Unlike a Virgin

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 27 min.

Synopsis Vince is back in L.A. but has no jobs in the works. However, he has plenty of homework to do: reading some scripts. As a result, Turtle can't get anybody to go "find some ass with," as Drama is with Jacqueline (Julia Levy-Boeken) and Eric...well, that won't help. Out of the 30 bad scripts Vince read (a shock right there), only one good one pops out. Unfortunately, the one good one available is an indie flick, and Ari rejects it. Ari tells Vince that it is time to rebuild him. He convinces Vince and E that a studio film with an A-list director is what he needs. He wants Vince to make a Lance Armstrong-style comeback, "but with two balls."As the boys head to lunch, Justine Chapin (Leighton Meester) passes by. She's in town for a new album and singing duets with Tony Bennett. While Vince, Johnny, and Turtle head over to the video shoot, Ari consults Mark Wahlberg for advice on the golf course about Vinnie, and Eric tries to sign the writers of "Nine Brave Souls," the indie script at Ari's office that was available. As Drama, Turtle, and Vince watch the Tony and Justine duet, Drama is concerned that he is not at the computer to tuck in Jacqueline and is worried that she'll read right through him. However, it later turns out that Jacqueline didn't need him that night. Unable to reach her and growing jealous, he leaves several angry messages. Unfortunately, Jacqueline was out because her friend needed her in the hospital. She doesn't want a repeat of her previous psycho boyfriend and breaks up with Johnny.While Eric tries to convince L.B. and Nick to be his clients, Justine introduces Vince to a friend, Michella, at the wrap party. Given Vince's past with Justine, he is not happy that he is being pawned off. He is even more depressed watching Justine talking with another guy while he attempts to make small talk with Michella. Vince calls Ari and wants to talk at his office. Eric asks Ari for help to sign the writers of Nine Brave Souls, but he declines. As a result, Eric has to go to Ari's rivals for assistance; in this case, Vince's ex-agent Amanda.At Ari's office, Vince demands that Ari play it straight with him. Ari tells him that the town turned on him because Vince didn't want to "play the game," and that "Medellin" was just the excuse they needed to put him in "career jail." Shaken by this assessment, Vince demands that Ari get him into every lunch, meeting, and audition he can. Vince will do whatever it takes to get back on top again. Although Ari doesn't tell him what he wants to hear, that he's a great actor, Vince is emboldened enough to ask Justine to go out with him. She agrees. Vince has something to look forward to, Turtle brings home somebody from the wrap party, and Drama is having a long conversation with a Mr. J. Daniels of Lynchburg, TN.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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