The Sorkin Notes

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Comedy/Drama/, 2009, 25 min.

Synopsis Eric is busy at Murray Berenson, but he still manages to get in a call from Sloan, mainly because he never returned her calls. He explains, a bit rudely, that the message she originally sent was intercepted by Ashley, leading to their breakup. He tries to cover by saying he was busy with Vince's new stalker. E has to meet with Ari's security guy, but Ari won't be making the meeting with Aaron Cohen because he's in full damage control mode at MGA, starting with the person sleeping on his office couch in pajamas. Fortunately, Barbara Miller didn't see Andrew Klein on Ari's couch or he would already be fired. However, that is the order of the day with regards to signing Aaron Sorkin to MGA: he signs, or Andrew is out. Ari tries to play good cop and bad cop (at the same time, no less) to get Andrew out of his funk, but Andrew promises to have it together (and wear a suit) to the meeting.At the house, the boys meet with Aaron Cohen (Peter Stormare) after their usual repartee regarding E's love life (or lack thereof). Eric admits to being rude to Sloan on the phone for no apparent reason. Speaking of a bit rude, Aaron Cohen already has design ideas for the house, including steel-reinforced bullet-proof glass, a hi-res camera system, five full-time guards with two on Vince at all times. Given that he has a $100,000 retainer fee, one would guess this is about to get expensive. On the bright side, it is fun to watch Drama play Vince (and Turtle play Vince's date) while the security people run through cover and protect drills.Cohen: "There's 600 grand sitting in your driveway. What's worth more, your cars or your head?" (Is this a trick question?)At MGA, Barbara Miller is laying down the law. If Sorkin isn't signed, she'll fire Klein herself. Ari is desperate to keep Andrew and save face, but Klein can't be located. As it turns out, his notes for the meeting with Sorkin are locked in his house, and Marlo won't give the notes to him. With only 11 minutes before the meeting, Ari is able to convince Andrew that he won't need the notes for the meeting to be a smash. After a long epithet-laced fight with Marlo, where she admits she would f*** Hamas before f***ing him again, Andrew listens to Ari and drives back, until he catches Marlo burning the notes. He snaps and sends his car through the house.This lands him in jail, and Aaron Sorkin refuses to meet with anybody but Klein.While Vince and E watch the practice drills...and watch Drama get thrown in the tub by a security guy they agree that Eric should call Sloan back and apologize for being rude. She wants to meet E for a drink, but he was under the impression they couldn't be friends. She thinks they can, especially because she has a boyfriend. Well, she doesn't want to label it that way, whatever that means. As Eric pulls up to the hotel, Ashley calls him. She thinks she was too harsh on E and should have not thrown him out. Given the options, E chooses the sure thing and wants to meet with Ashley. He tells Sloan that he doesn't think he can have that drink with her, but she is still undecided whether or not she likes her new guy or she misses Eric enough to go back to him. That decides it for E, and he goes back to Ashley's house, where she wants to show him how much she misses him.After everybody is informed that Andrew Klein is in jail, Ari tries one last, desperate trick: bringing Sorkin to the jail to talk to Klein.Without his notes, Andrew can't go over any of the ideas he had. He breaks down in front of Sorkin, telling him how Marlo threw him out of the house, froze all of his assets, and ruined his career as a result. However, Sorkin is sympathetic to him, having gone through a messy divorce himself. He's able to sign Sorkin.As Eric and Ashley reunite in the bedroom, Cohen finishes his assessment of the house. He confirms Vince has a stalker, and a rather scary-looking one, too, judging by the license the man left in a couch.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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