Give a Little Bit

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Comedy/Drama/, 2009, 38 min.

Synopsis It's T-24 hours until Vince heads for Italy. Things are a little crazy with the boys, to say the least. Turtle has apparently gotten over letting that UCLA co-ed get under him. Vince and Drama are impressed that he actually took their advice. Sloan agreed to a lunch with Eric. ("Turtle performed like a man, and E performed like a woman.") The guys are far from convinced that E can convince Sloan to be in a relationship again, but Eric has a plan. So does the UCLA co-ed for getting Turtle over Jamie. She calls him and asks him to come over. It turns out that Turtle lied to the guys: he didn't even kiss the UCLA co-ed last night, and she wants a confidence booster from Turtle. (scary, isn't it?)Ari and the Mrs. head to therapy, since Ari would need $12 million of Mrs. Ari's money to buy Terrence's company. She doesn't want to do it, as she is convinced Ari is merely buying it to gain revenge on Terrence, Adam Davies, and Lloyd. Ari tries to sell that it would be good for business, but he eventually breaks down and admits that is mostly HIS purpose for buying the company. However, gaining Terrence's sports, book, and music clients would be good for business, and it would finally be possible to pay back all of the money he borrowed from her when Terrence threw him out in the first place. She finally agrees, and he just wants to kiss her. ("Doc, is it OK if people f*** in your office?")Drama and Vince talk about Drama's rejection of the 2nd audition for Melrose Place. Lloyd can't get the MP producers to stop asking for Drama, and Drama is convinced leaving the business is the right move. Vince thinks Drama should audition just for the sake of auditioning, but Drama isn't having it. Perhaps he can help Vince with Matt Damon, who comes into the store demanding to know if Vince read that information regarding Matt's charity for kids. Vince sheepishly admits he hadn't yet, and he is heading off to work in Italy. Matt is, to say the least, not happy or impressed that Vince has a Frank Darabont movie to film. ("And you can look at it too, Drama. It's for kids.")Give the UCLA co-ed credit. She is REALLY trying to make Turtle forget Jamie. (Apparently there's such a thing as method acting for sex scenes.) However, Turtle just can't do it, so she tells him to go see Jamie. He feels guilty...even offering to "take care of her"...but he is heading to the airport to see Jamie in New Zealand, while she's left wondering what Jamie saw in him.Ari is full of bluster at Terrence's office as they ready the siging of the contracts. However, Ari discovers a problem: Terrence insists on the name of the agency staying his. Barbara Miller seems OK with it, since MGA is not a set-in-stone brand and the clients coming in are worth millions, but Ari is beside himself. He is ticked enough about Terrence kicking him out 4 years ago. Terrence thinks Ari is going to let his ego get in the way a second time by not signing the papers, but Ari can't be stopped.While hiding out from Ari, Lloyd can't convince Drama to take the audition. However, things are starting to change quickly. Turtle comes back and announces he's going to New Zealand to be with Jamie, admitting that he never slept with the UCLA co-ed. Matt Damon strongarms Drama into putting Vince on the phone ("He Jason Bourne'd me!"), and Vince has to turn down an appearance in Cleveland to do some charity work because of the movie."Get off your arse, Vince."Damon has Bono strongarm Vince on videoconference. However, Matt will take Vince on a trip after filming. In the meantime, Damon wants a check for the amount of DO WHAT'S RIGHT! (How many zeroes are in that?) Vince takes all of this in stride.VINCE: Well, Johnny, I guess freedom is ours and ours alone.That set Drama off. Like Turtle, Drama has been lying to himself. He runs for the audition.Eric and Sloan head up the coast to the restaurant they had a date at a few years back. Even though it would cause her to miss a couple of meetings, E won't tell her on the way up why he's doing this. Finally, he gets her to the restaurant and says he wants to get back together with her. Sloan, to say the least, is pissed. (and so far, everybody is taking her side, including me) She is dating someone, and is the one she cancelled on, but E says he still loves her. She demands he drive her home immediately.As Ari rants about the