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Directed by
David Boreanaz

Hart Hanson
Kathy Reichs
Jonathan Collier
Michael Peterson
Karine Rosenthal
Stephen Nathan
Ted Peterson

Produced by
Lynn Stevenson
Ian Toynton
Karine Rosenthal
Kathy Reichs
Michael Peterson
Stephen Nathan
Barry Josephson
David Jeffery
Joe Hortua
Hart Hanson
Kent Genzlinger
Keith Foglesong
Jan DeWitt
Emily Deschanel
Jonathan Collier
David Boreanaz
Randy Zisk

Original Music by
Sean Callery
Jamie Forsyth
Julia Newmann

Robert Reed Altman

Emily Deschanel Temperance Brennan
David Boreanaz Seeley Booth
Michaela Conlin Angela Montenegro
Tamara Taylor Camille Saroyan
T.J. Thyne Jack Hodgins
John Boyd James Aubrey
Patricia Belcher Caroline Julian
Eugene Byrd Dr. Clark Edison
Carla Gall Daisy Wick
Brittany Shaw Jeannine Kovac
Laura Spencer Jessica Warren
Michael Terry Wendell Bray
Pej Vahdat Arastoo Vaziri
Adrian Bellani Mark Kovac
Sara Rue Karen Delfs
Sunnie Pelant Christine Booth
Dave Roberts Dave Roberts
Blaine Holtkamp Dr. Domick Dupont
Tiffany Hines Michelle Welton
Steve Stafford FBI Pilot
Owen Szabo Kovac Accomplice
Kyle J.M. Thompson Jeffersonian survior

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