No More Drama

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Comedy/Drama/, 2009, 26 min.

Synopsis There are certain advantages to being alone at the house for Vince. The hot brunette next to him in bed is one of them. Unfortunately, Arnold is not very helpful when it comes to an intruder in the house. Nor is Drama, who thinks the girl Vince was with set it up as part of some bizarre sex fantasy. But Drama can indulge in all the fantasies he wants today, as he has been banned from the set for attacking Dan Coakley. Lloyd will try to go to bat for Drama and get his scenes back. The boys agree that Drama has to apologize. Turtle and Jamie-Lynn both respect what he did, but they didn't feel it was worth Drama risking his job.As for the break-in, although the cops didn't find anything stolen, apparently the crook in question stole the underwear from the laundry room... even Turtle's. (yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little, too)Eric heads to his first day at Murray Berenson's office, and even Ari is wishing him luck by sending some pizzas, as E is now a "pizza man" instead of a "pizza boy." The rest of the meeting doesn't go as well, as none of the managers there have signed anyone of significance.Actually, Murray sounds like Ari at a meeting... if Ari took a few hits from Turtle's stash. A name of interest in the meeting is Bob Saget's, as one of the managers, Scott Lavin, has been calling him with no success. Of course, E knows Bob from being a neighbor for a year. Not to mention, Drama got c***-blocked by Saget once, so he volunteers to give it a go, much to Lavin's displeasure. Of course, Lavin thinks he's Lebron James at this company and E is on a 10-day contract, so he tries to put Eric in his place despite the "team" concept the company is supposed to have. Even a compromise on E's part is not good enough.Drama tries to get on the lot at work, but he is on the "banned from the lot" list. He gets the security guard to call Dan Coakley, who doesn't believe that Drama's apology is much of an apology. All Drama succeeds in doing is threatening Coakley further when he is goaded into thinking Jamie-Lynn is in Coakley's office right now servicing him.Ari delivers some advice to Vince regarding his stalker. Ari recommends that Vince gets his security guy to upgrade the system on the house. Apparently, Vince doesn't know how to work the alarm, and the reason Arnold didn't react to the stalker was because the pooch was stoned. It's either that, or Vince allows Turtle to get a gun. None of the options sound good, but Turtle's weed-induced paranoia about someone being outside, combined with the bad timing of a water hose against the window, makes Vince head to the gun store.Scott Lavin is able to get a meeting with Bob Saget... by dropping Eric's name. Saget will only meet if E is there, so Lavin begrudgingly agrees to it. He puts on the full-court press to be Saget's manager, but Bob is having none of it. Apparently, Saget might have an issue with murdering someone in a crack den in the hood one night and is not certain if Scott will help him dispose of the body and take him home for a bath.However, Bob is interested in E and the stories he can tell. In fact, Saget demands Lavin exit his own office. In spite of being a douche-bag towards E, Eric still tries to go to bat for Scott. Since it's no big thing for Saget to give him 10%, he wants E to do him a favor in return for signing: letting Bob and his arm candy have sex in Murray's office. Since Scott won't go to Murray, E goes in there with trepidation, and Murray is completely offended when E makes the pitch. However, Murray was just trying to get a rise out of E. Murray tells him to make the deal, since his ex decorated the office, anyway.Drama talks to Jamie-Lynn, who appreciates what Drama did for her. However, she's in a bind because Coakley never said those things specifically to her. He suggests she wear a wire and get him to say those things. She refuses, but he decides to try it himself. Bursting into Coakley's office, he tries to "apologize" while making Coakley say what Drama is apologizing for. Coakley isn't having it and correctly guesses Johnny is trying to get him on tape. (Or an iPhone, which apparently Drama doesn't realize you can hit a button to stop the recording device on it, thus losing the evidence.) Drama is down to his last resort: on-his-knees begging. As it happens, Coakley was never really going to fire him, since Coakley is more afraid of Drama jumping to another show and Ed Burns put in a good word. However, this won't stop Coakley from making Drama's life a living hell on the set.The trip to get guns through legal methods for Vince and Turtle does not go well because of California's 10-day waiting period. No matter, there's always a good garage sale that Drama can find. Everybody is relieved... until Drama shoots out a window. And everyone thought Turtle would be the one to misuse a firearm.Time to call Ari's security guy.

Directed by Doug Ellin  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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