in LA. He tells her it is time for her to go home, but will miss her. Harry doesn't know what Eleanor has planned.At night, Nash drives an old pickup to an old friend, Catharine Cross. She is a veterinarian who doesn't watch or listen to the news. She checks and rebandages the leg, gives him some antibiotics. She doesn't want to know what happened, he kisses her.Veronica recovers the silver Bentley from impound, Edgar tracks the car on his smartphone.Conniff asks a hospitalized O'Grady where Nash is, she doesn't know and blames all the killings on Riley, one of the dead vice cops. She says Nash was playing Veronica, Jerry Edgar says it could have been the other way around.Weiss and Veronica go through office papers, she finds unfiled divorce papers, and hides another slip of paper. She takes the receipt to a trader who sold her husband Bearer Bonds. She hints at Armenian and mob violence in order to find the money. Harry and Jerry report the travels to Billets.Harry goes to apologize to Veronica, as he goes inside the house Jerry puts a GPS tracker on the Range Rover, and photos a Porsche parked in the back. Inside Harry says another cop and Nash are now the focus of the investigation, and he regrets blaming her before. After he leaves, Weiss appears and is suspicious of Harry's motives. They plan dinner.Nash and the Vet talk into the night about old times.Harry updates Irving in his hotel room. They still wonder why Nash was spooked, Harry figures Nash must have found the air vent photos.Weiss and Veronica have dinner, Weiss tells her the Organization is reaching out around the world looking for Leila. They know she had a connection to an LA Armenian Church and was planning a wedding.FBI Agent Griffin tells the cops that Luke Rykoff is being re-inserted into the Las Vegas mob, with the death of Joey Marks. His identity is a top secret. Harry asks about Weiss, Griffin says he's fair game. The cops are intrigued Weiss and Veronica are together.Irving meets Mayor Ramos and his aide Jen Kowski. , Chief Tenzer will be retiring and they want Irving to be interim chief, even though Irving has come out for O'Shea. Irving wants full transparency on the corruption case but emphatically will not take the Chief job permanently.Harry and Jerry also talk to a finance guy about Bearer Bonds. Only a few people still use them, he does mention a priest brought some to cash in recently, but was sent elsewhere.Veronica is at the Church, the Priest gives her a tour. Her ruse is planning a wedding in May or June. They go to the Office to discuss dates. Jerry checks his tracker App and sees Veronica is at the Queen of Martyrs. In private Veronica gets angry and says she knows the Priest cashed in $400,000 Bearer Bonds. He admits he got the bonds from Leila but says the woman has left the country, and the cash is now in the bank. Tensions rise quickly as he says he will call the police. The detectives arrive just as Veronica leaves the office with blood on her hands. She claims he attacked her, and wants a lawyer. Father Tabakian is dead. Harry calls in a Code 6 and Code 2. Veronica is taken away in cuffs.Connie Irving comes to see Irvine. Not as angry as before, but she wants a divorce and says he should get a lawyer.Billets tell the cops the case against Veronica is not solid, they need more evidence as it will be a big show trial, like OJ.Nash is with Catharine, he is in much better shape. They kiss and she leaves him at his cabin.Veronica hasn't been able to get her lawyer, Bosch teases her about transferring to Van Nuys County Jail and Martin Weiss, she curses. Billets and Edgar watch a TV news segment, Chief Tenzer is out, Irving is in. A woman, Annette McKay, calls Bosch, it is his former babysitter, the woman who was trying to reach him through the LA Times. She is dying and needs to see him and says she knows who killed his mother.

Directed by Phil Abraham  

Starring Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquin, Sarah Clarke, Madison Lintz, more...

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