deal, Terrence comes to his office. Ari thinks that Terrence wants control over him, but that's not true at all. Terrence was not happy with Ari's ego or salary demands. However, he did know what Ari's talents were, which is why Terrence won't sell to anybody else. Terrence admits a mistake to kicking Ari out. He felt unneeded.TERRENCE: You know, you'll grow old someday. Hopefully, you'll find someone who will help you do it gracefully.The Terrence McQuiewick name will stay on the company. They shake hands.Drama goes to the audition, and everybody is thrilled to see what Johnny can do. However, the one director wants to know Johnny's reluctance to auditioning again.DRAMA: What I don't want anymore is the rejection. 18 years of it has taken its toll. I was on this show once before. And I was on another show for 87 episodes. I've done 40 guest spots on different TV shows and movies, 16 plays, and 39 commercials. Yet still you haven't seen enough to just give me the part. You still make me sing for my supper...It doesn't matter if I want to. I have to.Apparently, not caring was the key. He practically got the part right then and there.Sloan is ripping E a new one all the way home. Sloan finds it ironic that E always listens to what the guys say, but he didn't this time when they said Sloan was over him. Eric thought that one day he would have a marriage, a house, and kids. ("We! We, Eric!") Sloan still thinks he's a selfish prick who used her, but E is convinced that he can commit to her. He is even willing to go to Vegas and marry her right now. Sloan doesn't believe that. However, E has an engagement ring to prove it.Ari's first day owning TMA will be a fun one, judging by the paintball gun. He starts shooting anybody who is fired, giving a few extra shots to the guy who represents Jon & Kate + 8. He is hunting for Davies, who is already packed to go. This doesn't stop Ari from giving it to him on both sides. Lloyd is being spared, but he has 24 hours to come back.On the flight to New Zealand, Turtle is stuck sitting between two very large people (one of whom is way too mean to him to realize she's taking up half his seat; even I try to squeeze in on a flight) when Jamie calls. At the risk of getting in trouble, Turtle tries to convince her they can make this work. Unfortunately, Jamie is afraid that it won't work if they try the long-distance relationship and problems arise, since she already tried it once before. She doesn't want to risk a potential future with Turtle back in the States by messing it up now. Turtle is heartbroken, and the doors to the airplane have closed. He has to sit b*tch between two large people on a 14-hour flight to New Zealand...for nothing. He gets off the flight and catches the next one for Rome.As they drive to the airport, Drama gets a call from Phil Yagota. He wants Drama in Melrose Place, but the networks thought he was too old for the part. But Phil is working on a project for Drama to star in, so they are going to lock him into a series that stars Drama. He is signed to a holding deal for the first time in his career. He's going to be a star and still can come to Italy. He and Vince just have to get past Matt Damon and Lebron James at the airport. It turns out Vince only sent a check for $10K, which even Drama considers cheap. Vince ups the total to $150K, since the private jet waiting for him spells cash. Matt lets him go on his merry way.Lloyd comes to Ari's tell him to go f*** himself. He refuses to be Ari's slave and will not tolerate Ari's abuse one minute longer. However, Ari didn't invite Lloyd here to abuse him. Ari apologizes for everything he did and Lloyd is now officially an agent. The congratulatory sign behind his old desk could use spellcheck, but everybody in the office congratulates Lloyd. They hug, for maybe a few more seconds longer than Ari likes.Just before takeoff, Eric and Sloan arrive. Sure enough, Sloan is wearing the engagement ring, although they haven't gotten married as of yet. E tells Vince he won't make it to Italy, and Vince is a little disappointed. On the tarmac, Sloan tells him it's alright if he wants to go with Vince. E kisses her and gets on the give Vince and Drama one last goodbye. He won't make the same mistake twice. He is staying with Sloan.And lesson of the day: Sarah Silverman can f*** Matt Damon, but no one can f*** with him.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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