Snow Job

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Comedy/Drama/, 2007, 30 min.

Synopsis The boys discuss what complications could be coming up when Eric starts to manage Anna Faris. While Drama, Turtle and Vince are convinced that there will be problems, since Eric and Anna could mix up private life and work, Eric insists that there will be no problems since she has a boyfriend and she will therefore not be interested in him.In Ari's office, Ari is talking to Dana Gordon about Billy Wlash's script, and, while Ari didn't even read Billy's script, Dana does not understand it. Dana is very pissed and advises Ari strongly to read the script. Ari also wants to make sure that Vince reads the new script. So, he makes Lloyd call Eric to ask if he and Vince got Walsh's script, but the cell phone signal is very bad and Eric doesn't understand what Lloyd wants from him.Eric visits Anna Faris on the set of a photo shoot where she introduces him to her boyfriend Dave, who has some weird ideas about how the photos should look like.Meanhwile, Ari and Lloyd still try to reach Vince and Eric and call Turtle and Drama. Luckily, Vince is at home and Ari can now talk to him. Ari tells Vince that Billy Walsh made out of the Snow-mountain story a futuristice thriller, which means that he left out all the story of the book that he was originally hired to write about. During the phone call Vince also tella Ari that Eric manages Anna Faris. Also, while Ari is on the phone with Eric he gets a message from Walsh that he doesn't care what Ari thinks about the script and Vince tries to contact Billy.At the photo shoot, Dave still tries to convince Anna that she should strike some crazy poses, but this upsets the photographer. So, the photographer makes Eric to tell Dave that everyone thinks that he makes Anna uncomfortable.Ari searches for Walsh and drives to his home. There, Ari tries to make Billy to adapt the book in the way the studio paid him for, but Billy refuses to change his script. This leads Ari to fire Billy as his client. Dana Gordon calls Ari once again, to tell Ari that she is in trouble because she doesn't know what to do. Dana is so upset when Ari tells her to fire Walsh, which he recommended to her, that she threatens him that the studio will never work with him or any of his clients ever again.Meanwhile. Vince is reading the script and Ari tries to call him one more time, but Vince does not pick up. Turtle tries to reach Eric, who still has no cell phone signal where the photo shoot take place. Eric himself tries to call Lloyd or Ari, but cannot leave the photo shoot spot, because of the trouble with Dave. Anna and Dave have a fight in her trailer and Dave leaves the shoot angrily. After the fight, Anna is ready to continue the shooting. When Anna finds out that Eric tries to make a call, she tells him it is okay if he goes somewhere where he has a phoen signal.Ari visits Vince, Turtle and Drama at their house to tell them that Billy is no longer part of the project and that he has some new proposals who could be director. Vince then tells Ari, who hasn't read the script yet, that the screenplay Walsh wrote is pretty good, but that it is of course not the movie they initially wanted to make. But, Ari tries to make it cleas to Vince that there will be no other movie than that one that Billy was paid for to make.Dave, still pissed, turns out to be jealous of Eric, who promises him that he is not romatically interested in Anna. Angrily, Dave drives back to the shoot and Eric, who was on his way to make a phone call, follows him.Ari and Dana talk once again and Ari tries to convince her to make the movie that Billy wrote. As it turns out, Ari is on the way to Dana's boss to tell him about Vince's and Billy's plans to make another movie.At the photo shoot, Anna breaks up with Dave, which seems as relief for her.Billy's girlfriend Kat calls Vince and tells him that Billy locked himself in teh bathroom with a bottle of alcohol and a gun. So, Vince tells him that he likes the script and that they are going to make the movie that Billy wrote and that Ari will take care of it. Meanwhile, Eric finally reaches Ari by phone and Ari tells him that he is meeting with a studio executive to tell him about the Billy Walsh script and the new movie he wants to make entitled "Silo". Of course, Eric has no idea what Ari is talking about. During the meeting with Dana's boss even Dana has to admit that the script is good. And, Ari convinces everyone to make Billy's movie "Silo".Back at the house, everyone meets to celebrate the good news, when Eric finally shows up and now gets to read the new script and is quite confused.

Directed by Ken Whittingham  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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