Gotta Look Up to Get Down

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 28 min.

Synopsis How do you meet incredibly beautiful women and get paid $1 million to do it? Just have to look like Vince. Shauna sets Vince up with a photo shoot with Dolce and Gabbana in Italy. He is introduced to Fredrick Lyne, who wants to put Vince in with Natasha Ladianova. As Freddy makes introductions, Freddy seems a bit surprised by how well they seem to know each other. As it happens, Vince and Natasha know each other, although they never slept together. They shared a flight together to London, but didn't join the Mile-High Club because they were both in relationships at the time. Still, those are better odds than Johnny or Turtle with the other models.Ari is at a slightly less enthusiastic location: Alan Gray's funeral. He still hates Alan, even though he's ashamed of feeling that way. After paying his respects, he runs into John Ellis, who is CEO of the company that owns Warner Brothers. Ari is trying to mix in a little business at the funeral, and Mrs. Ari scolds him for it, saying it's about respect today."Respect means keeping business alive even when you're dead," is Ari's response.It turns out John does have some serious business to discuss with him. He needs to find a replacement for Alan Gray, and he wants Ari to be that person. Truthfully. he would have approached Ari years before (apparently, many people hated Alan), but he didn't feel Ari was ready yet for the big chair. Now that he feels confident about what Ari has done for him for the studio, he wants to take Ari and the Mrs. to Geneva to talk about the job. Mrs. Ari can't believe how happy Ari is, given the fact that they just came from a funeral. This is not helped by the fact that Dana Gordon calls while they are in the car. Ari puts her on speakerphone and makes sure Dana knows Mrs. Ari is there. She tells him she wants to be the #2 person at Warner's, working for him. She helped build the place for over a decade and would still be there if it weren't for Alan Gray. After they get off the phone, Mrs. Ari starts to grill Ari on how well he knows Dana.The boys head to a fitting for Vince, and Drama is hoping he has better luck with the models here since "they'll be in their underwear and vulnerable." A model comes to congratulate Vince (and put Johnny in his place), but she suddenly has interest in Eric. Raina seems to think that "good things come in small packages." Everybody is surprised, especially E. However, Freddy has another surprise waiting for Vince: Natasha has been replaced with another model. He's very circumspect about the reasons for it, so Vince contacts Shauna for information. She's not really sure why Vince is so interested, but she doesn't want to give out her address because these models get 50 actors a week calling them. However, Vince talks her into it, and the boys are headed for the W. Hotel to see what happened with Natasha. Vince is worried that Natasha quit over him.Ari returns to his office to discover he has a lot of catch-up work to do. Jeffrey Tambor was in his office and plans to come back. Barbara Miller has two reality-show writers that she needs Ari to meet with, even though they're her clients. These two writers wish to write feature films, even though, as Ari puts it, "if it wasn't for losers eating bull c*ck tempura, they wouldn't get to write a decent infomercial." On the bright side, there is a model of a Gulfstream plane and an Audemars Piguet watch. Both of these are little gifts from John Ellis to convince him to go to Geneva to watch him close a billion-dollar deal for the studio.At the W. Hotel, Johnny is having as much luck with the models as he did before. Eric has much better luck: Raina literally pulls him away from the guys and takes him up to her room. Vince goes up to Natasha's room but meets Vivica instead. Vivica tells Vince that Natasha got shipped off to another shoot because Fredrick is obsessed with her and didn't want Vince to get friendly with her. Vince leaves his number with Vivica just in case. Eric has about the same luck: Raina brought him up because she thought his was a big-time talent agent and shows him her reel. Eric tries to be nice, despite the fact that Raina's acting makes Jessica Alba look like an Oscar winner.Ari is contemplating the future when Jeffrey Tambor walks right into his office, not letting Lloyd get in his way. He demands that Ari get him into a feature film because TV is "Satan's work." (After "20 Good Years" and "Welcome to the Captain," who can blame him.) He brings in a list of about 30 films to talk to Ari about. Jeff is getting more and more difficult when Lloyd comes in and gets annoyed that Mrs. Ari just received some Louis Vuitton luggage. Now Barbara comes in to drag Ari to the writers' meeting. The writers have a take on "The Hobbit" for Peter Jackson. Apparently, the fact that Peter Jackson writes all of his own stuff, including the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, didn't stop them from wanting Ari to go to New Zealand with them and pitching the script. Ari's had enough for one day and excuses himself over everybody's protests. What should Lloyd do about Jeffrey Tambor? "I don't give a f***!" is the reply by the Geneva-bound Ari.Vince has now gone to Fredrick Lyne's penthouse to see why Natasha was pulled from the photo shoot. Fredrick is upset that Vince is doing this, but Vince holds fast, thinking that she was fired because Fredrick has a thing for her. It turns out Vince is half-right. Fredrick does have a thing...for Vince. Vince is shocked and explains that he's straight. Fredrick is, too, apparently. This is not stopping him from propositioning Vince. Needless to say, Vince can't take the job. However, he does decide that he'll take a trip with Natasha to Hawaii, as long as the boys can go with him. (he covers by saying he couldn't do the shoot without her) There's plenty of room on the plane for everybody.The Golds make it to Van Nuys for the flight, where Vince and the boys are also departing. Ari and Vince meet to talk about things. Ari tells Vince he can get him any job he wants for the rest of his life. They've offered Alan's job to him. Vince is shocked, to say the least. He was hoping that he and Ari could "finish what they started," but he certainly understands that Ari has to do what he must do. Ari is thinking about this a lot as the two hug their goodbyes. Thankfully for Turtle and Drama, there are plenty of models on the flight. For E, though, Raina is on the plane as well. He tells her off about treating him like dirt, but she wants a manager. And a spinner, which is easily interpreted by the way she grabs him. Vince's head is a million miles away, contemplating what is next between him and Ari.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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