No Cannes Do

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Comedy/Drama/, 2007, 29 min.

Synopsis Eric and Anna Faris are still dating/working together. He wants her to join him with the boys on their last night out before heading to Cannes. Meeting up with Ari and Billy Walsh, E tries to remain optimistic about Silo. However, upon meeting Anna, Walsh immediately wants to put her in the film and will change the script around.A problem arises when they want to head out to Cannes: LAX is full of security as the TSA raises the threat level to red. While waiting for their delayed flight, Billy Walsh insists on E contacting Anna to come out and take a meeting. Ari doesnt want Mrs. Ari to go, and she agrees. Of course, it takes Lloyd to make Ari realize she is being passive-aggressive. Hes also upset that he isnt allowed to go since Mrs. Ari didnt. He decides to tell Ari his feelings. This is bad timing, as their flight gets cancelled and Mrs. Ari goes on a shopping spree. Lloyd cant find a private flight, so Ari has to kiss up to Sydney Pollack to get the boys on his flight.Billy, Vince, and E meet with Anna. E stays quiet while Anna grills Billy about the script. She needs some help with understanding the script. Vince and Billy arent happy with Eric about not convincing Anna to sign on. Eric feels conflicted because hes both a producer on the film and Annas manager. E goes to visit Anna and puts his own feelings aside to convince Anna to accept the role. Unfortunately, Es conscience doesnt let him mess with Annas friendship, and he finally confesses what he thinks of the script. Anna drops out and drops him as a boyfriend/manager.Ari counts one too few people, so Sydney Pollacks flight wont work. Fortunately, Kanye West shows up. Turtle convinces him to take them to Cannes. As the flight takes off, Ari finally confesses to Mrs. Ari that he wanted to be one of the boys and wants her to be there. Mrs. Ari forgives him, as his credit card was very generous to her.

Directed by Daniel Attias  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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