Fire Sale

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 24 min.

Synopsis The boys are having a slow start to a very busy morning. Vince is nursing a hangover from the Sweet 16 party, thanks to drinking half a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue (and the half-bottle of vodka Drama made him drink). Surprisingly, Drama looks pretty good. There are two reasons for this: he has to fly to Las Vegas for an episode of "The View" with his "Five Towns" co-stars at Caesar's Palace, and he already has had his purge. Meanwhile, Vince has general meetings with several studio heads, and Eric has to get his two new writing clients a payday for their "Smoke Jumpers" script.Amanda has a first offer from Edward Norton for the script, a "100 against 300" deal, meaning that the script is worth $100,000 to purchase, and $300,000 if it actually gets made into a movie. Ari, who has finally read and loved the script, tells E to hold for a higher offer and get into a bidding war. Scriptwriters L.B. and Nick are more than apprehensive about the movie possibly not being making made. They want $500K and a guarantee the movie is made. Vince's first meeting is with studio head Steve Parles. He wanted to set up Vince in a "Benji" movie. That's a smokescreen for "Smoke Jumpers," as Steve privately tells Ari he wants to buy the script without Vince. But without Vince attached, Ari won't sell to him. Unlike the old days, though, Ari comes clean. Even though Vince wants E to get his clients their money, Ari tells him to continue stalling so everybody wins.Johnny, Turtle, and Shauna (hired as Drama's publicist) hit Caesar's head on. Drama runs into all of his cast mates... and, unfortunately, their smokin hot girlfriends. On "The View," Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Stringfield talk about Johnny being the tough guy on "Five Towns," and that he really doesn't have a girlfriend on the show. His cast mate, Brandon, continually goads him about his ex-girlfriend. As it turns out, it was all a setup for Drama up to talk about his ex, and he fell for it by breaking down and apologizing to Jacqueline on the air. It ends with him walking off the set. Even Shauna can't take it, "cause all those women who watch 'The View' will tell their teenage kids that Drama's a f***in' pussy!" By the time they get back to McCarran International Airport, Johnny is back on the bottle. Returning to California and completely depressed, he says he only has the clothes on his back and decides to open the limo window and toss out even those. Unfortunately, his pants hit a cop right in the face. Johnny makes his second trip to jail.Eric's meeting with Amanda goes, to say the least, not well. She's ticked as hell that Eric has dropped a dime and went into a bidding war. Further, E can't seem to handle his writers' expectations, complicating things further. However, E also knows that Amanda has lowballed him and has a conflict of interest, since she represents Edward Norton. Since Edward Norton doesn't have a studio to back him and doesn't want to get into a bidding war, she has no choice but to tell Eric what he can go do with himself.After another studio rejection, Ari is running out of ideas. However, Vince has a great one: he will play "Ray," the brother of the lead in the movie. Without Vince as the lead, they now go back to Steve Parles and get the offer. Eric has to convince L.B. and Nick to take the deal that they wanted, even without Edward Norton attached. All is well; we even see E and Ari hug it out after the two almost came to blows several hours earlier.The boys pick up Johnny from jail in Las Vegas. (Drama is very popular with the prison population for some reason.) Johnny is thrilled with Vince' new movie, but now E has a new problem. Amanda calls back with an offer from Edward Norton, backed by a studio, for a $1 million against $2 million deal. Eric insists that Vince be the second lead, but Amanda doesnt expect that to be likely. The studio is Warner Brothers, headed by Allen Grey, the man who originally torpedoed Vince's career after the Aquaman 2/Ramones debacle.

Directed by Seith Mann  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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