The All Out Fall Out

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 28 min.

Synopsis "We had a good time." That's all Vince will share with the boys regarding his hookup with Justine. "Hozy" is the term Johnny uses for describing his former girlfriend Jacqueline: part Ho and part Floozy. Meanwhile Marvin, Vince's accountant, recommends he file for bankruptcy. Since Vince's dad filed for bankruptcy, leaving the family nothing, Vince refuses to. Marvin recommends contacting Shauna for an appearance gig she knows.Mrs. Ari has a wonderful gift for Ari: a Ferrari convertible. But when Ari finds Adam Davies in his Porsche, it''s game on with some street racing. Sadly, Ari's conscience stops him at a stopped school bus, and he loses the bet. Amanda and E talk, and she gives good news: she gave the "Nine Brave Souls" script to Edward Norton. Ari returns to his office, telling Lloyd to send Davies his $100 for the race in a brown paper bag with human excrement.The boys head to Bel-Air for Vince's new gig: a sweet 16 gig at the house of Pablo Veine. Mrs. Veine is stressed out over the gig, spending over $1 million for the party. She needs Vince to do more than just show up and be charming. She decides to have Vince dress as "Aquaman" and be on an iceberg as a living centerpiece. Even at $200 grand, Vince has standards higher than that.At MGA, Ari is trying to find a movie for rapper T.I. when he has a problem with the police about the bag of excrement he sent Davies. However, Ari would have preferred an arrest, as the two cops strip naked and give him a lapdance. Ari decides that he will go to the mattresses with Davies and send pictures to him about his girlfriend back in the days at his old agency doing Ari. The plan worked; except that Adam broke up with her 6 months ago. Adam's payback is vicious: a naked picture of Mrs. Ari from "Hardbodies 3." In a rage, Ari heads to Davies office to find him. Ari slaps him and threatens to kill him if he doesn"t apologize. Davies backs off and does so.At CrazyGirls, the boys are having lunch. (using plates and not girls) Shauna and Marvin double-team Vince and convince him to go back to the sweet 16 party. Fortunately, he only has to sing a song to the birthday girl now. Although Vince is not 100% happy, he goes through with the gig. Candice, the daughter, meets Vince and is not too impressed with him or the entire party, although she can think of one way for Vince to make the party better. All it would take is for Vince to break a few laws. To make matters worse, a very drunk Johnny is starting to cause trouble. As Vince sings the Frankie Valli classic "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," Johnny decides to join him. Thankfully, the crowd loves the hamming up and joins in the singing and dancing. It works perfectly until Drama pukes all over the birthday cake.There is a happy ending: Amanda contacts E regarding "Nine Brave Souls." Or, as Edward Norton wants to re-title it: "Smoke Jumpers." He wants to make it into a major studio release with Vince.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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