Tree Trippers

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 30 min.

Synopsis It's time for some damage control and major decision making. Vince has an offer for the Benji movie, in which he'd play a dashing veterinarian for $3 million. Ari calls up Alan Grey, head of Warner's, to plead for Vince to be in "Smokejumpers." In spite of Ari's begging and pleading (even acting human), Grey seems to still be holding a grudge. Ari's advice to Vince is to take the Benji movie and hope it turns into the next "Babe" and not the next "Garfield." Eric and Johnny offer to float Vince money so that he can wait. However, when the Aston Martin gets repossessed right in front of them, suddenly the decision becomes harder. As Ari takes everybody (including Arnold) back to the house, he suggests getting away to think about it. Drama has the perfect location: Joshua Tree National Park. Just the guys, their souls, and some magic mushrooms.To get what they need, there's only one place to go: Eric Roberts' house. After introductions, (and testing Roberts' abs) Roberts asks if he can tag along to see how people function when making life-altering decisions. Since not everybody can get into Ari's Lexus, they take Roberts' Winnebago, which made it through 47 out of the 48 of the continental states in 1991. (Roberts still isn't allowed in Montana.) Ari has to make one phone call, though: he has to contact Lloyd to take care of his dog. Unfortunately, Lloyd is with Tom, and neither is happy to be canceling plans to take care of his dog. However, nothing is stopping this trip, not even Katie Morgan and her friends trying to "convince" them to head to Vegas for the Adult Video Network Awards. (You're on your own to figure out what "convince" means.)At Joshua Tree, it's time to hit the 'shrooms. Drama even thought ahead: he has a peanut butter-and-'shroom sandwich for a squeamish E. Ari is allowed to keep his phone because he has kids, but he'll need it for more than that. Not only is Mrs. Ari calling, but Lloyd and Tom found a solution for taking care of the dog without canceling their party: have the party at Ari's. In true comedy fashion, Mrs. Ari wants to head home that night from their aunt's house in Santa Barbara. Eric Roberts sends Ari off to a bluff of rocks to get better cell phone reception. After a long climb, Ari calls back his wife to convince her not to return. This involves a little bribe with his son, Jonah, to behave at the party. All is well, except the 'shrooms have kicked in, and he has no clue where he is.Meanwhile, the boys are feeling no pain. It's time to figure out whether the script is good or not. Nobody is certain about the script, not even E. Vince wants to move and get a better feel. Eric Roberts doesnt want to move to a new location; "he wants to create." Vince feels cold, and Drama is afraid he pulled his penis off while urinating. They decide to let E write down these feelings so they can figure out what's going on. As they move, they realize they've lost Arnold. Now EVERYBODY is freaking out, especially Ari, who calls Lloyd for help. Lloyd tries to talk him down while not letting Ari know that a huge party is going on at his house.The boys are now looking for both Arnold and Ari, contemplating which one they want to find first. E is no help; in fact, he can't even talk. Night has fallen, and Ari is still on the phone with Lloyd. Tripping horribly, Ari begs Lloyd to play Confucius and help him with where to go. Lloyd reluctantly agrees, but it's too late. Ari sees a set of eyes coming at him and runs like hell. While the boys look for Arnold, Vince is now convinced he must get "he who must not be named" to like him. Vince can't be a firefighter because he didn't do "Aquaman 2." Drama, who was convinced by Vince's soliloquy, asks Vince why he wants to do "Smokejumpers.""Because E found the script and it's good. And I want to be good. And I want us to be good to make up for the bad. Everyone must know that E makes Vince good. E is a true friend."Now Turtle is freaking out because he has no purpose, no dog, and no E. Drama starts the damage control. He forces E to talk by pinching him hard enough to scream, tells Vince he's right about "Smokejumpers," and screams loudly enough for Arnold that Ari hears him and reunites everybody. (even Arnold) As Turtle hugs and talks to Arnold, Vince figures out that it's all about Ari. "Arnold found Ari, Ari found Benji, and they found us!" Drama's translation: "the tree has spoken." They're heading to Alaska to do a Benji movie.As they reunite with Eric Roberts for the ride home, Ari gets a none-too-happy call from Mrs. Ari, who came home to find 25 naked, sexually-unavailable (to her) men in the pool. They have to slow the Winnebago down for a car on fire on the side of the road. Vince might still be hallucinating, because he suddenly sees himself fighting the fire. Apparently, NOW the tree has spoken. Vince wants to do "Smokejumpers," whatever it takes. Ari thinks he has a better chance of getting in his house tonight, but Vince is certain that something is going to change.

Directed by Julian Farino  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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