Tequila Sunrise

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Comedy/Drama/, 2010, 30 min.

Synopsis E (Kevin Connolly) really is Drama's (Kevin Dillon) manager, according to Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). He's even picking up Johnny's dry cleaning. Acutually, it was Drama's lucky shirt for his meeting with John Stamos, which Drama scheduled at the house so he could see how Johnny lives and meet Vince (Adrian Grenier). ("And you can prove you can be the ugly brother in real life, too.") Turtle's off to Mexico, apparently with the guys' blessing, and Eric has a staff meeting. E is none too happy that Vince already read and approved the Airwalker script, but the guys think there's a battle of Napoleonic complexes between E and Scott Lavin (Scott Caan). (which is true)E: The fact is that two dudes getting no p*ssy are talking about two other dudes' looks is weird.Ari (Jeremy Piven) goes over the details of his meeting several billionaires Ari needs for his franchise bid to the NFL. Unfortunately, Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) is about to walk out of the office, and Ari wants to end things on a good note. She doesn't. She tells him to go shove the severance package and she vows payback against him.Eric has to ignore looking at flower centerpieces to read the Airwalker script. The script is great and there's franchise potential, but he still doesn't know what to say to Lavin. Jennie, his secretary, suggests killing him with kindness. Keep your enemies close. Eric approves, but Scott wants to continue setting meetings for Vince instead of Ari. Eric isn't having it and tells Lavin he doesn't want him stealing his best friend. Later on, E calms down, and Lavin apologizes for being a jerk to him. They shake hands, and an uneasy truce is forged.Turtle and Alex (Dania Ramirez) make it on the plane, but Alex is cryptic about the man they will meet in Mexico. Turtle thinks Alex is messing with him about their almost-kiss from before, and Alex isn't exactly denying it. She demands it's all-business, and Turtle throws that back in her face. They make it to Mexico, and Turtle meets the boss, who has a gun out in sight. Alex assures him it's nothing illegal. Turtle doesn't want to get into a car with a bunch of guys who are packing, but Carlos Avion (Miguel Sandoval) gives him a gun and tells him the business is about tequila. Turtle is taken to a party (which looks a lot like the parties the guys go to in L.A.), and the tequila is great. What Carlos needs from Turtle is for Vince to be the face of the tequila. Turtle doesn't even want the rest of the tour, but Alex begs him to stay, even teasing him a bit about agreeing to sleep with him. Of course, now Turtle thinks she wants to sleep with him to get him to stay, but she says it's not that. She was interested in Turtle, but she was proceeding slowly.Ari warms up for his NFL pitch (with some Canadian Football League tapes) and meets with the Billionaire Boys Club. (Jeffrey Katzenberg didn't make it). The meeting is beyond successful, but the rest of the day isn't. Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) calls from a rehab center (where apparently John Heard and Tom Sizemore are staying as well. Lizzie is grabbing TMA's clients, backed by an unknown bigwig from another agency. Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo) confirms it, and Ari has to get to work.Stamos arrives at the house and is very complimentary to Vince and Jimmy. (and Drama doesn't correct him) He practically ignores Johnny and plays Vince in a game of ping pong. Vince suggests Johnny play him instead, but Stamos doesn't think Drama has the build for it. It is on. Drama beats him 11-2, and Stamos is a sore loser. Phil Yagota (William Fichtner) wonders why Drama didn't tank the game, and he wants Drama to fix this because the network only wants Stamos. Drama goes to the ping pong center (that's what it looked like) and tried to make amends. Stamos gets even more upset. If Drama can beat Stamos again, John agrees to do the show. Stamos beats him, but Drama isn't happy about being played. In spite of winning, Stamos tells him he'll think about doing the show. Drama is happy once again, and everybody, including Lavin but not E, head to Las Vegas.

Directed by Adam Davidson  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jay Gutierrez, more...

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