The Cannes Kids

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Comedy/Drama/, 2007, 35 min.

Synopsis The boys have successfully made it to Cannes in France. Taking in the sites, Drama and Turtle are ready to party, while Vince, Eric, Billy Walsh, and Ari go through the process of making Medellin available to the highest bidder. Already, everybody is on E about his pessimism. E tries to prove hes confident the movie will sell, but noboby is buying it. Yair Marx is still looking to buy the movie, and he invites the gang on his yacht to make the hard sell.Meanwhile, Dramas room seems to have disappeared. Needless to say hes not happy about his Last Tango in Paris fantasy is off to a bad start. He feels that hes a bigger star in France, mainly because "Viking Quest" is incredibly popular there.Back in L.A., Nicky Rubenstein contacts Ari and pushes him to meet with Yair to sign a deal. With the buffet, booze, and gorgeous girls, the meeting seems to go a little smoother, especially for Drama and Turtle, who get hooked up immediately. Yair has the money, but Ari is concerned about his distribution in the States. Yair intends to spend $100 million on a distribution company and pay back the $35 million investment in the movie, sight unseen. Eric seems convinced that its a good deal, but nobody else does. Except for Nicky Rubenstein, who threatens to pull his money out if a deal is not made by screening time.Dramas date is going incredibly well. Jacqueline is a huge fan of "Viking Quest" and wants to go back to his hotel room. Unfortunately, Dramas room is not up to the same standard as everybodys room. Try as he might to close escrow, he insists on upgrading the room. His communication skills with the manager do not go well, and he is thrown out of the hotel.Ari has a plan to have L.A. start talking up the film through Lloyd and his network. He also runs into Dana Gordon, whom he leaks Yairs offer. Dana doesnt budge. As the press conference for Medellin continues, Ari is in full B.S. mode, making a not-so-cordial meeting with Harvey Weingard force Dana Gordon to make a play for the film. At a lunch, she gets Vince to confess how much they invested. They strike a deal for $30 million, as Vince and E will take their money after the movie makes a profit. Unfortunately, Nicky and Yair made a deal over the phone for $75 million. Drama combs the streets of France looking for Jacqueline.The premiere finally arrives. Drama is all depressed, until Jacqueline shows up. She correctly guessed that Drama would be there, and they forego the premiere to head to the beach and make love. It turns out to be the right call: "Medellin" is an unmitigated disaster. Dana Gordon thanks Ari for finding a better deal, and Yair pulls out. In the end, Harvey Weingard agrees to buy the movie. For one dollar. Ari tries to be positive, and everybody decides to find out who is making love on the beach for 3 hours. One victory for certain that night.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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