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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2009, 23 min.

Synopsis You kind of have to feel bad for Ashley if her level of cooking expertise is limited to barbecuing but still outranks Eric's abilities in the kitchen. However, she doesn't seem to mind it. After the two of them have a long debate about her staying over for the night, they settle in to a nice outdoor meal by the pool. However, Sloan interrupts them by calling E. He ignores it at first, but Ashley insists he pick it up. It turns out that Sloan is in charge of the charity golf tournament Eric and the boys will be at the next day, and she wanted to give him a heads-up so it wouldn't be making an awkward phone call the night before.Of course, what is more awkward is Drama trying to lie his way through the handicap he has on the golf course, as he and Vince will be paired up with Mark Wahlberg (because he's never on the show) and Tom Brady. Turtle, being the dedicated Giants fan he is, insists on acting like a complete jerk towards Tom Brady, regardless of how nice Tom is. Ari is also at the event, looking like death warmed over because Mrs. Ari made him sleep on the couch for the first time in 15 years. His day won't improve when he finds out that Jeffrey Tambor specifically requested to be paired with him. Meanwhile, E and Turtle will be with Murray Berenson, who is a legend in Hollywood when it comes to management. More interesting is the fact that Murray specifically requested to play with E. Although Turtle would have preferred to play with Michael Strahan or Wayne Gretsky, he is forced to relent. Gotta pony up $5,000 of your own next time, I guess.Vince and Drama decide to play Brady and Wahlberg for $1,000 a hole. Well, Drama is. Of course, he should know better, given that his first drive looks like Judge Smails. (There weren't any Caddyshack references in the show, so you'll just have to get them here.) Drama acts like, well, Drama, in that he can't control either his drives or his temper. Coincidentally, that is how Jeffrey Tambor plays. ("Ah, yes. Winter rules, winter rules.") Actually, Judge Smails didn't cheat as much as Jeffrey Tambor is, although his kids certainly curse as much as Spaulding did. To make Ari's day even worse, Mrs. Ari calls in the middle of the round to yell at Ari for buying her a Maserati as an apology (without the actual apology) for not telling her about Andrew Klein's infidelity.Turtle abandons E and Murray to tell Tom Brady he sucks balls. Actually, he'll do it twice, since Jamie-Lynn didn't do that a few years ago when she met Tom Brady. Murray continues his conversation about wanting to bring Eric in to his management company. He sees a lot of potential, and E is impressed that Ari would give him a positive recommendation. However, it was Sloan, Murray's goddaughter, who made the recommendation. E is a bit shocked by this.Turtle catches up to Tom Brady, but he gets sidelined in his quest when Tom can't say enough nice things about Jamie-Lynn. Tom invites Turtle and Jamie-Lynn over for dinner to meet Gisele and hang out. Turtle's resolve folds like a house of cards on having the Giants' back, but that's still better than Drama's day on the course. Drama is pretending he is in the Army by going left-right-left left-right-left. He blames everything but his lousy golf game on it. He even tries to use Tom Brady's custom-made driver to tee off, but he then gets teed off at the driver and destroys it.Jeffrey Tambor is still in duffer's paradise on the course but only cares about looking good in front of his kids and finding out who were the people involved with the infidelity that Ari is indirectly responsible for. Ari doesn't want to reveal names, since he's been getting it from all sides already. Tambor decides to fire Ari for the 23rd time as his agent for not spilling the beans or verifying that Tambor shot a 55 on the course. But give Lloyd credit for staying with them for the 18 holes as Ari's caddie, even fishing several golf balls that were hit (and thrown) into the water.Eric confronts Sloan on being paired up with Murray. He thinks Sloan won't take him back as her boyfriend until she's "made" him into the man she wants him to be. She is very offended, to say the least. (Can't blame her, either) E thinks Sloan only sees him as Vince's "bitch," but it would appear only E sees himself that way. He refused the job offer from Murray and walks away from Sloan. And as if he didn't put his foot far enough down his mouth, he gets convinced by Ashley to take the interview anyway.ASHLEY: "Can I get you some wine?"E: "Sure. Thanks, Sloan."ASHLEY: "You just called me 'Sloan.'"

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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